Exotic Research Report - V1N2 Cover
Exotic Research Report
April/May/June 1996
Volume 1 Number 2

Out of Print!
Table of Contents

GOALS 2000
    ... It's Indoctrination... Not Education
    ... of the U.N.
    ... Power your car with water & a little crude!

Public Access
List of conferences coming up in 1996

Advertiser Directory
List of advertisers in this issue

Asleep at the Wheel
In addition to paying tribute, our leaders have set us up for an Asian War to defend our defense industry!

Dumbing Down of America: The Hidden Agenda
A National ID card is to be implemented under the Goals 2000/CAREERS Act.

GOALS 2000 - It Takes A Whole Village To Raise (indoctrinate) A Child!
This "education" program will devastate the fabric of our Society.

Change Your Handwriting... Change Your Life
A close look at how your handwriting reflects/affects your personal life.

Dandelion... It's Not Just a Weed
Dandelion is nature's storehouse of minerals that can improve your health!

DHEA... Nature's Fountain of Youth
A comprehensive overview of DHEA and its effects on the human body.

The Incredible GEET Device... A New Frontier in Plasma Physics and Alternative Energy
GEET technology is the pollution and energy solution for the 1990s and beyond 2000!

NEVADA... Best Kept Secret in the Corporate World
Discover why people with money flock to Nevada to protect their assets.

Charles E. Collins...The Only Presidential Candidate That Stands For Americans!
This Independent Presidential candidate was on the Republican ticket and blackballed from speaking on real issues!

Operation Watch Tower... Who Will Die Next?
The CIA and the Green Berets team up to assist the drug lords!

Dissension In the Ranks... Mainstream Press Covers Story
Some of America's elite military forces have an underground.

United Nations Withdrawal Act of 1995
This bill to get us out of the UN was introduced on the UN's birthday.

104th United States Congress
The complete list of Congressional members and how to contact them.

Operation Watch Tower... Cutolo's Confession
The commander in charge of a drug smuggling operation comes clean.

Voice of the AntiCorp... The Disease of Coincidence
Where do Swine Flu, Legionnaire's Disease, and other 'superbugs' come from?

Mind Control... By Any Other Name
Semantics and information control are two critical elements of mind control!

Radio Beat
Jack Lamb, the highest decorated, yet most fired police officer in Arizona history takes to the airwaves!

Operation Watch Tower... Nersi's Investigation
An NSA operative sets out to corroborate Cutolo's confession.

Federal Bill Attacks... Hunting
New bills in Congress set out to eliminate the second amendment.

Off the Beaten Path... Shotgun Basics
Everyone needs to know how to survive outdoors... just in case!

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