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Soldiers Betrayed by Government

Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

The saddest chapter of America's history is now being written.
The American people, as a whole have yet to learn that indeed germ warfare was used on our servicemen/women during the Gulf War, and the greatest tragedy is — it was a joint venture with the United States government.

This information will shock, surprise and sadden you, but yes, the worst is yet to come if Americans do not wake up and change our government. The evidence exists. It is overwhelming, and here are only a few of the atrocities committed against all of us:
  • Chemical and biological (germ) warfare weapons of mass destruction were made at Boca Raton, FL, and Houston, TX, - by “international terrorists” working with US intelligence...

  • One of the special strains of hydrogen cyanide called Prussian Blue was being tested on gas mask filters at the Florida Product Ingredient Technology (PIT) plant for “mask penetration” for over a year prior to the Gulf War...

  • The PIT plant was financed and constructed by the same Dr. Barbouti (Ishan Barbouf International), builder of the Pharma- l50 Chemical/Biological Complex, at Rabta, Libya.

  • Former President George Bush, James Baker III, and John Deutch (now CIA Director - formerly chemistry professor at MIT and on the Defense Science Board which issued a secret report in 1980 urging US production of “binary” weapons) had financial interests in some of the companies which developed, sold, and transferred these weapons to Iraq.

    Yes, while being Commander-in-Chief, President Bush was arming Saddam Hussein with these weapons of mass destruction, and two years later, knowing that, placed American Forces in harm's way.

  • President Bush, Brent Scowcroft (NSC, consultant to BNL, on the payroll of Henry Kissinger and formerly of DBA Systems — a defense contractor) and US intelligence were behind the testing and use of Prussian Blue which rendered our troops defenseless against the biological agents that were to be tested in the upcoming Gulf War — a war which was planned for this purpose at least two years in advance.

  • In addition certain vaccines were “grown” several years, again, in advance, with prior specific knowledge of the type of weapon that the vaccine was designed to protect against. (One example: horses Abe and First Flight were pastured under the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Ft. Dettrick to produce plasma.) How did our military and Mr. Bush know two years in advance what weapons Iraq would use against us so that we developed a specific vaccine (antidote) for it?

  • The Pyndostilyninc Bromide (PB) nerve agent pretreatment pill was not to counteract Soman as stated by the DOD, but was a counteractive for the nerve agent GF. The MSDS on GF originates at the US Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command at Edgewood Engineering Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. The US has continually denied that GF was in lraq’s arsenal after the Gulf War, yet the Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) logs from CENTCOM (Central Command/Shwartzkopt) proves that the Israeli Military Police confirm finding GF. Why does the US continually deny it?

  • The NBC logs also prove that Shwarzkopf was given the authority to use our own chemical and biological weapons. There are Gulf veterans who were involved in shipping out our own supplies of these weapons. Most are now sick — others have died. The DOD now says that parts of the NBC logs were accidentally destroyed!

  • Peter Kawaja, a security specialist, was awarded a million dollar security contract to provide a computer based security system for PIT and became prime security to IBI, providing bodyguards. Kawaja was asked to install a hydrogen cyanide detection system.

    Kawaja became suspicious and took his concerns to the CIA, FBI, and Customs and operated for the Government under a code name because he was told that these people (IBI) were “international terrorists,” and the government was going to prosecute them. This was in 1989, prior to any war or anyone losing their life.

    Peter soon found however; that US Intelligence and the US Government was acting in a joint venture with these same terrorists. Kawaja obtained video and audio recording of these terrorists, federal agents and politicians (calls to/from the US, London, Baghdad) along with paper documents, and intercepted fax transmissions (originating from Switzerland) regarding the Commodity Credit Corporation - Banca Nazionale del Lavorro (CCC-BNL).

    Wanting to believe the entire Government was not involved in this conspiracy, Kawaja sent a Federal Express package to code name M323CF at the National Security Agency, on July 16, 1990. Kawaja issued a warning of Iraqi intelligence operating inside the US and in close proximity to a US classified military facility and then asked the fatal questions:
    Is our military in a joint venture with IBI to develop chemical and biological weapons for the US?

    and then the big one:
    Does the President know?
    (as George Bush had previously used the excuse, “I was left out of the loop...” when he was accused of being involved in other heinous crimes.)

    The war was planned and it went forward. However, eight federal agents, armed with automatic weapons raided Kawaja’s offices of the International Security Group (ISG), sequestered him under armed guard for 4-hours, and removed boxes of documents and tapes, evidence, against not only foreign terrorists, but more importantly, against federal agents and numerous persons and politicians all the way up to the President of the United States.

