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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (V3N1, Jul/Aug/Sep 1999)

Edgar Cayce
For most of his adult life, Edgar Cayce was able to provide intuitive insights into nearly any question imaginable. When individuals came to him with a question, he would place himself into a self-induced sleep state. While in that state he could respond to virtually any question asked. His responses have come to be called “readings”. Today his psychic readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of intuitive information to emanate from a single individual.

Cayce was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. At an early age he gave evidence of his budding talent: he was able to master his school lessons by sleeping on his books. At the age of twenty-one he developed a gradual throat paralysis which threatened the loss of his voice. When doctors were unable to find a cause for his condition, Cayce entered the same hypnotic sleep that had enabled him to learn his school lessons years before. In that state, he was able to recommend a cure which successfully repaired his throat muscles and restored his voice. It was soon discovered that he could do the same for others.

For many years the information dealt mainly with medical problems. Eventually the scope of his readings expanded to include such topics as meditation, dreams, reincarnation, and prophecy. The transcripts have provided the basis for over 300 popular books about Cayce’s work.

Cayce would eventually give over 14,000 readings on more than 10,000 different topics to people all over the world. These readings continue to be researched and written about over half a century after his death and are available to students, writers, researchers, medical professionals, and A.R.E. members the world over.

Edgar Cayce
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    Undoubtedly, the Wet Cell, and my efforts to bring this concept into a fully functional form, represents my most earnest attempt to afford assistance to those in need of its miraculous healing potential. It’s my license plate, and it’s my namesake. Those who know me, know also about the Wet Cell.

    From the very first time I saw it mentioned in one of the books on Cayce, deep inside, I knew I would become the one to shed light upon this modality, which was designed to introduce specific vibrations into the body via the central nervous system. My prior experience developing and testing the Wet Cell’s kissin’ cousin, the Radial Device, made it fitting that I would also undertake the research and development of this mysterious concept, recommended nearly 1000 times in the Cayce readings.

    In previous writings, I never mustered the wherewithal to discuss this concept. Even now, the whole story concerning Cayce’s primary tool for treating all degenerative disorders will not be told. Relating many of the details of my grief is too much to bear. I must include certain specifics to relate my perspective on this idea. My purpose here is not to vent my anxiety, but to explain the past in the hope that others, following in my footsteps, will not repeat this scenario.

    Keep in mind that the readings clearly state that one cannot overcome darkness by struggling against it. One can only allow more light into one’s life, thereby affording no room for darkness. We confront this simple truth about the nature of existence here in the physical plane, as well as the life to come. I am still a couple of notches short, but God willing, all of us will move shortly into a new era of understanding... an era of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

My Mentor
    I first met Lester Babcoke in the late 1970’s. He was giving a luncheon lecture on the Cayce Wet Cell at Marshalls, a popular meeting place for ARE members. His demeanor—gritty and self assured, while showing an endearing side— was a bit of an enigma to me. The lunch crowd was slightly confused as to why they were being treated to this particular oratory, but they listened patiently and offered up a mild applause when he finished.

    Having been the only one to approach him following his lecture, Lester encouraged my questions. As I helped him load his car he began to ramble on about the presence of simultaneous planes of existence cohabiting in time and space. Even with my tempered interest in the metaphysical, I was slightly taken aback by his no-holds-barred approach to the discussion of such concepts with me.

    The next time I met Lester was a couple of years later. I had volunteered to put another coat of paint on the old wooden ARE sign out by the feeder road. Standing on a ladder, diligently at work, I got an eerie feeling that someone was watching me. As I pivoted around, there stood the little white-haired man in an assuming stance. “That primer isn’t cured, and you shouldn’t put paint on it until it is.” Knowing he was right, I returned to work, offering a concise yet defensive explanation. Moments later, I looked back but the old sage had vanished.

    In the Fall of 1982, I went to the library at 67th Street to resolve once and for all the truth about the phenomenon of speaking in tongues manifested at Pentecost. It was my first study of the readings concerning scripture, and I was elated to find an enormous number of references on the topic. At the precise moment that the readings revealed to me that tongues were simply a variation of the expression of love, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Lester stood behind me with an ingratiating smile. “I need some help cleaning up my garage. Can you come over tonight and assist me?” he asked. “Of course,” I responded without hesitation. He handed me a paper with his address on it. “See you around 7:00.”

