Exotic Research Report - V2N3 Cover
Exotic Research Report
July/August/September 1998
Volume 2 Number 3

Table of Contents

    ... A new atomic theory for the 21st century
    ... Resolves difficulties in testing steam turbines
    ... Ushers in new discoveries for chemistry
    ... A genuine "free energy" device is unveiled

From the Publisher's Desk
A report on the recent conference!

Energy Independence... Reality vs Fantasy
We have the most reliable energy systems in the world... however, it's very centralization makes it vulnerable to the Y2K problem. At Exotic Research we are taking the first steps to reduce energy consumption and then pull off the grid.

Speaker Contact List
After watching the videos, many readers want to contact our conference speakers. Here's their addresses and phone numbers.

A Fully Functional Turbine Test Stand
John Pickard has built a working steam Tesla turbine. To thoroughly test it, he built a test stand that provides steam and a load.

GEET... Advanced Technology... Available TODAY!
GEET releases their new mini-GEET Model C for testing, and begin testing the Neltron Turbo-Battery introduced in the last issue. New products are also described.

"Dumanis Kyklos"... The Power Wheel
Calvin Bahlmann has successfully analyzed the Methernitha Testatika Engine. From that information and advanced capacitor technology, he developed the Power Wheel!

The Spring Atom... A New Atomic Theory Illustrated by Magnets
Larry Spring has been conducting hands-on original experiments in electro-magnetics for fifty years. He developed a new magnetic atomic theory based on practical experiments and observations.

Table the Old Square & Roll in the New Sphere... The Basis for the Quantum Disk FVY
Mendelev created the Table of Elements over a hundred years ago. Since then, chemistry researchers have made adequate use of his concepts, even though the table has a gap in it. Brian Andersen has converted the square table into a sphere leading the way to a quantum leap in the understanding of chemical interactions!

The Electro-Acuscope/Mycopulse... Highly praised by athletes!
Electro-medicine is finally taking a firm hold with the introduction of this FDA approved machine whose use was pioneered by professional athletes since its advent in 1978!

Tribulus Terrestris L... Secret Soviet Performance Enhancer
Better than VIAGRA... this supplement which is derived by the much accursed "puncture weed" has many health benefits and builds stamina!

STEVIA... A Safe, Natural Alternative to NutraSweet
Imagine a herb that's 150x sweeter than sugar with NO calories. It's real... FDA approved as a supplement... yet vigorously attacked by the FDA as a food additive. Is money and Monsanto's profits the only criteria for FDA approval?

Wagging the Dog! The al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory Raid
The seeds for WWIII were planted by this unilateral, unprovoked US military assault on Sudan. Was this "mistake" the dawn of a new US foreign policy?

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