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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

Electronic Mind Control
The prospect of electronic mind control sends chills down ones back. At first glance, electronic mind control sounds like science fiction and anyone who takes it seriously is treated like a nut case... just like UFO buffs are. However, some serious research will reveal that not only is it possible, but probable that our very own government has that capability.

As of 1990, the DoD declared in its review of Soviet weaponry that the Soviets had the ability to produce radio-frequency weapons that could “disorient” personnel at a distance of a half mile. It is highly unlikely that we do not have similar weaponry in our own “skunk works.”

Operation Sleeping Beauty
During the Reagan Administration, a top-secret project Operation Sleeping Beauty was initiated. Its purpose was to examine the possibility of using electromagnetics to disrupt the functioning of the human nervous system. They explored a list of what seemed to be foolishly impossible notions; but in fact, are nearing technical reality.

Some of the ideas explored were focused on the use of artificially generated electromagnetic fields to:
  • Unhinge a man's mind;
  • Paralyze the capacity to reason and react;
  • To induce a fit of rage, a state of panic, or a lethargic state of indifference — all at the throw of a switch;
  • To induce physical reactions.

Later, they developed a number of scenarios which could be handily resolved through the use of these terrifying futuristic electromagnetic weapons...

  • Quelling rampaging mobs by zapping them with a beam that would cause them to involuntarily vomit.
  • In hostage situations, disrupting the hostage takers’ minds long enough to storm the place safely;
  • In cases where terrorists are holed up in impenetrable stronghold with explosive devices, electromagnetic weapons could penetrate the walls and disable the terrorists.

Serious steps have been taken to answer the questions Sleeping Beauty raised... and the answers are pretty startling — and terrifying.

The Persinger Studies
Dr. Michael Persinger is an American-born neurophysiologist who runs the Environmental Psychophysiology Lab at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada). He was asked if he could quell a crowds appetite for violence through electromagnetic means. Persinger then came up with the idea of inducing vomiting.

The next step was to determine how to accomplish this. The answer lies in the MAST cells of our brains. They release the cold remedy histamine into our bodies. In humans and rats, they reside in an area of the brain that produces a fit of nausea when overdosed with histamine. The trick is to set off the MAST cells at a distance electromagnetically.

Persinger found that he could do this in rats consistently by using time-varying electromagnetic fields of low intensity in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range of one to ten Hertz. The power source was only a few feet away from the rat cages, but it is conceivable that this could be scaled up for use on humans sometime in the future.

Dr. Persinger has delved deeper into the mind control field recently. It has been reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) that Persinger and his group of researchers in Canada are attempting to recreate alien abductions in the laboratory using electromagnetic waves... but that is food for thought for another article.

Research by Penfield & Adey
Much of the work in Mind Alteration was pioneered by three brain scientists: Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian; Dr. Jóse Delgado, professor of physiology at Yale University Medical School; and Dr. W. Ross Adey, an Australian-born physiologist at the Brain Research Institute of UCLA.

Dr. Penfield implanted electrodes into the cortices of the brains of patients undergoing surgery for epilepsy. Amazingly, he found that he could stimulate near-total recall of long-forgotten memories. This demonstrated that the brain was a massive information storage bank that could be tapped into via electromagnetic means.

Adey’s forte was animal remote control. He implanted tiny transceivers into the brains of cats and chimpanzees. The transceivers would broadcast the electrical activity occurring in the animals’ brains to a remote transceiver, which in turn would send back signals to modify their behavior on demand.

Delgado's Monkeys Under the influence of different electromagnetic fields, one monkey sleeps while another becomes hyperactive in Jóse Delgado's Madrid laboratory.
Delgado’s Experiments
The most famous of the three is Dr. Jóse Delgado. Using a technique he developed to implant gold, platinum implants into precise areas of the brains of animals and humans, Delgado inserted 21 electrodes into the brain of a fighting bull. He specifically went after the area of the brain that controlled the bull’s motor activity. By sending tiny amounts of current he could turn the bull into a pussycat. When he turned it off, the bull was ready to assault anyone who came near it.

