Exotic Research Report - V3N3 Cover
Exotic Research Report
Jul/Aug/Sep 1999
Volume 3 Number 3

Table of Contents

    ... And with it, Tesla's Greatest Dream!
    ... The Latest in Australian Health Technology!
    ... FREE Plans Inside This Issue!

From the Publisher's Desk
Changes... and more changes as we fight against overwhelming odds.... and start to turn the tide with year 2001.

Critical Thinking Skills...Prerequisite to Breaking the Mold!
Nikola Tesla recognized earlier this century that science had taken a sharp turn away from empirical science towards theoretical science... and is out on a limb theoretically speaking!

ECHELON: Big Brother 2000!
Who’s listening in on you tonight? The Intelligence guys have quietly assembled a gigantic automated planetary bug that literally captures every transmission made on this planet!... and they REFUSE Congressional oversight!

The Skeptics Corner... The Conspiracy to Stop Free Energy Information
- At Dennis Lee’s Free Energy show, our favorite skeptic tries to tell the truth about Lee as he sees it, and is strong armed right out of the area! It’s a new twist on an old topic!

Backyard Plasma Technology: Free GEET Small Engine Plans...
One of the most developed GEET devices is the small engine GEET. It is easy to build, practical for generators, and plans are available TODAY for FREE!

Vacuum Energy Vortices
One of the top theorists on scalar energy summarizes the various ways that experimenters can tap into Zero Point Energy... very sharp and well done, this is must reading for Kipper Motor researchers!!

Two Radiant Energy Devices Hold Greatest Promise!
Tesla insisted on the existence of Cosmic Rays, and developed a free energy device based on their existence.... the Holy Grail of Free Energy is revealed as well !

The Fall and Decline... Tesla’s Darkest Hours
After Tesla’s rise to fame, his name disappears shortly afterward. This article covers a period of his life seldom covered by other authors.

The Bio-Field Experience.... From the Land Down Under
Pulsing an electric current through magnetic plates sounds extreme, but this device is based on that and is achieving miraculous results!

The Wet Cell
Edgar Cayce laid out four modalities to healing. The Wet Cell was the principle instrument mentioned 1000 times in readings, yet they never worked until now!

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