Exotic Research Report - V1N4 Cover
Exotic Research Report
October/November/December 1996
Volume 1 Number 4

Out of Print!
Table of Contents

    ... The Research Continues!
    ... Available Today!
    ... Surrounds Presidential Helicopter Crash!

Public Access
List of conferences coming up in 1996/1997.

In the National Interest: Blueprint for Slavery
The growing disenchantment of the general public leads to stringent un-Constitutional laws!

Advertiser Directory
List of advertisers in this issue.

New Ceramic Paint
Space age technology minimizes heat transfer in ways that conventional insulation can't!

Reformulated Gasoline... A clear and present danger
EPA regulations force consumers to use inferior gas that destroys fuel lines!

Lubrication... The Next Generation
With the fall of the Berlin Wall came consumer access to secret Soviet military petroleum technology!

GEET - From theory to production
Paul Pantone is making strides in the research and development of his plasma-based fuel processor!

Making Precious Metals at Home
Joe Champion's experiment to make gold is replicated by a 16-year old student for a science project!

Energizing the Future
Great info on testing your advanced energy prototype and preparation for its commercialization!

Outpacing the Credit Card Revolution
Good credit is rapidly becoming essential for everyday life!

Cleansing Herbs... For better health
Detoxification is vital for good health... and you can do it naturally!

Therapeutic Effects of Monchromatic Single-Wavelength Red Light
Lasers and LEDs can replace needles in acupuncture therapies

The Secret of Genetic Teeth
Now you too can have good teeth from birth to death and the secret is here!

FDA Moves Against Colloidal Silver
The latest natural replacement for antibiotics comes under fire from the FDA.

Distillation... The Cryptosporidium Solution
A natural plague is waiting to be unleashed against an unsuspecting public!

A new solution for an age-old problem can transform your body from a fat storing system to a fat burning machine!

The Dumbing Down of America... The infiltation and implementation of Socialism
Our society is under assault through our own educational system!

HAARP: Environmental Warfare
HAARP is a military program. Here are the specs, and info on how to monitor its activity!

The Politics of Control
As conventional techniques of violence come under scrutiny... the nonlethal weapon industry thrives!

Directed Energy Weapons Research
A Presidential helicopter crashed at Nanjernoy.. and a coverup appears to be in the works!

Off the Beaten Path... Browning BDM
There are a lot of factors to be considered when purchasing this 9mm.

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