Secrets of Cold War Technology book cover
Secrets of
Cold War Technology

Project HAARP and Beyond

by Gerry Vassilatos

Media: GBC
Published: 1996
Publisher: Borderland Science
ISBN: 0945685203
Pages: 324
Retail Price: $34.95

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HAARP Site The US Navy's Most Talked About Secret Program

Much concern has recently been focused upon the military managed project known as HAARP. The author believes that this concern is excessive concern and is the result of misunderstood facts basic to the nature of radio technology and the means by which superior control dictates, manages, and directs technological themes. Thus, while appearing to be military generated efforts, most recent projects are actually the direct result of demands which emanate from points of origin entirely independent of industry.

Deeper study in the history of these technological ventures reveals an astounding labyrinth of bureaucracy which has been created to mask and benefit individuals who exercise singular dynastic roles in the world. Such individuals have clearly been dictating the themes which the Governmental and the Military hierarchate is absolutely compelled to obey.

By its many conspiracy devotees, HAARP has been called the very apex of Twentieth Century military technology. But, though HAARP has been managed by military authority, it has done so under the cover of an industrial directive. Moreover, that industrial directive is not one originating in Government Authority. There are those who have cited HAARP as an effort which has been completely managed by industry. But this is not completely true.

In this specific project, industries have been covering a far superior and central agency whose purpose and intentions have little to do with scientific pursuits. Deeper examination reveals that industrial organizations are receiving directives from a superior command centre, not easily discerned. It is only after deliberate and methodic penetration of the historical facts germane to HAARP and all related technologies, that one reaches conclusions which are far more astounding and shocking than the reports shared by many conspiracy writers.

HAARP and its other brethren projects are not recent developments. They are the most recent representatives in a research effort whose history stretches out before the last Century. Before we presume to dissect and interpret HAARP, we require historical familiarity with the documented hardware, phenomena, and original rationale for the deployment of these projects.

Learn the real secret about HAARP and HAARP based technology from Gerry Vassilatos -- a writer who has studied it from a technical viewpoint. In the meantime, let's enjoy the flow of information resulting from the "hysteria" of conspiracy writers whose efforts have culminated in the Navy's establishmnet of a HAARP internet site. Given the photos like the one above (it is one the photos shot directly into the net on a daily basis) and the constantly updated webpage... one could say that HAARP is one of the Navy's most open secret programs...

As for weather control, despite what Gerry says, the publisher of this page believes the jury is still out on that issue.. after all not everyone is perfect (the publisher included!).

The publisher (Borderland Sciences) is making available a GBC copy of this book. At this time, there are no plans to republish the book as a paperback. Those ordering this book will receive a GBC version of the book.

The death knell has struck. Wave radio is dead. How have 70 years of military research succeeded in producing a completely new and superior communications technology?? Radio history gives a stranger walk than paranoid writers ever tell!

While citizens were watching television, military research was directed to create an amazing radiation technology far in advance of any system known. Currently and routinely utilized, it has remained a well guarded "open secret" for decades. The proof is in the patents and relevant research papers that have just been retrieved.This incredible book tells it all...

Facts quell hysteria, but Truth is stranger than fiction. Want the answers? This complete technical history of military projects will show the development of every relevant project preceding and exceeding HAARP... only the facts... no hysteria.

Complete with communications and weapons patent citations, this book will forever change your view of world events and technology.

220037:  Secrets of Cold War Technology ... $34.95

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