    The search warrant and affidavit for search was not shown to Kawaja, and he was warned not to speak with the media. The evidence was taken “somewhere” for seven days before being presented to the magistrate. The evidence was then sealed and made secret for purposes of National Security. This illegal search was conducted through a warrant obtained under the International Emergency Economic War Powers Act and approved by President Bush.

    Mr. Kawaja tried to do an exposé to tell America about these crimes as Gulf Veterans started getting sick and dying. He received a phone call from John Scheibel (Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade; re: Arming of Iraq) which was recorded.

    Scheibel asked: Who are you more afraid of, George Bush or Sadam Hussein?
    Kawaja replied, George Bush.
    Scheibel immediately said: DO NOT TRY HIM IN THE MEDIA...
    and hung up.

    Within three months, Eileen Kawaja, wife of Peter Kawaja, died. Agents later called Kawaja to deliver a message. Mr. Kawaja’s life and freedom was threatened numerous times. All of this was documented in various manners — including police reports. However, the FBI, who was informed, never investigated.

    Four years later, the affidavit for search was finally unsealed by Mr. Kawaja, after much effort. No one thought he would survive to get it unsealed. That affidavit and other Government documents, sworn to under penalty of Perjury by federal agents proves that the US Government knew what was going to take place in the war with Iraq. This is treason at the very highest levels of Government.

    The federal agents themselves provided evidence of “gas mask penetration” at the PIT plant in a letter to a US Senator from Louis Champon—partner to Haidar Barbouti in the PIT project:
    “... I can assure you, if drums of cyanide left our plant, Dr. Barbouti had his reasons, either to be used against American troops [written in 1990, we were at war with Iraq] or for US terrorist acts against us here at home.”

    Federal agents provided their evidence, that Barbouti had established “chemical warfare production capability, at a facility identified as Product Ingredient Technology, in Boca Raton, Florida.” They further showed that Barbouti owned “specialty chemical companies” and a company in Europe identified as CROSS LINK in Belgium (re: CCC-BNL). They even provided their evidence, that Ishan Barbouti was supplying military items to IRAQ!

    All of this and more was sworn to by federal agents in 1990, yet all of it, and ALL evidence taken under an illegal search warrant from Peter Kawaja was sealed and made secret from the American public, and the President and Commander in Chief went ahead with the war with Iraq, and knowingly placed your sons, daughters, wives, husbands—in harm’s way!

    None of this evidence was EVER presented to a Grand Jury, to indict anyone. Yet, Peter Kawaja, who was subpoenaed to appear (to several) as the “star” witness for the US Government supposedly against the Barboutis et al, was NOT allowed to answer pertinent questions from the jurors, and when Kawaja attempted to tell the truth to the jurors, (AUSA) Assistant US Attorney Thomas O’Malley shut down the grand jury, dismissed Mr. Kawaja, and motioned to waiting federal agents (one of them from FIN-CEN) who approached Kawaja and threatened him inside a federal building (this was documented in 1991).

    No evidence obtained in the raid against Kawaja, was ever presented to the Grand Jury, yet, the US Government considered Kawaja’s evidence so critical, a War Powers Act affidavit/search warrant was used to seize his evidence. Instead of presenting it to America and prosecuting the terrorists that the US Government itself proved in their sworn affidavits were, our Government sealed all of the evidence, so the American people, would never know. Only because Peter Kawaja survived, after four years, was he able to unseal this sworn (confession) affidavit.

    Whilst the DOD and VA continues to deny the existence of GWI (Gulf War Illness/Syndrome) and veterans are DYING by the thousands, the US Government, in a separate action, has responded to Mr. Kawaja’s lawsuit filed against some of these agents in 1994, and the Government, states as follows:
    That criminal investigation is ongoing and is centered around persons involved in the manufacture and shipment of lethal and illegal chemicals to be used by terrorist nations against the United States.

    The US Attorney is attempting to have Kawaja’s suit dismissed, claiming the government has “an ongoing investigation.” Yet, all of the evidence exists to prosecute the criminals. There is no ongoing investigation. This is a tool and trick so that Kawaja’s evidence can remain National Security, and the American public will never see it.

    By claiming there is an ongoing investigation, our government can keep its crimes secret. However, in their same breath, in this response to Kawaja, they have admitted what the DOD continues to deny, that our troops were harmed by chemical/biological weapons “Made-in-the-USA.” At the same time, they are claiming these federal agents should be granted immunity even if they committed “misconduct”(like WACO, treason and war crimes). Kawaja’s Suit will open up Iraqgate and crimes against all Americans.