    Lester’s garage was full of an assortment of machinery, hand tools, jigs, and work stations, the gist of which, although unclear to me at the time, encompassed a certain fluidity of rhyme and reason. “What’s this for?” I asked repeatedly. His ease of response evoked only further questions. Upon completion of the cleaning and organizing, Lester suggested that I return the following evening to assist in some minor assembly work with the same pay. I breathed deeply, and followed his instruction. Each day passed drawing me deeper into the inner sanctum of his eclectic mind and work. My weekend excursion unraveled into a week, then a month, then two.

    We worked day and night together and I soon lost complete track of time, until one day his wife met me at the door. “ He’s sick, but we’ve been through this before,” she said, and she closed the door in my face. Nearly a month later I awoke in the middle of the night and drove to the hospital. “Is there a Lester Babcoke here?” I asked the receptionist. She perused the admissions list. “I’m sorry, there’s no one here by that name.” I was relieved, baffled, and embarrassed in that moment. I thanked her, and returned to home for a deep night’s sleep.

    The following evening I was again faced with a myriad of emotions when Lester’s front door opened in front of me. His daughter was sitting on the living room couch weeping. “What do you want?” demanded Lester’s now widow. “I just stopped by to...to pick up my radio,” I somehow fabricated. “Well get it, and get out!” Only later did I learn that Lester had suffered a cardiac arrest that afternoon which ended his life. The next morning I left for home in upstate New York.

Four Fundamental
Healing Modalities

Unique to the
Edgar Cayce Readings

Four Modalities
Evolution of Theory
    The Radial Device dominated my work for the next few years, as I attempted to put Lester’s training into a workable format. With limited resources, and having only one natural health store at the beach ordering 15-20 Radial devices a year, it was 1985 when I could return to the readings on the Wet Cell.

    I suspected Lester unwittingly compromised the readings on the Radial Device, so I scoured the readings for possible inconsistencies, or liberties taken with the Wet Cell. Knowing Lester had built hundreds of Wet Cells over a 25-year period without any obvious evidence of its viability, I approached the readings to critique its component nature. The Wet Cell was relatively simple in its overall design, so I looked for the obvious, a fundamental derivation due to the lack of understanding of how and why the Wet Cell worked. Only one major discrepancy surfaced: the pole length of the rods which were immersed in the battery solution itself.

    Lester had told me that the pole length he used conformed to the height of the container he chose. His primary concern was having a container which held the proper volume of the mild acid solution. As his container was eight inches high, so were the length of the poles.

    Upon reviewing the readings, however, there were only two which actually specified the pole length. They called for 14 and 16 inches. Although I was at a loss as to why there were only two readings with this specification, I suspected this was the weak link.

    Coming from an electrical engineering background, Lester assumed that the mode of energy transference induce the vibration into the body must be electrical. If this were the case, the pole length would not matter if the proper amperage was achieved within the battery itself. As I continued to review the readings, a disturbing lack of electrical terminology became evident.

    Cayce on occasion would mention a minimum amount of resistance necessary for the battery’s function, but he never made reference to the terms normally associated with conventional batteries (ie watts, amps,voltage) for the Wet Cell. The clincher for me was when I noticed the term “low-form” when Cayce explained the battery’s function.

    Even though I had no idea what he meant by the term, I knew it was another signpost for future investigators. Logically, it made no sense that the readings would have users of this concept set up and use this awkward contraption when a simple battery could be obtained. Even as early as the late l920s when this idea began to surface in readings, there were better options available, if the objective was merely to produce a small electrical current.

    As I reasoned the original sequence of events another fact surfaced:
    The Radial device had been used numerous times with the solution jar for many years prior to the arrival of the Wet Cell in the readings... and there was absolutely no electrical potential between the poles.

    Suddenly, it was obvious to me that the carrier wave which the two apparatus shared was not electrical at all. Cayce’s "low form” of electricity was something else altogether and the waveform which delineated it must be directly proportional to the length of the pole called for in the readings. I reasoned that if my theory was correct, a Wet Cell built in accordance with these newly discovered specifications would substantiate my premise.

    If the battery worked in a real life situation, then surely the consciousness about the Cayce approach to treating all degenerative disorders could finally begin. I set out to find and compile the various components needed to build what I believe to be the first functional Wet Cell battery since Cayce was here in the flesh.


