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Bodtbuilder Bodybuilders are pumped up about Tribulus Terrestris L and may have just stumbled across the next hot herb of the year.

Reprinted from:
  Exotic Research Report (V2N3, Jul/Aug/Sep 1998)

Nature's Medicine Chest
    Nature often provides its greatest medicinal benefits in the most unlikely places. Tribulus Terrestris L commonly known as the puncture weed (or caltrops) is no exception. The extract of the spiny burr that is the fruit of the puncture weed contains valuable healing properties. The puncture vine grows in moist sandy soils on every continent. The burr clings to the hooves and fur of animals, as well as clothing, bicycle tires, and automobile tires — thus propagating itself all over the world.
    Not only is it one of the world’s most travelled plants, it is also one of the most potent healing plants. Long hailed as a folk medicine in Europe to treat all types of body sores and diseases of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract, it was also used to help infertility in women, and impotence in males. It was known as a tonic to increase the sexual libido of men and women. Only recently was it discovered that the Tribulus Terrestris L extract was the potent, secret ingredient that propelled Soviet athletes to international fame.
    Information about the plant became known in America in 1983 from the Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas, Volume 1, by Him-che Yeung in Los Angeles, and the 1985 Chemical Constituents of Oriental Herbs, volume 2, by Hong-Yen Hsu and others (Long Beach: Oriental Healing Arts Institute). Most of the available research, however, has been conducted and published in Europe.
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Testimonial to TT-L's Effectiveness

Dear Steve,
Once again I apologize for taking long to get back to you about the results we have had with TTL. As you know, I began using it to help with my lower back arthritis. In January 1997 my Dad had open heart surgery. He had a difficult time recuperating because of the extensiveness of the operations, 3 in 5 days.

After returning home, Dad had a difficult time with his blood pressure. The cardiologist tried everything he could, but Dad's blood pressure was 200+ over 100+. At that point Dad was taking four oral prescriptions and one patch for specifically for blood pressure.

In April I suggested to Dad that he begin taking TTL to help his stamina as he still tired easily. After three weeks his blood pressure began coming down. One week later the doctor took him off of one of his oral prescriptions. Two weeks later he came off the patch. One month later the doctor took him off another pill. In July, the doctor reduced one of his remaining two prescriptions by half. So now instead of 4 pills and a patch with 200+/100+ blood pressure, Dad now takes 1 and one-fourth pill and has a blood pressure that will sometimes drop too low but averages 130/75. I'm 43 and that is what mine is.

And it did increase his stamina. As I told you when we spoke a couple of days ago Dad is now mowing his half acre lawn on his own all at once and is now making plans to move to the mountains of New Mexico. Prayers, good care and TTL have really improved the quality of Dad's life.

Oh yeah! When I asked him about his aches and pains in his legs he asked "what are you taking about? I don't have any anymore.

As far as I'm concerned, my lower back pain has diminished to a point that I have greater mobility now than I have had in several years. I have not changed my diet and my cholesterol has come down 20-30 points on the average. I donate blood every eight weeks and the lab checks my cholesterol free so I started keeping a close eye when I was warned that it had gone to a high about 5 years ago to a point over 200. Now it is 160 or 170 each time. I don't know whether TTL has had any chemical role in reducing the cholesterol or it may be that I am getting more exercise since I am feeling better and that may be the factor. Either way, I am feeling better.

