Exotic Research Report - V2N1 Cover
Exotic Research Report
January/February/March 1998
Volume 2 Number 1

Table of Contents

    ... Arizona experiences a flurry of sightings!
    ... The "Monarch of Power" regains its status
    ... Introducing the workplace of the 21st century
    ... Is at the leading edge of science

Exotic Research Online
Some features of our website are described.

Code of Honor... A Man's Word is His Bond
A look at the dire need for people to follow up on what they say and have respect for other people's time. Other items featured are a look at the renewed interest in UFOs sweeping the country, plasma technology and this year's conference!

The Virtual Studio Network
Space age technology is about to revolutionize the film industry at Village Labs when a new supercomputer specializing in graphics comes online.

Plasma Steam
From the depths of the Nazi war efforts emerged a new technology that was buried for decades! It's a new way of producing steam in a mere 10-seconds from turn on.

GEET - From theory to production
Paul Pantone is making strides in the research and development of his plasma-based fuel processor!

Plasma Research - Unusual Reactions of Mass 5 with Helium and Catalytic Metals
Plasma research by Ron Kovac yields the discovery of Mass 5 (the missing element) and answers a hundred year old question!

Making Precious Metals at Home: Silver to Gold - Wet Methods
Making gold is an art from the past as seen by these writings.

Ethereal Electrogravitics - A Serious Look at AntiGravity
Man went to the moon on chemical rockets... but there may be a better way!

Bathing with Herbs... For better health
Herbs can soften, tone, relax and add wonderful aroma to the body!

Banishing Disease... with unlimited amounts of colloidal silver
Everything you wanted to know about colloidal silver, but was afraid to ask is in this comprehensive how to article. We have included an easy step-by-step method for making your own.

Arthritis! End the Pain Today!
This hard-hitting article takes a close look at how three types of arthritis occurs and what you can do about it through nutrition and some new supplements on the market! As a bonus, it takes a second look at traditional methods and their side-effects.

Sovereignty Now!
Danny Hashimoto fought the IRS head to head and WON! Those with perseverance can use his tips and become freemen once again... without fear!

Phoenix Lights: “Rodney King” case of the UFO world!!!
On March 13, 1997, Phoenix residents witnessed some pretty bizarre activity in the night skies above... and captured it on videotape!

Directed Energy Weapons Research: Teleforce... The Day Things Changed
A Presidential helicopter crashed at Nanjernoy.. under suspicious circumstances and a coverup appears to be in the works!

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