Wet Cell Schematic The Wet Cell is an electro-magnetic battery which is designed to carry specific vibrations into the body. It is an upright wet battery containing a mild acid solution. Two 14" poles (one made of nickel and the other of copper) suspended in the battery solution create a potential between them. This in turn produces a radio wave which is a carrier wave that picks up and delivers the vibration of the element contained in a separate solution jar. The solution jar is a 4-oz. wide mouth jar located on the nickel side of the circuit. Cups and wires connect the individual to the battery and solution jar. Thus Cayce’s effective method to induce a specific vibration into the body without the inherent dangers associated with ingesting the physical substance, also provided a means for controlling the dosage as well as directing it into a specific region.

Cayce was partial to gold, suggesting it was the highest vibration and had the capacity to rejuvenate virtually any aspect of the body. Gold injections to treat debilitating cases of arthritis have been used for many decades. It is commonly accepted as the only effective treatment for this condition, eliminating symptoms such as pain and swelling, and at times even resulting in long-term remission. The downside is that the heavy metal becomes trapped in body tissue and ultimately must be discontinued to avoid complications more serious than the condition itself.

Simple logic tells us that if the heavy metal was responsible for lessening the symptoms, then one injection would take care of the problem as it remains in the body due to its weight; instead, it is the essence of the gold which affords the body relief for some time until it is finally used up. The Wet Cell then, achieves this same function of delivering the vibrational essence of the gold into the body without the need for the physical substance, thereby eliminating said repercussions. The net result is that the benefits of the gold can be had without running the risk of poisoning the system. What’s more, small amounts of gold (silver, camphor, and iodine) can be administered daily affording the body a cumulative opportunity while slowly adjusting various other systems to coordinate in an overall recovery program.
    My search was not as simple as I had hoped it would be. After months of collecting components, the final missing piece was the battery jar. For the long poles to be immersed in a relatively small volume of acid, a nearly impossible to find tall, but narrow, jar was needed. Finally, a friend who had heard of my quest found a possible source.

    By chance, at a wedding in New Jersey he noticed a glass jar used to hold cut flowers which might do the trick. Inquiring, he learned that the vases had been purchased from a business in another state. Having tested a variety of commercially available vessels from all over the world already, I paid a personal visit to their warehouse the next day. One look was all it took and I knew I had a usable piece. All that remained was a pilot study.

    The developmental process had taken several months, but synchronicity was at work. A couple of weeks later I received a call from an ARE receptionist in her mid-thirties, who had heard about my research and wanted to know more. For nearly 10 years she had suffered from the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). By now she had great difficulty walking. Her left knee was regularly the size of a grapefruit, resulting in the use of anabolic steroids. Her extreme pain forced her to pop an assortment of pills daily to mask her suffering.

    The owner of the local health food store generously agreed to supply the necessary chemicals to conduct the study. Seven Reiley School massage students agreed to give one massage a week to her following a daily Wet Cell session. The battery was set up at the Reiley School, housed at the ARE facility, and the treatments began.

    Within days the woman was weaning herself off the pain killers and steroids. As the weeks unfolded her mobility increased. The sporadic reports I received in New York sounded increasingly favorable. Within five months she was completely off all medication, the swelling had disappeared, and she was walking up and down stairs like a normal person for the first time in almost a decade.

Suppression Emerges
    Then one night I received a call from the woman. “I can’t use your Wet Cell anymore,” she said. “My employers insist that I use their Wet Cell from now on.”

    It seemed obvious that the self-serving ARE administrators wanted to create the illusion that they were responsible for this woman’s miraculous recovery, and they had the clout to do it; she was their employee. Their only miscalculation was that their Wet Cell was the same dysfunctional unit they had been using for decades. Within weeks her condition deteriorated to its original status.

    I receded into a long and painful remorse over the whole ordeal. Crushed by the apparent suppression by the very organization whose purpose was to champion the legacy of Edgar Cayce, I decided to continue with my investigation. In doing so, I knew this time that I would need to prepare myself for any eventuality, especially of those more interested in promoting their own agenda than the truth. This became a far greater task than I had originally signed on for.

    Without resources, I was nearly at a standstill. During the next couple of years I took on two potential Wet Cell studies; both were quadriplegics. Both showed promising signs within the first couple of months, and both decided against continuing as the improvements were not significant enough to warrant further expense.

