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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

We are becoming worldly travelers as we are on the road much of the time. (We’ve logged 25,000 miles since March.) Overall we find many businesses that provide satisfactory service. Occasionally, we do find businesses that are really outstanding or are just plain lousy. In this column, we will identify some of the more memorable ones that deserve a letter of some sort.__SRE/MKC

FORD.. A Better Idea?
Soutar’s Ford/Mercury
1010 W Main St, Barstow, CA 92311
We would not recommend this dealer to put air in tires. Matt Petersen, the Service Adviser, is extremely rude and yells a lot at customers. In addition, he diagnosed our van as having a transmission problem, when it was later correctly diagnosed as having a bad fuel pump. (Come on guys... front wheel drives do not have transmission noises coming out of the rear of the vehicle!)

We suggest that Matt, take a class on self control, and/or find a new job, that doesn’t deal with the public. This is the form letter we received from Ford customer service division.

Total Satisfaction... Yea, right!
Radisson Hotel North
Dayton, Ohio
After driving all night, we looked forward to a relaxing swim, only to find the inside pool closed. We talked to the maintenance person, who stated that they were working on the pump, and would call our room when it was finished in about an hour. Six hours later, the front desk stated that they painted the deck and that the pool would be closed all weekend. There were no signs anywhere at the checkin counter to warn customers who rely on such amenities to be open.

Furthermore, the room service was mediocre. They forgot to bring items like toast and ketchup, when it was specifically requested, and the food was cold, and expensive. In addition, you have to contact the Manager-on-Duty to get any food between 2-5PM.

Talk about shortchanged... they charged us top dollar rates for Motel 6-type accommodations. Their idea of compensation for services not rendered but charged -- a short I'm sorry letter!

On the other hand, we spent a night at the Comfort Inn, on the northside of Indianapolis. We paid a lot less, the service was great, and they have a wonderful indoor pool and hot tub. Thank you Comfort Inn.__ERR

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