Exotic Research Report - V3N1 Cover
Exotic Research Report
January/February/March 1999
Volume 3 Number 1

Table of Contents

    ... Tesla's "Ultimate" Machine!
    ... Elusive Secret Captured!
    ... A Vital Part of Life Energy!

From the Publisher's Desk
Recent changes at Exotic Research and our position on the plethora of 'Tesla' organizations!

RF Weapons... Exotic Weapons Pose Threat
The 21st century brings on new invisible, cheap, easy-to-build weapons that could be more deadly to our modern society than handguns!

Fluxless Brazing Rods.... Every Exotic Toolbox Should Have Them
This incredible innovation can let you put out work like a master welder overnite... with just a little practice.

The Incredible Secret of Brown's Gas
In the 1970s Yull Brown introduced the world to an amazing gas that allows manufacturers to perform impossible feats. Now, we have an understanding of why!

Granite.. the Construction Material of the Gods
Granite has long been used throughout the world for construction of huge public works... and possibly by aliens to help power their spacecraft!

Backyard Plasma Technology... Lawnmowers Converted to GEET... The Technology REALLY Works
This young inventor constructed his own GEET devices from the plans for a practical household application!

The Skeptics Corner... Banned from the Cutting Edge
Who needs peer review... we have skeptics! And ours has been banned from other publications due to his highly critical views!

Practical Magnifier Construction Principles... Making it Work!
The Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond sort fact from fiction in their quest to duplicate Tesla's greatest invention... the Magnifying Transmitter!

Electromagnetic Pollution
The literal explosion of cell phone usage may be creating a future epidemic of brain cancer! Here's how to protect yourself if you have to use one.

The Scope of Biomagnetism
Magnets are gaining recognition for their healing abilities... but they can also increase psychic abilities as well as increase basic memory ability. Biomagnetics also accounts for the "laying on of hands" phenomena that defies conventional science!

Immunocal... A Natural GSH Enhancer
One of the most important things one can do for good health is to strengthen the immune system. This radical new product enlists an unusual ally -protein - to beef up your immune system.

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