    In the summer of 1988 I was surprised to find out that Venture Inward, the ARE’s bi-monthly magazine, featured a story about my Radial Device—with photos of my equipment and testimonials. At the time, I sold only 50 units a year through a natural health store in Virginia Beach. I almost became comatose when their purchasing agent ordered 300 units during the next two months. Ironically, the cash flow created by my opponents, was what I needed to start up my work with the Wet Cell.

On the Comeback Trail
    By now I was a veteran lecturer and exhibitor at many of the country’s alternative science conferences. As my work with the Cayce devices was still in its developmental infancy, I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to attend major conferences, nor did I have the backing or credentials to break out of the mold. The Mankind Research Conference during the summer of 1989 was my first chance to present my findings to a large number of my peers.

    As I strolled down the aisle and onto the stage, I felt I was finally in my element. The house was full of researchers, writers, inventors and teachers, and I proceeded to blow the room away. Sheila Ostrander, an attendee, published Super Memory shortly after the conference and clearly borrowed from my presentation the running theme of regeneration. However, the index referenced ARE’s in-house advocate of the Cayce appliances thus depriving me of any direct affiliation. Despite this, my credibility began to take an identity unto itself, based on accomplishment.

    In the fall of 1991 I relocated to Virginia Beach to reintroduce my Wet Cell design. To my surprise the ARE was starting their first health conference the next day. Although they immediately refused to sell me a booth, a local health food store allowed me to share their booth. Well into the weekend, I was noticed by the coordinator. Too far into the weekend for them to risk a scene, I finished out the show with my first victory over the administration’s suppressive instincts.

    Within two weeks I had moved into a business location above the ever-expanding health food store. I invited regulars, as well as the occasional straggler, in for a spin on a functional unit. The old rumors grounded in decades of mythology about the user being unable to feel the effects of the battery fell by the wayside. Everyone who ventured into its vicinity sensed its effect.

    The Wet Cell was placed upon each individual in accordance with case studies. When someone came in with a specific problem I checked the circulating file first for the running themes. This greatly expanded my understanding of the other modalities which might be incorporated to turn the condition around.

A Learning Curve
    I didn’t always know ahead of time about possible outcomes. Ever vigilant to the responsibility I had undertaken, I taught myself slowly. The first time I tested silver in the solution jar (the yang side of nerve regeneration) a woman came out of the session and bolted for the door.

    A week later she described her experience. She was transported to a traumatic childhood, and even came face to face with a glimpse of her own mortality. Additionally, she was sensitized to silver and could not even wear silver.

    Later I learned that the concentration available to the public was five times what the readings had called for. Cayce’s edict that any healing method or modality which could afford the user benefit held the equal and opposite potential when misused flashed in front of my mind’s eye.

    My stint above the health food store lasted eight months. During that time I continued my relentless search to find anyone who had used the old Wet Cell design and received any noticeable benefit from it. Dozens of old Wet Cell users reported that they never even had a placebo effect from it. Growing increasingly comfortable with my basic premise, I was shocked one day when a woman from Ohio who used the old style Wet Cell for 20 years claimed she received great benefit from it.

    However, further questioning revealed she slept all night with it on. Right then and there I was convinced the Wet Cell of old was truly without merit. I had already demonstrated that a functional Wet Cell would be increasingly uncomfortable after 30 minutes, and totally unbearable within an hour.

    Continuing on past this time would result in rapid destruction of nerve tissue, as the seemingly subtle vibration turned on the user. In a given night’s sleep this woman would have easily been toast six or eight times over with a functional unit. It was time for me to open up my own office and begin a serious study.

    My first study, a woman with a debilitating case of MS, made steady progress using the Wet Cell with gold and silver alternately each morning before going to work. Then another woman with an MS diagnosis as well as lupus came to see me. Emotionally bereaved from childhood neglect and abuse issues, I began to see the diversity which could exist under the same medical heading. Word circulated about my work as I attempted to ascertain the Wet Cell’s applicability in the widening array of illnesses I was seeing.

More Deception
    Although my early success ratio was rather dismal, it still exceeded most other approaches combined. Before long, Venture Inward decided to do another story on my work. When the article which covered two of the MS cases was published, I was pleasantly surprised at its thoroughness. The entire piece was accurate and supportive with only one tiny exception. In the space allotted for the contact person, my name had been left out and the name and number of the organization’s personal manufacturer was inserted. The outcome was a barrage of orders for dysfunctional Wet Cells. This effectively destroyed all I had worked toward for years and sent false hope to people suffering from diseases for which a functional Wet Cell may have provided benefit.

