Exotic Research Report - V2N4 Cover
Exotic Research Report
October/November/December 1998
Volume 2 Number 4

Table of Contents

    ... Comprehensive report of US Anti-Gravity Efforts!
    ... Promising a Cleaner Future!
    ... A Physics Textbook from the Ancients!
    ... Tesla Endeavors in Electro- Medicine!

From the Publisher's Desk
Some positive thoughts on humanity!

Suppression... Business as Usual in Washington DC
No matter what they say, our bureaucrats work overtime in suppressing an alternative energy research conference... Don't miss the Exotic Research Conference.

Electrogravitics.. Research in the 1950s
T Townsend Brown's work was highly regarded in the misty area of secret defense research... and his work may well be the basis for the B-2 Bomber.

David Hamel Technology... The Poor Man's Searl Device
Does alien technology really exist? David Hamel claims his antigravity and free energy devices came from aliens... and is hidden in Hieroglyphics!

Ion Propulsion... Building a Working Model!
Ion propulsion is not a new idea, but rather an idea whose time has come. NASA has just launched the first ion propulsion space vehicle... and this is the physics behind it!

Brown's Gas... Key to a Hydrogen Economy!
Yull Brown has passed away. However, the research and exploration of the mystical properties of monoatomic hydrogen continues at Eagle Research!

GEET Volkswagen Retrofit R & D Report
Despite hardships, GEET is able to develop its first retrofit kit for air-cooled Volkswagen engines... the car of choice for cab companies in Mexico City!

Cold Fire
Nikola Tesla was the first explorer of high voltage, high frequency bioelectrical effects. His research, combined with keen showmanship, led to discovery of the skin effect!

Resonance Frequency Therapy... Comes of Age
In the 1930s, Raymond Royal Rife discovered an electromagnetic cure for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, an infuriated AMA combined forces with the FDA to deprive Americans of this heritage. Now, you can build a modern version for your own experimental use.

The Effects of Magnets... and their Two Pole Energies
Magnets are gaining recognition for their healing abilities. This is one of the first clinical studies that paved the way for their scientific acceptance.

Classic Restraints... to Novel Science
At times it seems science is shackled and bound by the very people who should be promoting its advancement into new areas. Rigorous peer review IS a two-edged sword that filters out snake oil, but suppresses legitimate breakthroughs as well!

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