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Reprinted from:
  Exotic Research Report (V1N4, Oct/Nov/Dec 1996)

Dr. Judd's Recipe
for Perfect Teeth!
1. Take 1000 mg Ca with D.
2. Take 1 tablespoon lecithin to replace PO43- (phosphate).
3. Rinse sugar, soda pop and tart/acid substances off teeth ASAP.
4. Avoid all fluoride products. Avoid current toothpastes. They contain acid, sugar, fluoride, chalk, silica (sand), methyl benzoate, red dye, blue dye, soap, mixing agents and glycerol.
5. Take 4,000 mg vitamin C.
6. Take RDA of all vitamins and minerals.
7. Brush teeth with bar soap, digging out food trapped in the gum line.
8. Be careful crunching hard material. Teeth will break.
9. Take antibiotics and extra vitamin C for infection.
10. Think about the problem on an individual basis.
11. Study and avoid the unsolved possible contributors to bad teeth.
The Secret of Genetic Teeth
    You can now have good teeth without fillings, root canals, crowns and sealants, gum operations and other expensive dental procedures. Although I have often heard that tooth decay is “just a matter of genetics,” it is nutrition and what contacts or doesn’t contact the teeth. It has almost nothing to do with bacterial decay.
    I published the book—Good Teeth, Birth to Death—so that anyone who could never afford dental work can now retain their teeth without even going to a dentist just by following a simple prescription for perfect teeth (outlined in this article). The practice of charging tens of thousands of dollars for fillings, sealants, root canals, crowns, caps, bridges and finally false teeth will become archaic if people learn and follow the instructions given.
    Numerous people have been surveyed as to whether they have perfect teeth or bad teeth, and I have tested my concepts by filling in the pieces of the genetic puzzle. In other words, if the teeth are bad, I know why; if the teeth are good, I know why, and it works out in every case. I do not accept the forlorn, overworked phrase: “It’s because of my genetics” as an excuse for bad teeth.
Maintaining Tooth Enamel
    The basic structure of tooth enamel is calcium phosphate. We have a natural daily loss of calcium to the bones, heart and other places. If you don’t replace this calcium of the enamel daily, you can be assured the enamel will become thinner. This is just like the thinning out of bones causing osteoporosis when a person is short of calcium in the diet. A simple expedient is to drink milk daily and take 500 mg of calcium pills fortified with vitamin D.
    A process called chelation (clawing) occurs on the calcium of the enamel when it is in contact with a solution of sugar... the sweetest sugar fructose is the worst, glucose is next and sucrose follows. Corn syrup, honey, and soda pop contain mixtures of fructose and glucose, which if left on the teeth for long periods plays havoc with them. The Finns, who have preventative dentistry and we do not, are having better success in upkeep of teeth than we are and they use a wood sugar called xytlitose in gums, candy, etc., which may not be as harmful. The equations of chelation are described in the book.
    More important than calcium is the phosphate of the teeth, which is in DNA and RNA. It also migrates slowly from the enamel out to the bones, heart, brain, pancreas and other organs when it is short in the diet. Even more significant is the fact that all tart (acid) materials dissolve this phosphate out of the enamel perhaps thousands of times faster than sugars dissolve the calcium out. The following list points out some of the more common acids we encounter in our diet:
    Oxalic acid (in rhubarb) ....................pH 1.1
    Phosphoric acid ...............................pH 1.6
    Stomach acid ...................................pH 2.0
    Lemons ............................................pH 2.3
    Vitamin C .........................................pH 2.6
    Vinegar ............................................pH 2.9
    Carbonic acid (in soda pop/beer) ......pH 3.7
    Carbonic acid is found in all soda pops and beer. It is a severe eroder of enamel. If one has to drink these fluids, he should make sure they are on his teeth for as short a time as possible.
    Dental journals say children who sip three pops daily have more decay than those who sip two. Furthermore, the twice daily sippers have more decay than those who sip one. The secret of keeping teeth is to minimize contact time with any of these acids as well as the sugars, while supplying calcium and phosphate daily.