    After much reflection, I decided I had no desire to be defeated and continued with my research. All the while rumblings of injustice from local supporters reached the Cayce organization. In response, within the year they decided to run a follow-up article, citing self-proclaimed experts; I was allowed to express my perspective as well, to show there were no hard feelings.

    I happened across the final draft prior to publication. In his carefully worded script, the author quoted an Edgar Cayce reading to support his contention that I was not building the batteries correctly. Upon locating the reading, I saw just a couple of words changed to create the illusion that I was not following the specifications. I copied the reading, highlighted the passage, and proceeded up to the magazine’s office.

    Unannounced, I walked into the editor’s office and placed it firmly on his desk under his nose. “This is what the reading says, and you know damn well what your article says. You can print the truth or you can run it as it stands; it’s up to you.”

    When the article came out the reading had been corrected. However, the language and the innuendo remained intact. My attempts to clarify the facts had been derailed.

The Mental Factor
    Even though I never recovered from the devastating blow I felt was dealt me by the Cayce organization, I continued to work with the Wet Cell and occasionally test them in the field.

    On one occasion I assisted a bedridden middle-aged Milwaukee woman with MS. Within three weeks after starting to use the Wet Cell, she reported that she could push herself out of bed in the morning, and feel energy returning to her paralyzed legs. She wrote regularly as she pulled out of a deep depression. Each week brought new reasons for optimism as she began a rigorous exercise program. Her condition quickly improved due mostly to her zeal for life. Within six months she was walking, driving a car, and working again. Unquestionably, this was one of the most dynamic recoveries I had witnessed.

    About this same time her letters took on a decided distrust of the Wet Cell and me, as she had nothing else in her life to attribute her healing to, I began to see the separation between the physical and mental bodies. At first I was in awe, and then later frightened by the anguish which tormented her soul.

    Previously she felt she was incarcerated, and her physical body incorporated her torment, justifying her state of victimization. Now her body failed to cover her mental rage as she desperately looked for a venue to explain the incongruity. No longer physically wasted, she now had to literally look in the mirror at her emotional trauma, and this was a task she was unwilling to do.

    I was unable to help her with this new and perhaps more devious condition. She gave up the Wet Cell and her physical condition began to deteriorate. Two months later she stated that she was going to try the Wet Cell one more time. It if failed her again she would never go back to it. Needless to say, I never heard from her again.

    The most important lesson from this case was that the Wet Cell was fully capable of correcting a degenerative disorder without necessarily having a beneficial effect upon the mental or emotional condition. If the proper motivation was there, it could happen in a remarkably short period of time. To this day I take these insights into each case study.

    I have received a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that so many people have benefitted from using the Wet Cell. It is not a comprehensive system in and of itself. If the Cayce approach to health and well-being is considered as a whole it is obvious that the personal attitude is by far the single most important of any treatment facets. The Cayce readings are clear on this. Mind is the builder and the physical is the result, we are told over and over again. What you dwell upon is what you become.

    From the beginning, my policy was to meet people where they were with their own situation, to never promise anything and to rely always on the individual to inform me as to their reaction. In this way I developed a healthy relationship with those coming to see me, leveled the field of involvement and reflected the burden of the emotional healing back to the user. Most of those who came to see me were ready to take at least partial responsibility for their own situation, leaving the rest to seek more orthodox treatment modalities.

    As Cayce outlined, initially the physical condition must be addressed in a constructive manner. Without the reduction of pain, or the improvement in the physical status, the individual will not be able to construct a positive attitude. While conventional medicine suppresses symptoms, the readings call for a comprehensive approach to assist the body in a tangible manner. This in turn then affords the individual a means by which they can allow the body to find overall homeostasis, and thereby natural health.

    Several hundred people have experienced my unit, most at my personal invitation and expense. Space does not allow me to include case studies of the people who used a functional Wet Cell. Many people who tried the Wet Cell did not find that it was what they needed in their lives at the time. Sadly, not one board member, administrator, or Wet Cell expert affiliated with the ARE has experienced the Wet Cell.

    In the final analysis, I must overcome the obstacles within before I can change the outside world. The guidance I seek is to become a more perfect vehicle so that others may find a way out of the dilemmas in which they find themselves._PT

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