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Magnetism... A Natural Form of Energy
    Magnetism is one of the oldest natural forms of energy found on earth, and affects every living system on earth today as it has for millions of years. The secrets of this great energy are now being revealed and they are astounding.

    The world is a giant magnet and from the day you are born until the day you physically die you are constantly under the influence of the earth’s magnetic forces. While the magnetic fields that surround the earth protect you from many harmful radiations from the sun and other harmful emissions from outer space, they also affect your mental functions and your health and welfare each and every day of your life. Plants and lower animals are also affected by this invisible energy that passes through all material and immaterial matter. The science of how magnetism affects biological systems is called biomagnetism or biomagnetics.

    Magnetic Earth Finding the NORTH POLE...
    When using magnetic therapy, it is EXTREMELY important to apply the proper pole to the achieve the desired effect. When we speak of the North Pole, we are talking about the SOUTH SEEKING POLE... this is the pole that will always face south when suspended freely from a string.

    Another method of determining poles is through the use of a magnometer. A final note... the needle on a compass will point to the SOUTH Pole of a magnet.
    We can harness nature’s greatest energy and use it for the benefit of all mankind. In fact, many nations of the world are racing to determine to what extent man can utilize the new and important discoveries of biomagnetism. The scope of biomagnetism is unlimited. In over 40 years of applying our basic discoveries we have not found any field of human knowledge that is not affected. In many years past, and through the work of dedicated scientists for over 4,000 years, magnetism was considered a child of electricity.

    Unlike in physics with inanimate objects, experiments could not be reproduced on biological systems with the same expected results. In 1936, we made our basic discovery that there are two distinct magnetic poles that affect animal systems in two distinct and opposite manners. From developments since then, it is now definite that magnetism is the father of electricity, rather than the child.

    With the energy of magnetism now defined and tested from our discoveries as two separate energies, not one as formerly believed, it is now feasible to program expected results on biological systems by the correct use of the separate magnetic energy. We have been informed by respected scientists that this is the most far-reaching discovery in magnetism in over 4,000 years.

    These basic discoveries in physics have been successfully applied in medical research, agriculture, industrial and military uses, relating to all fields of science and opening a greater appreciation of man’s relation to his environment and to his God. Each cell, each atom of material and immaterial matter, applying our reproducible discoveries, functions as a magnet. Orthodox science is not capable of imagining the significance of these facts in the future history of scientific investigation and application.

Organized Opposition...
    With such outstanding discoveries that affect all known fields of human inquiry, the opposition aroused from those in dogmatic areas of position and authority is obvious. Countries other than the United States are more readily adopting our discoveries. They will eventually be accepted in the United States since they provide the basis for many of the answers that are sought. Bio-magnetics is finally here to stay. It will play a more important part of our lives with increasing time and understanding.

    Fields of Force Diagram A. Magnetic Field. Diagram showing that the lines of force round the magnet's North and South poles.

    Old Magnetic Earth Field Diagram B. Magnetic Poles. Name given to the two areas on the earth's surface at which the direction of the magnetic field is vertical. In their neighborhood the magnetic compass ceases to take up a fixed direction.

    New Magnetic Earth Diagram C. Magnetic Fields. Our research indicates that a magnet's magnetic field is twisted and drops to zero in the center, creating a figure 8.
    The research into biological magnetism (biomagnetics) has reached a point in the Soviet Union where it is partially classified information under defense security since—as with all major methods and systems developed in science—they can be hanessed for the detriment or benefit of all mankind.

    Our investigations into magnetism and its effects on the living system began as early as 1935-36. Our continuous research for four decades, we believe, lends credence to the facts we are presenting. Much that is necessary for the progress and survival of survival of humanity has been revealed. The persistence in advising government agencies and the orthodox scientific community of these revolutionary breakthroughs have been to no significant avail. Therefore, we concluded the best media for disseminating these discoveries which are reproducible, making them facts not theories, to not only the scientific community but also to the general public, was in book form.

    Our first book, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, presents the basic reproducible discoveries and the background leading to these breakthroughs. The second book, The Magnetic Effect, deals primarily with specific applications of these discoveries in the medical area. These books are now in many of the leading medical and public libraries in major nations of the world. They are also being used as textbooks and reference material in a number of colleges and schools which will upgrade the understanding of magnetism and how it affects all life and living systems.

