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Reprinted from:
  Exotic Research Report (V1N3, Jul/Aug/Sep 1996)

Sonne's cars Our cars... the one on the left is fitted with the Accurate Injection Unit. It is very smooth, performs well, gets many more miles per gallon than normal, and it's tailpipe is totally clean. The car on the left is a solar electric car with a top speed of 28mph.
The Home of the Future
    In the late 1970’s I became weary of the world situation. The cost of fossil fuel was increasing by leaps and bounds. I can still remember the oil embargo of 1974. At that time I felt that I could do something better for myself and my children, strictly for economical reasons.
    I procrastinated for some time until I met my beautiful wife, Paula Jo in 1981. I became we and WE forged on. We have talked of our dream home for years and finally our chance to see if my ideas would work came. In 1991, I broke ground for our new home—the Starship Module Home.
    It is an unique home. It rises off the desert floor in one mighty swoop. Built like a giant capacitor, the Starship Module Home is designed, using Sacred Geometry, to capture energies beyond our visible light spectrum and balance them so they interact in this environment like a finely tuned instrument. Whether it has been over 100ºF or -24ºF outside, the temperature inside our home (which has no “conventional heating”) remains constant—neither too hot nor too cold.
Sonne's Implosion Technology Sonne is excited... about his Implosion machine (Tesla Technology) which literally makes metal, glass, and organic material disappear, plus neutralizes nuclear waste.
    In December of 1994, we saw the delivery of materials for a new roof on our home. The roof was covered with 120 sheets of foil backed Celotex, and metal which is the same color as the sage brush surrounding the house. The new roof was completed in January, 1995. Roughed-in over five years of cash and carry construction, our home was habitable in March, so we moved in while continuing the construction.
    Now we are busy with getting the computer up on line and completing the hot water system. It will incorporate my Implosion Machine for the heating of the water and disposing of the garbage. Bruce Meland (Electrifying Times) has seen Sonne’s Implosion Machine and witnessed a quarter disappear into a plasma ball or “black hole”. This machine has the potential to clean up all the refuge and nuclear waste that we have accumulated onto this planet—while providing us with a natural, safe power supply.
    Work on the microwave collector and the possibility of testing it this winter is planned. It is one more step in becoming independent in the new century we are fast approaching.
Starship Module Home View The Starship Module Home is an unique home. It rises off the desert floor in one mighty swoop. This view is from the northeast side.

Starship Module Home Construction The Starship Module Home was built in phases. In the foreground, one of the metal legs for the microwave collector can be seen. In the background, the framework for the house is being constructed.