As always I remain a servant of the Most High God and, Your brother in Christ our Lord,
-- D.E. Newsom 1st,Midlothlan, TX
Athlete's Dream
    The fall of the Iron Curtain has now made this secret ingredient of Soviet athletes available to the Western European nations and the United States. Some formulations of this supplement have been approved for use by the American weightlifting team as well as the NBA's Chicago Bulls through the strength and conditioning consultant Al Vermeil.
    Bodybuilders are pumped up about Tribulus Terrestris L and may have just stumbled across the next hot herb of the year. Bodybuilders use it because they believe it is a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. It appears to help increase stamina and has been used in studies for treating infertility in women and impotence in males.
    Tribulus Terrestrs L has been used for some time by Bulgarian strength athletes, especially during the last 10 days prior to competition. Active components are reported to be effective plant steroids, flavonoids, alkaloids, and glycosides. Tribulus Terrestris L has been shown in at least one study to increase levels of testosterone, lutenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and steroids without any harmful side effects. Some may find increased stamina beneficial for developing muscle size and strength.
Better than VIAGRA!
    The great news is that Tribulus Terrestris L is not just for bodybuilders and athletes. There are many people who could possibly benefit from Tribulus Terrestris L as it offers new hope for infertility and libido enhancement for the sexually-challenged, as well.
    This extract has been long used in Asia as a stimulant to help treat sexual "deficiency". To study the natural hormonal treatment of dysfunction and anomalies, research was conducted by the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria was developed. These studies indicated positive effects on some key reproductive functions.
    In males, it has been reported by some to increase libido (sexual desire), improve strength of erection and spermatogenesis (formation and development of sperm) and shown to increase testosterone levels in studies in mice (Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute study).
    In women it increases libido, improves ovulation effect, decreases vasomotor symptoms accompanying menopause, reduces apathy and aggressiveness. One study showed a 98% reduction of menopausal symptoms. This study showed that Tribulus Terrestris L was equivalent or better than estrogen/testosterone hormonal preparation Ambosex, without adverse side effects such as virilization and weight gain.
    Other positive changes observed in a number of cases were a reduction of cholesterol and positive psychological effects such as improved mood and increased self-confidence. No adverse effects were noted in any of the clinical studies. Additional research using animals demonstrated no adverse effects on the central nervous or cardiovascular systems. Administration of Tribulus Terrestris L had a mild diuretic effect in several cases in the human trials.
Arthritis Pain Relief
    Tribulus Terrestris has been used around the world for years as folk remedies for many ailments and conditions in addition to those related to sexual functions. Some have reported using this extract for disease of the liver, kidneys, urinary tract, and all types of body sores. Others have given anecdotal evidence of hair growth and a lessening of arthritis pain, all without any side effects!
    One of the most agonizing ailments the human body suffers from is arthritis. Many sufferers report such unbearable that they are willing to try anything for pain relief.... even treatments that are extremely hazardous to their overall health.
    While there are no studies— to my knowledge — that show Tribulus Terrestris L cures arthritis, many users report a dramatic reduction in arthritic pain. The following unsolicited testimonial is typical for arthritic users:
    I have been taking T.T.-L for three (3) months and have experienced a vast improvement in my stamina and relief from my osteoarthritis pain.

    During February I had a virus and quit taking all medication and my T.T.-L. I immediately experienced the worst episode of osteoarthritic pain and loss of energy of the entire winter.

    I can’t live without my T.T.-L. It’s been 8 years since I was first treated by an arthritis specialist and then by an orthopedic surgeon. This is the first time I have had relief from the severe pain which robbed me of my stamina, making me unable to enjoy a normal daily routine.
    —L. Gibson, The Colony, TX

    While it may not be a cure, it clearly reduces the pain so the victim can pursue other remedies that can get tot he root of the problem and hopefully eliminate it... and Tribulus Terrestris L is safe and non-toxic.
T.T.-L Formulation
    T.T.-L — what I consider to be the most potent formulation of Tribulus Terrestris L on the market —is an original all natural, nonhormonal preparation. Active are steroidal saponins of the furostanol type, isolated from the puncture weed. T.T.-L is imported from Russia and is now available to the average American without a prescription.
    Only the finest Tribulus Terrestris L extract—not just powder—is used in this formulation. Extracts are much more effective and costly than cheap imitations from powder of crushed plants. T.T.-L contains 40% steroidal saponins of the furostanol type —the active ingredient- isolated from the lowly puncture weed.
    For those that may try this new supplement, the current recommended dosage is:
    One (1) tablet three (3) times daily with meals (or one tablet for every 88 pounds of body weight) for 30 days. After 30 days, try maintenance of one-half (1/2) tablet three times per day.
    The above is intended for informational purposes only — not to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. If you are taking any medications, please consult with your physician before taking T.T.-L or any other supplement. In many cases, medications have been greatly reduced or eliminated. __SA

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