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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

The Silent Battlezone
Of itself, the sophisticated electronic environment created during military deployment is such a source of stress that it is not surprising to hear that servicemen are committing suicide, as occurred during the Haiti invasion. This electromagnetic infrastructure of the modern battlefield has given birth to a new generation of weapons which, when compared to nuclear explosions, seem nonlethal in nature.

In 1986, Congressman Newt Gingrich, in a foreword for Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology, wrote that the United States had a long history of coping rather successfully with low intensity threats such as the Native Americans. The present Speaker of the House of Representatives pointed out that the U.S. systematically subdued low-intensity threats to America’s politics almost without debate or news coverage. In this Air Force document Capt. Paul E. Tyler, MC, USN, described the potential for use of the electromagnetic spectrum in low- intensity conflict.

In keeping with the concept of avoiding news coverage, it appears that electromagnetic warfare would be disguised with more noticeable events like the two stealth planes that flew all the way to Panama during that invasion to each drop a single bomb in an open field. The concept of simply zapping a target with energy has become more refined and directed, such as pulsing a carrier wave like sound with disruptive brain waves. This means that the high intensity sound broadcast at the Papal Nunico to aid in capturing General Noriega during the Panama invasion and at the Branch Davidian complex before it underwent conflagration near Waco, Texas could have been more harmful than is immediately obvious.

If we examine the behavior of the Iraqi forces during the Gulf War, it might be asked if they were zapped with infrasound or electromagnetic energy pulsed at disruptive brain wave frequencies inducing mental interference, emotional distress, and physical punishment to soften them up for more lethal attacks.

Gulf War Aftermath
Although the Gulf War was called a “turkey shoot”, Tammy Boyer, an aid to Senator Donald Reigle (D-MI), in the San Francisco Bay Guardian of October 12, l994 indicated that 24,000 veterans are registered as suffering from illnesses categorized as the Gulf War Syndrome and 2,300 of them have already died. The Gulf War Syndrome is also affecting the offspring of veterans in alarming numbers, according to the Milwaukee Journal of November 15, l994.

Concerned for the well-being of returning veterans, and alarmed at the real (and present) danger of a national epidemic caused by them, Senator Donald Reigle (D-MI) held a Senate hearing to determine the extent of the danger. It was brought out at the hearing, that the Gulf War veterans were subjected to many stresses, such as experimental vaccinations, food processed with nuclear radiation, and a toxic soup of substances released by bombings, fires, and the use of radioactive munitions.

In addressing causes it is relevant to consider that veterans experienced various situations. Steamshovel Press Number 12, reports that the Gulf War Syndrome is affecting troops stationed in widely scattered geographic areas with some sick vets being in the Gulf for as little as nine days, while other ill vets were in the war zone for months. An editor’s note in Nexus, April-May 1995, indicates that United Kingdom veterans who did not receive the experimental vaccines that U.S. troops did are also experiencing the Gulf War Syndrome.

Unconventional Warfare
The possibility of a cover-up involving chemical or biological warfare is being examined. USA Today, May 26, 1994, did report that 14,000 detectors designed to sense adverse chemical and biological substances sounded up to three times per day. Covert Action, Summer I995, reports that at least 21 positive tests for such agents were confirmed using secondary verification methods.

A cause for the unexplained triggering of the detectors for chemical and biological agents as well as the primary trigger for the illnesses classified as the Gulf War Syndrome may be friendly fire from energy weapons and electromagnetic interference from command, control and communication systems.

Nonlethal Weapons Deployed
Of special interest is the Defense News report of April 13-19, l992 that an electromagnetic pulse weapon designed to mimic the flash of electricity from a nuclear explosion was used in the Gulf War. It might be recalled that the condition of a declining immune system associated with the Gulf War Syndrome was observed in persons who survived the immediate effects of radiation from an atomic blast.