Cosmic Cooler Construction The Cosmic Cooler... In this stage of construction, the eight inch by four foot footings for the cosmic cooler and a partial wall on the northeast corner were poured.
Solar Technology Used
    With all the solar radiant technology incorporated into it, the “Starship Module Home” virtually maintains itself. The south side is a wealth of large specialized windows and with four skylights it is always full of light.
    We didn’t have much luck with the first set of conventional skylights. The high winds in our area sucked them out of the roof and shattered them. During the summer of 1995, we had Corning Glass cast us some special windows. Now we have a beautiful set of skylights. They let in light, and the heat from the winter’s low sun is greatly enjoyed by us all. The large windows on the south side let the sun reach through to the back of the house. Even during the shortest days of winter the kitchen is full of light.
    Both Paula Jo and I have green thumbs and look forward to raising a large portion of salad fixings and other “veggies” year round in our huge expanse of window’s sunlight. Because of all the energies captured in this unique structure our house plants have literally doubled in size and we successfully raised five tomato plants from seed. They all produced a much sweeter fruit than we had tasted from this variety.
    For electricity, we have made extensive use of solar cell technology. Our home photovoltaic system has enabled us to unhook from the power grid. In the past five years since we unhooked from the grid we have grown more confident with our solar radiant energy system. We have experienced the joy and satisfaction in the freedom of no monthly power bill. For the backup electricity we rely on the generator in our Experimental Car #4.
    We still use a propane stove, but are learning how great our sun oven really is. We have cooked large roasts, chickens and all kinds of vegetables in it. Eggs and rice take on a whole new flavor when using only the sun’s heat. Paula Jo bakes most of our bread in it and find that it takes no longer than a conventional oven. Also since our big windows are in place, she will try setting the sun oven in front of them this winter and perhaps we can sever this last link, finally giving us the total independence we started seeking in 1988 when we purchased our first photo voltaic panel.
Cosmic Cooler The Cosmic Cooler is conceptually simple. It has eight inch by four foot footing and is integrated into the construction of the house itself.
The Cosmic Cooler...
    We are very excited about our walk-in refrigerator—the Cosmic Cooler. It was designed for food storage using Sacred Geometry. It replaces the conventional refrigerator without freon, moving parts or electric power bills. Simply put the chamber has a mean temperature of 50º F with humidity being 116%.
    To construct the Cosmic Cooler, I poured the eight inch by four foot footings inside the Starship Module Home on the northeast corner. On top of these footings I placed 1½ inch Thermax (double aluminium-faced insulation) as the ceiling and walls.
    We placed food storage shelves and cupboards on the south wall. An abundant amount of potatoes in bags and apples in boxes are stored on the floor at the east end of the Cosmic Cooler.
    By building our “Starship Module Home” in stages we have had a chance to observe the Cosmic Cooler this last winter and spring and are assured of a very reliable and free source of refrigeration for air conditioning or food storage... a major drain on any home solar system.
...A Natural Food Preserver
    The Cosmic Cooler was proving to be a reliable source of refrigeration. Upon our return from a three week tour of Texas in April, we made a starding,positive discovery in the Cosmic Cooler. Upon first learning that a head of lettuce was still there, I knew it would be a slimy black puddle. You can imagine my surprise to find it crisper than when it was first placed in the cooler.
    Some of the foods we have stored are potatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce, grapes, banana’s and various other produce. Meats have been tested also. In all cases the shelf life has increased.
    Some cell tissues actually regenerate in the produce. In one case a Kamboucha mushroom was stored in a ziplock sandwich bag for over six months. It is still being tested. Some Red Delicious apples have been stored for over a year. Lettuce has kept in a crisp condition for a month.
    And our favorite, Idaho potatoes, can be kept well over a year. All this without threatening the environment with CFC’s or electric power usage.
...A Healing Device
    Paula Jo and I were particularly impressed with the healing effect the Cosmic Cooler was doing to the frost damaged potatoes a local farmer had supplied. (We live in potato country in Eastern Idaho, about 35 miles north of Idaho Falls). What we observed about these frost damaged potatoes was the firming up of the potato in general and particularly the partial healing of the frost damaged area. We also observed the reduction in size of the frost wounds, which bored themselves to the center of the potato.
    This healing effect was also manifesting itself in the storage of other fruits and vegetables stored inside. Apples stored in a box with separated layers showed green markings on the surface where the apples contacted with the separation material. Soft oranges and grapefruit appeared to be rejuvenating themselves by becoming firmer and green in color on one side. We have stored bananas in the Cosmic Cooler for a month without the fruit turning brown.
    Experts from private and government agencies were called in to observe some of the potato grafting work done by Dr. Dean Call, a retired plastic surgeon from Boise and they were amazed. They had never seen such quick healing of potato skin grafts placed in the Cosmic Cooler after grafting and were simply amazed at Dr Call’s splicing and growing together of one half a red potato to one half a russet potato, with the aid of the Cosmic Cooler. Dr. Call has stated:
    I recently became acquainted with Sonne and Paula Jo Ward when I visited their solar home and Cosmic Cooler in Hamer, Idaho.
