Exotic Research Report - V1N1 Cover
Exotic Research Report
January/February/March 1996
Volume 1 Number 1

Out of Print!

Table of Contents

This particular issue was our premiere issue that came out as a newspaper... so, there is not a detailed Table of Contents in the publication itself. However, we have put together this listing of articles!

Germ Warfare in the Gulf EXPOSED... Antidote Found to a Gulf War Illness
The DoD denies it, but a pair of prominent cancer researchers isolate a manmade virus causing Gulf War Syndrome.

Germ Warfare in the Gulf EXPOSED... Soldiers Betrayed by Government
Peter Kawaja's tale of intrigue and espionage at the highest levels of government!

HAARP... Environmental Warfare
The weather is acting kind of strange; could HAARP be the long sought after weather machine?

Technical Amnesia... Conspiracy, Coincidence, or Just Plain Greed?
A fascinating look at how GE "forgot" how to make a decent lightbulb and how doctors "forgot" about colloidal silver.

Arming Iraq... Biological Agent Exports Prior to the Gulf War
This February 9, 1994 statement by Senator Donald W. Riegle, Jr. specifies what we sent to Iraq that was later used against us.

Gulf War Coverup Continues... American Gulf War Veterans Association Formed
DoD insists there's no problem, but here's the cure for Gulf War Syndrome!

Why Young Americans Have Lost Substantial Interest In Entering the Fields of Science and Technology
There are a number of reason that the United States ranks near the bottom in math and science profiency.

While We Sleep... Your Congress at Work!
The Careers Act and its relationship to Goals 2000 is unveiled.

Dumbing Down of America: Is it deliberate?
Goals 2000 and its antidote --- education vouchers --- are highlighted.

DOD's Knife in the Back... Tricare
The military is chosen to be the testbed for the National Healthcare Plan.

DHEA Report... Profile of a Pharmacologist
A look at Jim Jamieson --- one of the first phamokenetic experts and formulator.

Electroshock...For Snakebites
A lifesaving medical use for stunguns -- neutralizing snakebite toxins -- is discovered!

Garlic... The Spice of Life
A closer look is taken at garlic --- a natural antibiotic.

Colloidal Silver... An old medical treatment is "rediscovered" and is making a comeback!
Silver, commonly valued for its monetary value, and referred to as "poor man's gold", has been used since ancient times as an a antiseptic and cure for many diseases.?

Make Your Own... Currently Preferred Silver Colloid Making Apparatus, Means, and Methods
Here is a technique you can use to make your own colloidal silver at home.

New Money to Hit Circulation in February!
The $100 bill is getting a makeover and here are some of its secret features.?

Voice of the AntiCorp... Tune In On the New World Order
An examination of the New World Order reveals who and what it is, as well as how to counter it!

Energy Weapons
Today's modern battlefield is getting quieter, yet even deadlier than those of the past.

A Look Into the Darkside... A serious look at Mind Control!
A lot of progress has been made by the CIA in its quest to unlock the secret of controlling the mind.

Traveller Tips
Ford Motor and the Radisson customer services are taken to task.

The REAL National Debt
Did you realize our national debt may be as high as 27 trillion-- yes, trillion--dollars?

InterNet Intrigue
Microsoft placed a Trojan Horse in Windows 95 -- a harbinger for Big Brother.

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