History of Biomagnetism
    It is of the greatest importance that you become aware and understand the vital role biomagnetics will play in the field of applied medicine and in future studies and research into the Science of Parapsychology. However, it is also interesting to know when interest first took root in the possibility that a lodestone (nature’s own magnet) held the secret to aid in the relief of human suffering. The ancient Chinese experimented with the Yin and Yang of body energies. We later find many references to the use of nature’s magnetism in the works of Hippocrates, the great and renown Greek physician whose works and writings date back to 460BC. The noted Greek physician, Galen, describes a magnet as a purgative in the ninth book of his De Simplicium Medicamentorum Faculatibus. We also find that the noted Arabian physician and philosopher, Avicenna, used magnets to treat diseases of the liver about 1000AD. Ali Abbas, a famous Persian physician during the 10th century, writes in his Perfect Book of the Art of Medicine that magnetism—-energy coming from a magnet—-would cure gout and spasms.

    Our research into the history of magnetism reveals that during the early 1500’s the Swiss physician and noted alchemist, Paracelsus, used magnets to treat hernia, dropsy and jaundice, as well as many other diseases. Sir William Gilbert, private physician to Queen Elizabeth I, and one of the foremost physicists to delve into magnetism, opposed the belief that magnetism has any effect on the living system.

    Here we find the first of many noted physicists who disagreed, as they do today, that magnetism could relieve illness or disease. Many books written about Sir William Gilbert’s works misquote his statements by indicating that he agreed that magnetism had a beneficial effect on the living system. EH Erei of the Weizmann Institute on the works of Gilbert reports that in his book,De Magnete, Gilbert ridiculed the idea that magnetism could be used in any way whatsoever in medicine.

    So, it would seem, Gilbert was one of the first renown physicists to refute magnetic energies as a new tool to aid the science of Medicine. Modern science still has little knowledge of magnetic effects on man, and this has become a serious threat in America’s technological advances. The Russian progress now being made in this field—-which affirms our work that magnetism does affect all matter as well as all mankind and all living systems--makes us pause and wonder where American science is heading by their lack of concern to the importance of this science.

    Focusing now on a more modern review of biomagnetics, we review the work of such men as Dr. Kilner and his approach to the possibility that a human magnetic field exists around all living bodies—the Odic Forces, human aura, the electromagnetic etheric body, the outer and inner human electromagnetic aura, or whatever name you choose to use. Was he right? Modern science has to admit, regardless of whether they choose to or not, that there is now a traceable and measurable electromagnetic energy that flows over, around and away from the living body. This supports the work that suffered so greatly as Dr. Kilner tried to prove its existence. Either the "modern scientific community" must start a serious investigation into these now provable effects or we will slowly go back to the dark ages... and maybe we should, to find many of the answers that we seek, when we consider some of the ridiculous worn-out theories in accepted use today.

    We are sure that the works of Dr. Baron von Reichenbach are well known to all serious investigators of ESP, and parapsychology. Baron von Reichenbach’s experiments are reported to have consisted of an excess of 1,200 actual tests to support that an OD, as he termed it, existed around all human beings. We have, using modern electronic instruments, proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that a human aura does exist.

    Before proceeding, we affirm our position as research scientists. What we have discovered are not theories, they are reproducible facts. This is science. To properly introduce you to these discoveries, we must first acquaint you with what modern science accepts as the behavior of magnetic fields. We will then explain how our discoveries have proved these beliefs incorrect.

Magnetic Principles
    In the following diagrams, A and B. we present the prevailing understanding of magnetic principles. Diagram A illustrates a common bar magnet, and you will observe that the energy shown appears to flow from the South pole to the North pole of the magnet. In diagram B we have superimposed the bar magnet over a drawing of the earth. This is the principle taught today—that the energy of the earth and a bar magnet produce the same form, type and flow of this unseen magnetic energy, a singular form of energy not divisible.

    The results of the research in our laboratory are illustrated in diagram C. We have discovered that a magnet is composed of two forms of energy—-each pole offering a different potential energy. The North pole is separate from the South pole, and the energy from the South pole does not continue on directly to the North pole and nor is it the reverse. Instead, it is directed directed to the center of the magnet, and from there, travels in spirals back to its respective starting point.