In his lab, Delgado regularly worked with chimpanzees and could quite readily alter their moods with electromagnetics. At the flick of a switch he could set them off screeching, in another instant he could make the lethargic. As for humans, he could make them involuntarily jerk their arms up and down.

The CIA indirectly financed much of Delgado’s work through fake charitable institutions.

Browning’s Donkey
The CIA developed a program of their own under the direction of Dr. Ivor Browning. His area of concentration of research centered around stimulating the hypothalamus through electrodes. The hypothalamus or “sweet spot” of the brain is the pleasure center. When stimulated, it produces an incredible sense of euphoria that is intensely satisfying.

His most memorable success came when he wired up a donkey with a antenna and receiver. When signaled, the receiver would send a zing into the donkey's hypothalamus. Using a variation of the carrot/stick routine, they sent the donkey up a 2,000-ft mountain in New Mexico. When the donkey stayed on course, it got the juice; when it strayed, it was turned off. Of course, the donkey was on track most of the time. Browning remarked: “You've never seen a donkey so eager to keep a course...!”

Human Experiments
If you can alter behavior with wires, it stands to reason that there may be methods of altering behavior without wires. Unfortunately for us, that may well be a reality.

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, who runs the Technic Research in San Leandra, California, asserts that it is possible using ELF fields. With the only lab in the United States openly experimenting with human subjects in ELF fields, she is in a position to know. Dr. Rauscher only uses fully informed volunteers that know what they are getting into.

Dr. Rauscher’s group has played with the effects of several different frequencies. In general, the effects they produce wear off quickly, her studies have shown. She noted however, “I’ve found one that produces nausea in its subject for more than an hour.” [Remember Dr. Persinger's experiments?]

One of her frequencies she calls “the marijuana frequency. It gets us all laughing.”

“Give me the money and three months,” Rauscher swears, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy — or at least they’ll think they're happy. Or aggressive.”

The ELF Nightmare
Although the official policy has been that ELF waves cannot affect humans, Dr. Persinger’s work with rats and Dr. Rauscher’s work with humans causes one to wonder. Standing alone, they should force the orthodox scientists to reevaluate their data and revise their theories.

Dr. Adey, working with associates in California, has discovered that modulated ELF waves alter brain wave patterns in animals. They become “entrained.” This means that the brainwaves follow the phase and pattern of the electric field. Furthermore, Adey demonstrated that human liver cells detect and respond to weak ELF fields. If the liver responds... then so can the rest of the body including the brain!

This alone should call into question all transmissions of ELF waves by such projects as HAARP and Project Sanguine in Michigan. What precisely are the biological side effects of the ELF transmissions?

Mind Control Nightmare
The emergence of ELF waves as biological threat is frightening enough. Coupled with the research of Penfield, Adey, Delgado, and Browning, it sends a message that should set alarm bells ringing.

There is a conviction among our intrepid mind control researchers such as Delgado, that if you can use wires to control behavior, then you ought to be able to do them from outside the brain with precise electromagnetic fields.

As Delgado points out, everything that happens to us from elation to aggression is related to a series of electrochemical events in our brains. And that can be affected by electromagnetic fields.

For years, mind control has been a science fiction fantasy. However, science fiction usually becomes science fact. It appears that electronic mind control is on the horizon in a very real way.

The challenge is for us to figure ways to protect ourselves from it... or at the very least.. be aware that it is happening to us. Mind control is a potent tool in the hands of the New World Order. It is just a small part of the arsenal of nonlethal weapons that is currently being developed. In future issues, we will be exploring various types of nonlethal weapons and incidents in which they have been used (Waco, Greenham Common, etc). Furthermore, we will explore the biological effects that electromagnetic fields have on us, effects they still deny! See you next issue....__Steve

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