    James G. McAdams III (US Attorney), who covered up the CCC-BNL, and the Noriega Case, was moved to West Palm Beach to cover up IRAQGATE/GWI. Janet Reno, who was moved to Washington from Miami (see the book Votescam), to become Attorney General, was also used to cover up Iraqgate. Reno appointed John Hogan II “Counselor,” to investigate and present the BNL Task Force Report on Iraqgate/GWI.

    Mr. Hogan, an attorney, was also from Miami, and represented the Barboutis (IBI), the terrorists that the same U.S. Government proved were terrorists, and who supplied weapons to Iraq to kill Americans. The only major portion of Mr. Hogan’s BNL Report (at a cost of millions to taxpayers) that is blacked out and considered National Security, is on the terrorist, Ishan Barbouti (IBI).

    What is the Government hiding from America? How can terrorists be protected by the US Government? Why has IBI not been prosecuted ? Unless, of course, they work for the US Government!

    The PIT plant was taken over by the RTC, and now by Century Arms International, who flew the British flag over that building, until Peter Kawaja wrote and distributed a document about them. Please check out their background and ties to the CIA and British MI-6.

    The city of Boca Raton water facilities have admitted that they have been performing periodic water sample tests from the plant area after all these years, and they went into the PIT plant several years ago and poured cement down the drains. The sworn affidavit by federal agents prove that warfare grade “free” cyanide was dumped into the city’s water supply, and they knew this since 1990, but kept this secret from the citizens of Boca Raton.

    Kawaja has received phone calls; and inquiries from people who claim to live and work south of the PIT plant who either have or know of persons now in hospitals “brain-dead” and dying from cancer. Former member of Congress, Dan Mica (business associate of Henry Kissinger), was in attendance at lavish dinners with other dignitaries, when Haidar Barbouti said they are going to dump the cyanide into the water supplies, and refered to it as SYONARA!

    The Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson, both PhD’s, have published their report in JAMA and featured in Criminal Politics Magazine, where they describe how Dr. Nancy Nicolson almost died from GWI. Their cat also contacted this “disease” from their stepdaughter, a Gulf War veteran.

    They have made the tie with George Bush/James Baker III, et al, to biological weapons, genetically engineered/manmade, identified as mycoplasma incognitus, one of the GWI “syndromes” found in Desert Storm veterans. This warfare agent was being tested on death row prison inmates at Huntsville Prison, Texas. Three hundred-fifty (350) prison employees came down with GWI in an outbreak.

    Armed Defense Intelligence Agents entered the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and threatened the administration not to allow the Nicolson’s to continue their research on GWI, nor to allow them to talk about it publicly. The VA “hard” files (evidence) on GWI were moved to the Murrah Building, and unfortunately were destroyed in that bombing. The DOD now claims some of the NBC (centcom) Logs were (also accidentally destroyed.)

    GWI is a communicable disease spreading worse than AIDS, by casual (nonsexual) contact, through perspiration, or by being close to someone who coughs. Your children can be infected at a playground or at school. Mycoplasma incognitus contains 40% of the HIV (AIDS) envelope, which was tampered with by humans. It is a warfare agent by design.

    Our Government is involved in this great crime and cover-up. A nationwide/worldwide panic is going to be created of such magnitude that it will threaten our very existence. This same government will then step in to offer a solution, “an antidote,” a treatment, but, only those who will accept the Medical ID (national ID) will be treated. All others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned or killed. Americans will welcome this solution, will turn-in their neighbors and friends in order to survive themselves. At the same time, this instrument will subvert the Constitution of these United States, to allow United Nations Rule—the New World Order One World Government. America will be enslaved.

    Approximately 40% (from confidential sources) of the American population is already a carrier of one form (or another) of HIV, as there are now over 2,000+ strains (most not lethal), effectively making almost half the population a carrier to infect others of (for example) Ebola Reston, a slow acting deadly agent, taking years to manifest itself, killing you in pain and worse than Ebola Zaire, which is quick acting. The Government is already leaking news stories through the mainstream media, warning America, it is not if, but when, we will soon face a worldwide outbreak.

    They are preparing you for what they already know and have planned. What they are saying however, is that this will happen by accident because of international air travel, and Americans are believing that. It is not by an accident of nature, or deforestation, it is by purposeful planning, and it is HERE!__Peter

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