    At that time, a potato farmer brought moderately to markedly damaged, spoiled or degenerated potatoes which were placed in the Cosmic Cooler.
    I observed these potatoes each week for 3-4 weeks and noted that most of all the potatoes showed marked improvement in appearance, thinness and healing of the degenerated or spoiled areas. These were “sectioned” crosswise and vertically with a padget dermatone blade and showed normal gross (not microscopic) appearance. Also thin skin grafts were taken and put on cut areas and at least 75% showed a firm viable graft after two and a half to three weeks. I have been eating these potatoes (raw) for three to four weeks with no ill effects...
    This started us experimenting, in eamest, on different fruits and vegetables. Not only does the Cosmic Cooler keep food fresh far longer than the most high tech fridge, it appears to regenerate the produce put in it. It’s size makes it a walk-in refrigerator, every woman’s dream, especially living in a remote area where food storage is so important.
...An Indoor Greenhouse
    Upon placing some Narcissus in the cool darkness of the Cosmic Cooler, we were surprised to see green shoots sprouting out of the bulbs after a few weeks. Paula has placed an ailing plant bought from Colorado in the Cosmic Cooler. By all appearances it was dead. After having been in the Cosmic Cooler for two weeks, new growth was seen amongst the dried up foliage.
    Now we have a new tomato crop and we have placed some of them in the Cosmic Cooler. They seem to be doing just as well in this dark, cool, highly electron charged chamber as their counterparts are in the sunny windows of our living area.
Love Potion #10
    Paula Jo, our two daughters—Josee and Katee Rose—and myself have been eating the cosmic food stored in the cooler and spending about twenty minutes a day in the room. We believe we have observed a greater feeling of wellness as a result. We feel more energetic and have witnessed better eyesight.
    It seems as though I have found the key to DNA. We are taking 20 drops daily of the liquid generated in the Cosmic Cooler, I refer to it as Love Potion #10 or Organic Furfural, a natural fruit spirit. Remarkable changes in us have been witnessed by our friends. My bald spot, which was quite large, now has new hairs all over it. Paula Jo’s hair is growing incredibly quickly and the color of her hair is darkening. Both of us look much younger.
    Dr. Call has documented:
    Also I have noted in the last month to six weeks the skin appearance of Paula and Sonne has improved, ie. better color and especially less wrinkles - especially around the eyes (crows feet). Sonne’s balding spots are showing some fine or small hairs (unnoticeable in the past)...
    Sound like it’s too good to be true and that is why I am consulting with Dr. Call and other experts in related fields to ensure only beneficial energy is transferred to humans and plants. Dr. Call has further stated:
    It is my opinion that the observed results merit a well documented genetic study by a research program to be approved by legitimate organizations such as Idaho Department of Agriculture; University of Idaho’s Department of Agriculture and any other private, state or federal research organization
Unlocking Nature's Secrets
    My belief is that the work that I am doing will have applications in all areas. The cell re-generation alone (which has been documented in produce and humans) could re-write medicine, biology, genetics, physics etc. as we know them today.
    What appears to make the Cosmic Cooler operate is the tapping of this cosmic energy by the roof and walls composed of aluminium-faced Thermax foam insulation placed above the four foot high concrete walls and floor, which act as the foundation for this super storage room.
    What I believe occurs in the chamber is that; free concentrated cosmic rays disassociate hydrogen and oxygen from the moisture in the concrete walls and floor which combine with the organic carbon in the plant tissue to produce a DNA -altering compound which appears to rejuvenate these tissues.
    A friend loaned me a Geiger counter and another friend loaned me an expensive digital temperature and humidity measuring device with which I periodically take measurements inside the Cosmic Cooler.
    An indicator of the concentration of this energy is a 116-136% reading of humidity in the room without any moisture condensing off the ceiling or walls. The mean readings are 116%, the same as the specific gravity of Furfural. I believe that this is an indication that the disassociated hydrogen and oxygen from the wet concrete walls are occuring at excited levels of H3 and O3 causing the digital hygrometer to measure some type of heavy water vapor.
    Some interested individuals and myself have constructed several portable Cosmic Coolers which will store food and, provide health benefits for all. One of the four Cosmic Cooler’s, which Bruce Meland built to my specifications has been delivered to Canada.
    The results are amazing! New hair has replaced a toupe on one gentleman’s head and arthritic pain has been greatly reduced in two other individuals. There are also several positive results on the effects of food storage.
Footing Detail

The Cosmic Cooler Blueprints are Available!

To the Future...
    Our plans are to one day open our “Starship Module Home” to the public so interested folks can come and see what we have accomplished and get “hands on” experience and “feel” of what a solar home really is—to see that you don’t have to make any great sacrifices to achieve the total independence most people yearn for, but are not exactly sure of how to go after.
    We hope with the blueprints provided, you too, can start your path to total independence. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Future Free Transportation for further information, our book—Starship Module Home (specially priced for Exotic Research members at $19.95)—or Love Potion #10.
    We feel, if only more people could learn to live as we do, a big step would be taken in helping Mother Earth, and giving our children and grand children a realistic and positive way to survive in the 21st century.__SW

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