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Charles R. Duke
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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

Oblivious to the feeling of most Americans that government should downsize as many companies have, several bills are imminent that will solidify the government as everyone’s keeper. As we watch the presidential debates, almost all candidates are now saying the words and talking the talk of state sovereignty. The sad truth is, their words are only empty promises for their actions differ markedly from those words.

An idea that has been around quite some time has been the Goals 2000 program for K-12 elementary schools. This program is designed to turn all of America’s children into automatons, incapable of independent thought and ignorant of issues such as freedom and justice for all.

Children who “graduate” from this system are incapable of even the simplest everyday skills, such as making change in a hamburger stand. It is by design. The architects of Goals 2000 have a supreme elitist attitude that government policy should presume the omniscience to direct and channel our children into careers of the government’s choosing.

This is fully consistent with the Newstates Constitution, a new Constitution for the United States financed by the Rockefeller Foundation to the tune of $25 million. Under the Newstates Constitution, the government’s assessment is the sole determinant in whether a child becomes a high-paid doctor or a low-paid laborer. Your ability as a parent to influence the careers of your children will be limited to nonexistent. Once a child becomes “branded” by the term “laborer,” your ability to redirect your child’s career into one more profitable will be removed.

A more thorough discussion of the Newstates Constitution is beyond the scope of this column except as noted above. The tie to a congressional bill is through House Resolution 1617. Incredibly, this bill has already passed both the U.S House and the U.S. Senate and is in conference committee to resolve the differences. President Clinton is certain to sign this preposterous bill as it is fully consistent with the globalist views of those who have influence on him.

You have not, of course, read anything about this proposal from the government’s propaganda vehicle, otherwise known as the media. Only those publications that dare to allow columns such as this one can really be trusted to tell the truth about the actions of your government.

Called The Careers Act, the bill will merge the federal departments of Education, Labor, and Human Services. Through the very popular block grant idea, the bill will economically influence the direction of education in our states. The bill warmly embraces all aspects of the Goals 2000 program and sets in place a National Education Goals Panel to measure and influence our progress toward achieving these goals.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Any state which accepts a grant under this program is required to “establish a collaborative process” in decision making concerning education. The bill allows, however, the Governor, as “chief executive of the State,” to appoint all participants of said “collaborative process.” According to the education watchdog group known as Parents Involved in Education (PIE), “if the Governor is unable to ...obtain agreement through the collaborative process... the Governor shall have the final authority to make decisions and submit a plan...’ (Section 104(c)).”

You do not and will not see the State Legislature in here anywhere, for State Legislatures have been effectively bypassed. You also do not see any mention of your local school boards, for those, too, have been bypassed.

Again according to PIE, the bill authorizes “local work force development areas within the State (Section 105).” Here, too, the Governor is empowered to make all appointments to the boards which will govern those “work areas.” The Governor, of course, could gerrymander those work areas to establish a system of patronage, if said Governor should so choose, and most Governors today would so choose.

The employees, even those who work within a state, of the “interagency group” created will be employees of the Department of Labor. As you might expect, a massive data base to manage the careers of the people from birth to death will be needed along with a “National Employment Service” to make sure no one can break from the mold the government has decreed. HR 1617 provides all these facilities and much more.

In typical Congressional fashion, the bill provides no money, but will require billions in new state and local taxes to implement. While you sleep, your government is in a power-on spiral towards absolute tyranny. Only a loud and vigorous protest from the people will have a chance of stopping this bill, and even that chance is remote.__CD

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