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Our Committment to YOU!
TeslaTech Engineering Notes is a part of our committment to members to provide them with the best information possible. It is a collection of articles, plans, and drawings which have filled my file drawers over the year. As I scan in this material, I will be categorizing and cleaning it up. I encourage all members with InterNet Access to check in once a week to see if there are any new drawings available. Although this initial post is on Scalar Wave Technology, I will be placing a wide variety of material here. As I am just starting this, the current navigation may be subject to change... so please use the main page as your gateway.

How It Works...
  • Use the navigation panel on the left to bring up a reduced version of the drawing.

  • If you want a full size version that is printable, just click on the "File Cabinet" (which will be displayed on the page with the drawing) and send me an email.

  • Your membership status will checked, and, a high resolution pdf version will be sent (provided your TeslaTech membership is current).If you are not a TeslaTech member, a notification will be sent out instead.

  • We will generally respond within 24-hours (in an emergency, send the email and call 520-463-1994).

  • Members who send us email with special requests for material that is not posted,... we will check and see what we do have available and let you know when we can get it posted. Nonmembers are encouraged to send in their requests as well... although we may not respond directly, if there is enough interest in a topic, I will move any material on ait towards the top of the list. re,
We eat, sleep and drink alternative energy here. Our focus is on promoting free and independent research. We do not cater to skeptics, as they already have tons of exposure in the traditional forums (we sort of even things out). When you call us... night or day, generally there is someone available to help you out. At great personal, expense, the publisher has organized over a dozen conferences in the past fifteen years thus creating a tight fellowship of alternative energy researchers where none existed before... and has become in danger of splintering over the past two years.

Some Member Benefits include...
  • Extraordinary Technology, a quarterly magazine dedicated to Tesla and Tesla research.
  • Discounts on mail order sales and conference fees (we plan to have a conference in July 2004)
  • Online access to various files
  • Being part of a fellowship of researchers that share your interests...
Because some of us actually work on devices here, you will find that a TeslaTech membership DOES make a difference in the quality of information available... especially in our magazine! We do not believe you have to be a rocket scientist or a PhD to do valid research and experimentation... to the contraire, many monumental advances in science and technology were made by those who had a strong desire to accomplish a specific objective. If you are not a member already, I encourage you to join today!

Membership IS Important...
Your membership dollars helps insure that NEW information is made available. Have you ever noticed that since the advent of the InterNet, information on new ideas in alternative energy has kind of started jelling in place? Sure, there's a lot of it there, but scattered all over the place... and some of the best inventors will have nothing to do with the InterNet. As far as books and videos are concerned, discount book companies swoop in and often sell books (once they are perfect bound) at rates that are below cost... Thus forcing a lot of companies that focus on alternative material to close their doors. But at what cost?

On the surface, you might think, "GREAT! I can get the material I need for less"... and if you are a beginner in the field this may be be true for sonme of the basics... for more advanced researchers, this is a tragic event, for the latest greatest information comes from books that are stapled together or GBC bound... books that the net discount sellers do NOT carry! Thus ultimately, you end up having to put more time, money, and effort to find information that was readily available through such organizations as TeslaTech.

And there are other significant factors to consider... Can your favorite discount house:
  • give you advice on your project (leads, techniques, hardware sources, etc.)?
  • connect you with others working on a similar project?
  • publish a magazine geared for your research?
  • hold conferences specifically for researchers to release new material?
  • publish your material when you are ready to reveal it?
If the answer is "no" to any of the questions above, you should ask yourself... "Why am I NOT supporting the efforts of the companies that DO?" Every time you buy a book or video from a discount house, rather than directly from the researcher/inventor or an organization that actively promotes them... you just line the pockets of those that could care less about your research, and are in it for the money... only. Join today, and help support those, who support your research!

Our aplogies for the inconvenience...
We are in the process of updating our webpages. For the foreseeable future, anticipate a number of changes and updates while we work on this project. In the process, we are experimenting with a lot of new commands and unique concepts we barely have a clue on. So if you encounter any problems... send us a box of clues via the feedback command! ...or if you have any new ideas to improve this site, we are interested in your comments and opinions... after all, this site is being built for your use. Webmaster Steve and his Infamous Desk
Thanks for giving us a hand!

If you are interested in playing a more active role in our various projects, we are always on the lookout for Volunteers. Although, TeslaTech is self-supporting, it is more of a calling than a job. Our mission in life is to promote the growth of alternative research to the very best of our ability... we invite those who share our dream of unlimited amounts of pollution free energy to benefit mankind are invited to help out.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

...Webmaster Steve


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