Exotic Research Report - V2N2 Cover
Exotic Research Report
April/May/June 1998
Volume 2 Number 2

Table of Contents

    ... Technical Facts vs Government Fiction
    ... New Products Hit the Market
    ... California's Fountain of Youth
    ... See it at the 1998 Exotic Research Conference!

From the Publisher's Desk
Introducing the publisher of Exotic Research Report, future plans, notes, and odds 'n ends from his desk!

Zero Tolerance = Zero Sense
Today's fad of zero tolerance laws are shortsighted and leave very little room for independent thinking. Are we becoming a nation of robots?

TWA Flight 800
Evidence from the files of National Security Investigations paint a much different story than the current administration is releasing to the general public. The big question...WHY?

Wooden Lightning
A film on HAARP has just been released featuring interviews with proponents as well as opponents.

New Generation of Radiant Energy Devices
Radiant devices were first built by Nikola Tesla! This in-depth article explores how these devices can be built and why they are possible.

Cold Fusion Reality... The Neltron Way
Cold Fusion is very much alive and well. This comprehensive article introduces the concepts of a newly discovered particle making it possible - the NELTRON!

GEET... Advanced Technology Today
Paul Pantone gives us more insight and tips on his engines... and introduces new energy saving devices with advanced GEET technology.

Preparation of Pre-Mixed Gas-Plasma Phase FuelsT
oday's combustion technologies are over 100 years old! GEET moves forward into the 21st century with plasma-based fuels -- bypassing gas phases!

The Integratron... Metaphysics vs Physics
In California, there's an electromagnetic Fountain of Youth... thanks to George Van Tassel.

The Sacred Geometry Behind the Integratron
The Integratron design is based on Biblical principles... including the Tabernacle of Moses

The House of the Future...Is Here Now!
Sonne Ward has never been on the power grid. Here's why and Sacred Geometry's hidden benefits.

The Secret of Negative Ions... Why most modern ionisers do not work... and the state-of-the-art Elanra does
Once common before the 1950s, ionizers became ineffective with the removal of radioactive elements. Now, an Australian inventor restores their effectiveness at a critical time.

Oxygen Therapy Under Fire! Oxygen Therapy advocate Jailed!
Ed McCabe is in jail, but not before he faces off with the NIH on Aids!

Hormonal Imbalance Survival for Mid-Age Men and Women
Middle-aged people face serious hormonal problems...this may help!

Chelation Therapy... Modern Fountain of Youth
If you have ever considered bypass, or have circulation problems, this is one therapy you may want to check out before doing anything else.

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