    You will no doubt observe that these energies while traveling in spirals come together at the exact center forming a figure 8. The figure 8 is involved in many complex mathematical equations and has been this way for centuries. It is also found in many ancient drawings. Can this figure 8, which is still a mystery hold the key to reveal man's peaceful coexistence with his environment as well as broaden his collective knowledge through the ages? We believe this could very well be possible. Our advanced research we are now conducting points to this conclusion.

    The earth’s magnetic fields function in a similar manner. A natural law operates the same, wherever it is found—-in the research laboratory, on the earth, the moon, the sun or on some distant star. These energies then are separate and distinct and their properties emit a different potential energy. The South pole is a positive magnetic energy; whereas, the North pole is a negative form of magnetic energy. Therefore, the two poles of all magnets are not identical in effects as the scientific principles and fundamentals are currently taught, and which form the basis of accepted physics and related sciences in our civilization.

    The drawing below more clearly illustrates the separation of the energies of a bar magnet, which also applies to all types of magnets. It was by the use of a magnet having the two poles sufficiently separated that we were able to use only the pole we desired in our experiments with biological systems. The energy from each pole spins in a different direction, as shown below. This spin is more fully explained in our two books on biomagnetics, and it has been photographed by a special type of electron photography, which reaffirmed our discovery that there are two distinct electron spins in the energy emanations from all magnets.

Magnetic Earth Domain Formation is caused by the spontaneous subdivision of a uniformly magnetized material (a). Division into two domains (b) lowers the external field energy of the material, as is evident from the shortened external magnetic lines of force... D in this example. D eliminates all external lines of force. The zone between domains, known as the Bloch wall, is shown in detail in D. The word domain means the energy at its peak as coming from the two poles.
Biomagnetic Research
    After proper identification of these poles in 1936, we began experimenting with the separate energy effects to earthworms, small animals, bacterial, proteins, fruit juices, water and other fluids, solids, and gasses. We included in our introductory books, basic experiments that can be reproduced, time and time again with identical results, by you or anyone possessing curiosity to prove to yourself that these energies exist and can be used to benefit mankind.

    Startling and almost unbelievable results are obtained from application of the correct magnetic field. Among these results are speedier wound healing, pain control without drugs, quicker mending of fractures with the bone being stronger than before the break, dissolving calciums in many types of arthritis, and control of many types of cancer some resulting in total regression.

    While our research in the medical field has been primarily limited to animals having a circulatory and organ system similar to man, our results have also been tested on voluntary human subjects. Again, with predictable accuracy, these test results were the same as those obtained on the laboratory animals. We believe that the medical and scientific communities can no longer afford to ignore this vitally important science of Biomagnetics.

    Doctors and scientists from throughout the world have visited our laboratory in their search for new and better methods of trying to direct mankind from its own destruction. While it would require a volume by itself to individually mention each student, doctor, scientist and others working in conjunction with us, we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for their untiring work and time they have dedicated to helping establish this new science.

    A few of the doctors and scientists closely involved in reproducing our findings, as well as independently researching magnetic effects, are:

      Dr. Ralph U. Sierra of Puerto Rico who, at his own expense, built a large, modern research laboratory in Rio Piedras. Dr. Sierra has not only conducted some remarkable medical research, but his work has also extended to the fields of water alteration, plant life, and even to marine animals and fish.

      Dr. Harold Brownlee of Ottawa, Canada, has primarily worked in the field of diagnosing human ailments utilizing our discoveries of the two separate and distinct magnetic energies. The results of his research, coupled with the work of our laboratory in this field, now prove this diagnostic method is more accurate than X-rays, with none of the dangers of X-ray radiation. Dr. Brownlee is also actively publicizing our work in magnetic field effects, and from his efforts our work has been introduced into a number of colleges and universities in Canada.

      Dr. Leslie O. Korth of Kent, England, has been of immeasurable assistance in introducing our research findings in England. Dr. Korth, in his own right, is a physician, scientist and author. He is also an authority on Drs. Kilner and Baron von Reichenbach’s pioneering works in magnetism.

      Dr. Victor Beasley of Barbados, West Indies, has also been a constant source of help in furthering our work in South America and the Caribbean.

      Dr. Bhattachura, West Bengal, India, has aided our research since 1956, and was instrumental in assisting in the establishment of the use of biomagnetics in the free clinics of India.

