Exotic Research Report - V1N3 Cover
Exotic Research Report
July/August/September 1996
Volume 3 Number 2

Out of Print!
Table of Contents

    ... An Ongoing Enigma
    ... Plasma Technology You Can Buy
    ... That You Can Build
    ... To Cope With Stress!

Public Access
List of conferences coming up in 1996/1997

Advertiser Directory
List of advertisers in this issue.

Public Enemy Number 1... Self Reliant People
When people are responsible for their own decisions, bureaucracies are a hindrance!

Starship Module Home - A New Concept for the Independent HomeOwner
There are ways you can achieve energy independence and better health.

GEET - Plasma Technology You Can Buy... TODAY
Paul Pantone markets the first alternative energy device... multi- fuel small engines!

Turning the 90s Upside Down... An Instant Replay of the 60s
Everyone knows someone on Prozac; this is its downside!

Enzymes... The Key to Better Digestion
Rundown... feeling tired... putting on unwanted weight? Enzymes may be your answer!

Ozone... For a Breath of Fresh Air
Sick building syndrome is a persistent problem of the modern age with "tight" building construction.

Sage... A Medicinal Seasoning
Herbs are often used for both health and flavoring. Sage is an excellent example!

Manitou Springs Art of Healing and Education Center...Stress Management
An unusual place to relieve one's self of killer stress!

Ojibwa Herbal Tea... Indian Myth or Healing Remedy?
Essiac has a reputation as a cancer cure. Is it justified?

Super Blue-Green Algae...the foundation of the food chain from the beginning of time
Here's news about an incredible supplement.

The Dumbing Down of America... The End of the American Dream
Our children are our future. Pay close attention to their education!

The Imperial Social Services... Justice Under Fire
Social Services plays an increasing role in our everyday lives with devastating results!

Crop Circles... Spiritual Machines?
No one can deny crop circles exist and are recurring. But, where do they come from?

Targeting Us... and Our Earth
HAARP generates global electromagnetic pollution, but there are other devices we should be wary of!

Off the Beaten Path... Handgun vs Handygun
There are a lot of choices for a homeowner's gun. Here is an in depth look at two of them.

EV Gray's Electromagnetic Motor
In the early 1970s, an over-unity magnetic motor was created. Does it still exist?

Empowerment... the life force of the Energy Revolution
Changes are coming in the energy field. Here's how to speed up the process.

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