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A Biological Agent Identified! Identification of mycoplasma in a white blood cell sample taken from a soldier who served in Operation Desert Storm, and who now has chronic fatigue syndrome and other symptoms of GWS. The positive control is shown in lane C. The results indicate that this soldier is infected with a specific strain of mycoplasma.

Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

Dr. Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson announced nationwide that research done at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, shows that one of the illnesses of the Gulf War Syndrome is contagious and appears to be a form of man-made germ warfare.

Dr. Garth Nicolson stated:
We have isolated a bacteria called mycoplasma incognitus through a method referred to as gene tracking. The good news is that if treated by a readily available antibiotic, most veterans have been helped. The bad news is that we have found more and more family members that are contracting the disease from the Desert Storm veterans.

Dr. Nancy Nicolson, President of the Rhodon Foundation, an organization which is dedicated to biomedical research, added:
This disease could be a holocaust of monumental proportions as it has been genetically engineered with roots right here in the Houston area.

Since the Nicolsons have come forward with this information, the Government has tried on a number of occasions to suppress further information on it. Additionally, they have tried to stop further work by the Nicolsons on the Gulf War Syndrome. Undaunted, the Nicolsons are continuing to screen veterans for the Gulf War Syndrome, and, if necessary, bring them back to health.

Unfortunately, the Government refuses to recognize publicly that the Gulf War Syndrome exists. As a result, thousands of Gulf War veterans and their families are at risk. At the last count, over 6000 passed away. This is a tragedy, because over 55% of the Gulf War Syndrome patients that were in for treatment, have been successfully brought back to health when treated with a common antibiotic - doxycycline.

This is a double jeapardy to the Gulf War veterans. First, the Government's denial of the syndrome, then the active attempts to suppress this vital information on curing this contagious disease._SRE

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