    Bacterial destruction of enamel due to the action of Strep Mutans and other bacteria is moot because they do not attack strong enamel and most people do not have large colonies in their mouths. Only when the enamel has been penetrated by erosion do the bacteria attack the more organic layer of denting underneath.
Chart of Studies
Curve from Good Teeth, Birth to Death shows more fluoride increases decay!
Increased decay (average, 4 studies) = 22% per 1 ppm F increase
Ages studied 5-17 (median age 13) (8 years to median)
11%/8 yrs 22%/16 yrs 100%/73 yrs
The Ugly Secret of Fluoride
    Fluoride has shown its ugly head in the tooth enamel problem. Four huge studies involving 480,000 children carried out in the last 3 decades have proven with great assurance that fluoride doubles decay during one’s lifetime. All of the earlier studies of the 40s and 50s claiming decay reduction with fluoride were too small and were not done by qualified scientists. The studies were terribly flawed because of ignoring all other factors in the diet of the participants and the fluoride content of the water, improperly and incompletely setting a base point for beginning the decay studies, not analyzing to be certain of the fluoride content of competing towns, and rushing to conclusions before studies could be properly evaluated.
    This is verified in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry for November of 1993 where it is claimed we still have a tooth decay epidemic in the US after 50 years of fluoridation in which 60% of the population is drinking artificially fluoridated water. Studies have shown that 42% of the average 65 year olds have no natural teeth at all, 40 year olds have an average of 30 decays, and 17 year olds average 11 decays. The American Indian population which has been fluoridated the most and given free dental care has 4 times this decay. The black population and those at poverty level have twice this amount.
    Fluoride changes the decay rate from .35 tooth per year to 0.70 tooth per year according to the large multi-thousand Japanese, Indian and Tucson studies carried out by chemists, and the US studies carried out by the National Institute of Dental Health since 1972.
Fluoride's Destructiveness
    Fluoride causes decay by destroying adenosine diphosphatase and possibly other enzymes which assist in forming the flexible enamel.
    I have a new concept of fluorosis, a blotching of the enamel, which used to be attributed solely to fluoride. Fluorosis and mottling (crumbling teeth) are caused when some of the 17 pounds of other elements in the body enter the enamel when calcium and phosphate are absent. This gives rise to different colors in the enamel as well as brittle teeth due to the newly formed alien crystal. A little shock of chewing, and the brittle teeth crack off due to the newly formed, but weak alien crystal. My book gives colors for many of these elements which can enter the tooth enamel.
    Gum pockets are caused through fluoride in the tooth pastes, gels and drinking water since it destroys the specialized hydrogen-bonded structure in the protoplasm, proteins and enzymes, and what one can do about them so as to avoid gingivitis or tooth infection. I advocate discontinuance of utilization of all fluoride products and utilization of vitamin C, calcium and protein as antidotes to offset this problem.
    I simply advocate bar soap, a pure detergent, without all the dozen contaminants in tooth paste, to give a clean surface on the teeth for re-enamelization. You cannot form good crystalline enamel when it is contaminated. The plaque which forms at the bottom of the teeth is bogus enamel.
    Several brain ailments such as Alzheimers, hallucinations, epileptic seizures, Parkinsonianism, and MS are linked to dentistry with its fluoridation, mercury and other schemes. Those desiring more detailed information with examples, proof, and how to avoid and overcome these illnesses should obtain the book the book—Good Teeth, Birth to Death. To obtain a revised edition of the book, contact:
    Dr. Gerard F. Judd
    6615 W. Lupine
    Glendale, AZ 85304-3136
    (602) 412-3955
    The cost is $8 delivered in the US and $9 in Canada. I am certain that everyone needs this book in their possession. All in all, this book could be called the book of the centuries.
    I have been a research chemist for 18 years and I still teach at the Phoenix College Chemistry department. Recently, I have published my findings after six years of research into the practice of the water fluoridation scheme put on us by Congress.
    My sources include the more recent literature of the Journal of the American Dental Association, the Fluoride Journal, Chemical Abstracts, the Index Medicus and select issues of the dental journals and articles.
    I have also researched over a dozen classical books and talked with many researchers in the field in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and received volumes of valid technical information from them.__GFJ

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