    Another expert in the field of Biomagnetics is Dr. Yoshio Seki of Tokyo, Japan, whose efforts and dedication to the establishment of this science are of constant assistance. Dr. Frederick Doughty Beck and Dr. William Ellis, have been most helpful in bringing our work to the attention of other doctors and scientists.

ESP & Parapsychology
    Our research has, of course, as with many new discoveries, only begun to be explored and the benefits for humanity understood. Likewise, our discoveries are not limited to use in only the medical, agricultural and industrial areas, but also apply to the fields of ESP and parapsychology. Our investigations and resulting conclusions in these fields have been borne out and corroborated, without prior knowledge on either side, by many seekers of knowledge.

    This was true in the tests given to Mrs. Olga Worrall by Drs. Robert N. Miller and Philip Reinhart. Mrs. Worrall, as you may know, is a renown natural healer. Mrs. Worrall submitted to these experiments to prove the existence of the energies of the hands produce a pronounced and definite effect, Another researcher, Dr. Justa Smith, had earlier proved that the energies of hands can change the vital activities of enzymes. Again, our research that the energies radiating from the body are magnetic in nature and effect was substantiated by these independent experiments.

    Russia is today, from the information they divulge, one of the leading nations in ESP and parapsychological research. However, we can be sure that much of their research in these phenomena is never released. We must, if we are to continue our foremost position in these investigations, broaden the scope and intensity of our investigations. We believe a number of discoveries by independent US researchers supercede the announced discoveries made by Russia.

    These Russian investigations delve into the brain wave frequencies in excess of the 1 to 50 cycle per second (CPS) range. Prominent US researchers, and those in other countries, consider the higher frequencies to be unimportant. The spectrum of brain wave frequencies we are referring to is that used in bio-feedback. Bearing in mind that the brain is the mechanism which allows the mind to function in our present physical state, it will, from our research findings outlined in this article, become apparent that long distance thought wave transfer is impossible within the 1 to 50 cycle per second (CPS) range. Our research has now been substantiated by the released Russian findings.
Thought Transmission
    Since the late 1930’s our laboratory has made continual investigations toward the proof that the brain functions and emits a frequency much higher than those now adopted. The accepted principle brain frequencies range from 1 to 50 CPS. Through our research we quickly discerned that if carefully studied, the brain, therefore the mind, functioning in the 1 to 50 CPS range, could not be credited with long distance thought transmissions and receptions.

    Under precision controlled laboratory conditions, we found, using the 1 to 50 CPS spectrum, that sufficient energy was not generated to propel even a minute volume of electromagnetic data through space. Therefore, how could the mind, even under stress, generate enough energy in the 1 to 50 CPS range to transfer thoughts through space.

    Our frequency explorations then turned to the higher numbers. We found that the electromotive physics on wave propagation backed up our research. At frequencies from 1 million to 20 million CPS, minute amounts of bioelectrical and electromagnetic energies can be sent and received over great distances. This then was a partial explanation of the brain’s ability to receive and send impressions, thoughts, emotions, etc, over great distances. Further explanation was offered in the measurable bioelectrical energies emitted from the brain, which are in these higher frequencies. Conclusive proof was further established that the brain is incapable of these feats in the 1 to 50 CPS range presently used in bio-feedback and recordable brain wave information. Results known to occur with brain wave frequencies over long ranges of distance could not occur with 1 to 50 CPS.

    Using the experimental radio station we have in our laboratory, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in 1936-37 we established two-way radio communications with another research station in Baltimore, Maryland. We advised them we were going to switch from our 50 watt transmitter to about one-half to one-fourth the wattage, broadcasting at 28.7 megacycles (28 million CPS) and see if they could receive this mini-signal from our Orange Park, Florida, base station. We had previously attempted this using 1 to 50 to 500 CPS and the range at which this signal was perceivable, using one-fourth power, was less than 200 feet. However, this time, broadcasting 28 million CPS, the answer was:
      Yes, we receive your signal loud and clear here in Baltimore from your mini-station in Orange Park, Florida, readability R-5 signal weak but understandable.

    Call letters and license of the Baltimore station was EX-W4IBQ. We advised we were again lowering our broadcasting power and frequency. Receipt of our transmission, using one-tenth of one watt power and as low as 7 million cycles, was acknowledged. We emphasize that this was 7 million CPS, not the 7 CPS now accepted in the brain wave explorations today.

