Declassified Patents... book cover
Declassified Patents of the Cold War & SDI

compiled by Gerry Vassilatos

Companion book to "Secrets of Cold War Technology"!

Media: GBC
Published: 1996
Publisher: Borderlands
Pages: 660
Retail Price: $65.00

companion book! Get the companion book...
Secrets of Cold War Technology! Together, they make a compelling case for a radical new technology!

The companion reference volume to Secrets of Cold War Technology, this book contains ALL of the relevant patents cited in the previous work, and more. Contains information on previously unrecognized weaponry and communications systems which are presently in place. Highly isolated orbital stations which can target any location with ease now patrol the skies...from above.

Why would a government which owns and governs deep orbital space, waste time on the building of an easily targeted monstrosity such as HAARP if it were indeed a weapon? Find out about beam weapons, gamma ray collimators, the Mossbauer Effect, x-ray and gamma-ray communications systems, and more. Over 600 pages of patents and commentary conveniently spiral bound for ease of study. (Large 8 x 11 format)

370001:  Declassified Patents of the Cold War & SDI ... $65.00

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