The effects of laser beams or an environment similar to that inside a microwave oven are well known. Yet energy weapons development is evolving in a direction which makes these weapons’ presence and use difficult to detect under the leadership of persons like John B. Alexander, a “special technologies” expert at Los Alamos National Laboratory (who describes himself as having “evolved from hard-core mercenary to thanatologist”), according to The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, September-October 1994. In a 1980 article, “The New Mental Battlefield”, which appeared in Military Review, a U.S. Army Journal, Alexander wrote that “...there are weapons systems that operate on the power of mind whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated.”

Rotational Weapons
A principle of physics which has potential for use in waging warfare as quietly as possible is rotational motion. If you drop a metal ball from at least 2,000 feet above the Earth, rotational motion will attempt to propel the ball in an easterly direction when it hits the ground. Everything within the Earth’s gravitational field tends to be influenced by this motion towards the east. It influences the rotational direction of atomic particles and shows up as a twist in energy waves and affects the formation of material substances.

Our present system of generating and distributing electrical power is an example of technology which promotes a motion of energy opposite to the healthy twist associated with the attractive gravitational field of the Earth. Thus it is possible to treat energy fields or substances with vibrations twisted in a manner which denies access to a healthy environment. This theme can be combined with various concepts, like the ability to rapidly make trillions of copies of DNA, as developed by Kary B. Mullis, and splicing foreign components into genetic molecules, as developed by Michael Smith, two who shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their accomplishment.

Thought Implantation
The concept of weapons designed to target a unique individual or a specific group or an ethnic population may have already been developed. Symptoms indicating a possible use of such a weapon were reported by the Kansas City Star during March of 1990 when 2,990 ethnic Albanians in the former Yugoslavia were admitted to hospitals complaining of lung and skin problems, while doctors found no evidence of poisoning or epidemics and attributed the incident to ‘mass hysteria’.

All magnetic materials have specific “finger prints”, which in the case of credit cards can be used to prevent fraudulent duplication. Our brains have magnetic material embedded within them (see Resonance #24, “Magnetite Found in Human Brains”) and thus we each have a ‘ magnetic finger print or bar code, which means we can be tracked as if we had a microchip implanted. The Air Force Space Master Plan or Spacecast 2020 described In Defense News, September 26-Oct. 2, 1994, indicated that eventually it might be possible to pinpoint any individual on the planet. Once located, an individual could be targeted for disruption, such as by the use of thought implantation techniques.

Implanted messages were considered for use on David Koresh, the Branch Davidian leader, according to Defense Electronics, July 1993. Implanted thoughts work best if they encourage activity that a person is likely to engage in and are intertwined with existing emotional programming. However, if a person is drugged into a Zombie-like state (which can be accomplished with an electromagnetic fields, thought-implant technology can influence a person to deviate from his/her normal behavior.

According to the Kansas City Star of December 11, 1995, computers are slowly moving towards goals for speech, hearing, and comprehension, and becoming almost human. Defense News, March 20-26, 1995 indicates that computer chips with living brain cells are being researched at the Washington-based Naval Research Laboratory. Whether such technology is being tested on us in an experimental manner is a question which merits consideration.

Cellular Nightmare...
If we look at our society of only a few years ago, we see people demonstrating to enhance the general welfare. Now, as if influenced by an Operation Chaos, we see people demonstrating to inflict their views on others. Kansas City Power & Light company has decided to turn residences into cellular radio stations which will broadcast data concerning electricity consumed.

These cellular radio stations have the potential to relay other information as well. Besides increasing people’s status as electromagnetic guinea pigs, such broadcasts can be intercepted by thieves who want to know when houses are unoccupied and ripe for plucking.

Why there has been no “Citizen’s Outcry” about the Kansas City Power & Light plans may be related to an item mentioned in “AT&T’s $12 Billion Cellular Dream”, Fortune, December 12, 1994, p. 102:
    ..Craig McCaw once suggested, in all apparent seriousness —- as color drained from the face of a PR man in attendance -— that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should reserve spectrum for telepathic communications to be made possible by brain implants he thinks will exist someday.

When we place a present day phone receiver to our ear, we may be receiving more messages than we have bargained for... __PS

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