    Russia recently announced they are continuing research into the 7 million CPS and higher frequencies to prove that brain waves are traceable for great distances. Unless explorations are undertaken to learn more about these findings first made in the United States, Russia will lay claim to this breakthrough as they have to other breakthroughs in the American scientific community that were not properly followed up and developed.

Mind/Body Research
    Not only has our research gone into the frequencies of the brain, but it has also encompassed increasing the sensitivity of the mind through application of magnetic energy. Our work began with small animals with a reasonably short life span. Mice were the first animals selected to be used in a series of experiments to determine the effects of magnetism on their brains and bodies.

    Twelve mice were placed in a cage to be used as controls (untreated). Another twelve mice were placed in a separate cage with exposure to the South pole field of a 2000 gauss magnet, and the last twelve were put in a cage exposed to the North pole energies of a like magnet. An equal number of males and females were put in each cage. Exposure time was two months.

    The untreated control mice behaved and functioned as normal mice. Without exception, the South pole mice slowly became very messy in their housekeeping, their appetites increased, they engaged in sex more, and their offspring were larger than those of the controls. Also, as time passed, they became mentally slow, loosing sensitivity to sound and light changes in the laboratory. Their young were difficult to teach the customary tests; they were lazy, listless, careless and very dirty in appearance.

    The North pole mice became very neat and tidy, cleaning themselves frequently. They also became extremely sensitive to any noise or light variations in the laboratory. Their offspring were smaller than those of the controls. They were mentally superior to the controls and out performed the South pole young by several hundred percent in all phases of natural behavior.

    The South pole mice were larger, grew faster, matured sooner, and mated continually. They also died earlier than their control counterparts. The North pole mice matured slower and lived 45 to 50 percent longer than the controls. They were also mentally superior to the controls and several hundred percent smarter than the South pole mice. They were much less frequent with sexual behavior than the South pole treated mice and less than the controls.

    Rats were the next test subjects, and the results were the same as the findings with the mice. Rabbits and later cats were tested, again the results were the same as with the mice. These experiments are facts of the results of actual controlled experiments and are not theories or ideas. Anyone wishing to do so can reproduce these experiments.

    Can we now program man to be more physical or mental, depending on the need of society? Based on our findings from these early experiments, we believe man can be conditioned in a like manner and his life expectancy extended far beyond what is now considered to be his three score and ten years.

    Remembering that these tests were conducted on the entire body of the animal, could we by placing the North pole of a magnet directly at the center of the brain of larger animals and voluntary human subjects raise the intelligence and sensitivity?

    Test results have proven beyond doubt that directing the North pole energy to the center of man’s and animal’s foreheads does improve the ESP abilities as well as increase the capacity for retention of information. As an example, when reading, studying or analyzing, use of a very small magnet from 50 to 100, not over 300, gauss for not over 10 minutes per day to the third eye which is at the exact center of the forehead, can increase the mind’s ability to store and recall more information.

    Interestingly a magnet’s frequency falls far above the frequency spectrum we have found most efficient for long distance wave transmissions. Yet, they are within the range which we have proven possible. In our book, The Rainbow In Your Hands, we further explain these energies and show that the human hands possess the ability of altering and improving life and life systems. Each hand possesses an energy similar in form and effect to the magnet’s separate poles.

    These energies, when understood, carry a natural healing potential and can be directed in giving strength, aiding in the reduction of pain, or speeding the body’s own repair network. You can be a natural healer, if you are not already. If you are already a natural healer, you can do better by the use and understanding of the separate energy application.

    Your body, and also that of all animals and other living bodies, retains and transmits measurable energies which are bioelectrical in nature from all of its sources. Therefore, the human aura is a reality and we offer further proof of this in our book, The Rainbow In Your Hands. No longer can the existence of the biomagnetic energies and power of man’s mind and body be denied.
    Man is indeed the biomagnetic masterpiece of nature, of God’s creation and design, functioning in the midst of his natural and artificial environments. Civilization must now determine if it will use these secrets revealed by Nature to work andprosper in peace and harmony... or, will man in his ignorance, pride and selfishness, use these hidden secrets of Nature to hasten his own self-destruction.__ARD/WCR

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