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Reprinted from: Exotic Research Report (Volume 1, Issue 1; Jan/Feb/Mar 1996)

Are you tuned into increasing expressions of frustration, distrust, hopelessness, alienation, anger and lack of confidence on the part of our people? Are you concerned about the emergence of mind crippling doubt and wide spread perceptions of insecurity? Are you aware of the growing groundswell of feelings: that all is not well with our Nation, our economy, our society, and our political system? Do you fear that forces are being unleashed which will rob us of our freedoms, restrict our choices, reduce us to poverty, enslave our citizens, crush our spirit and destroy the philosophical and cultural foundations of our American dream? If so, you are suffering the all too real and debilitating malaise of the new world order syndrome!

This corporate concoction is spreading like a virus and is most definitely, hazardous to your health and well being. In fact, if the truth were to be known, the Surgeon General would be forced to put a warning label on the legislation and executive orders being cranked out by congress and the executive branch.

These thoughts are not a manifestation of cynicism but rather the end result of soul searching observations based on the personal experiences of ordinary people who are fast coming to realize the manifest evil and harsh realities of unrestricted corporate power. the obscene and ruthless accumulation of raw economic power and financial control over governments and people of the world, are causing the formation of crisis epicenters which are evidenced by ominous rumblings, smoldering resentments and global unrest. Corporate manipulation, through policies of provoking global conflict, provides the environment necessary for the building of their new world order.

Civilized and not so civil People, their leaders, and nations, throughout the course of history have asked the questions:
  • How could this happen to us?
  • What were the root causes of this instability and corruption?
  • By what means was destabilizing terror and chaos unleashed
  • What were the underlying circumstances and historical conditions that contributed to our failure, downfall and subjugation?

This common theme and variation on the ode to crass ignorance is made possible by our own failure to question the policies and programs conceived in greed and hatched in secrecy.

The Great Seal of The United States with a pyramid, eagle, Latin phrases, etc. has been reproduced on the reverse side of every American dollar bill, but few in America know what these symbols mean. The key to understanding the meaning behind all of these symbols is found in the translation of the Latin phrase “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM,” (“The New World Order of the Ages”) found underneath the pyramid on what is known as the Reverse Side of the Great Seal.
Hind sight and second guessing in the aftermath of man made catastrophes, are of little consolation to any of its victims. We have been conditioned to accept the premise that corporate might makes right; to mind our own business and do what is required of us by those in power. You should keep in mind that history is written by the winners. The losers forfeit their property, their freedom, become casualties, or are summarily buried, oblivious of the fact that they were dead right. If we allow ourselves to be subjugated by these corporate conspirators, loosing our sovereignty and freedom as a Nation and people in the process; be assured that the elitists of the corporate inspired New World Order will reserve an American family plot for you and yours.

A more useful line of analyses would be to ascertain possible tactics, countermeasures, technical adjustments, corrections and courses of action necessary to prevent this travesty from reaching a level where our very survival is in question. To do this we must use the intellectual equipment the good Lord gave us, educate ourselves, demand access to information, communicate, organize and consciously develop the assets, skills, courage and the will, necessary to protect our families, our neighbors and our way of life. Your road to survival begins with your first step towards awareness.

It is patently obvious that the concept and mechanism of “the national security state” has run amok. The corporate policies formulated and executed under the pretext and cover of national security should be a major concern to all citizens. Individual people in our society could well benefit from an in depth examination of how this arcane control system has adversely effected and impacted upon their lives. How it has been utilized to corrupt the policy making process, our economic, military, educational and political institutions, and our (d)emocratic form of government.

Why is there an all pervasive fear, timidity and reluctance on the part of otherwise responsible and intelligent people with regard the initiation of discussion and/or meaningful debate in this area? What seems to be needed is some en(courage)ment and a modicum of assistance to help them grasp the true dimensions of this systemic bogeyman.

The “mother of all systemic problems” in our society can be traced to the perverse evolution of national security policy: which encompasses corporate conspiracies, compartmentalization, classification systems, limited access to information and secrecy. Without these devices, the construction of the corporate inspired “new world order” would not be tolerated. Therefore, to avoid the prospect of having their pictures placed on milk cartons as a result of the righteous wrath of our citizens, they prefer to hide under rocks, sneak around in the shadows, and employ elements of deceit and treachery to conceal their dastardly deeds. This in turn precludes any significant opposition to the corporate clap- trap which is being force fed to the American and world public because normal people haven’t the slightest clue as to what is really going on!

Corporations in the “national security loop” and government officials who are implementing these policies are deserving of increased public scrutiny. My purpose is to generate an examination, discussion and public debate which is long overdue and to create a “public demand” for access to information we have been denied for too long. Why? Because we have a “need to know.”

Why not provide a forum which challenges; “Why a new world order is necessary or even desirable?” Why not provide an alternative view- point and commentary which seeks the answer to the riddle of: Who will gain from this global system of economic and political reorganization? Why not provide a mechanism which gives the casualties of this global corporate con-game a vehicle to inform others how these hidden and secret corporate and government agendas are destroying their way of life. Why not solicit input from, academicians, current and former corporate and government officials and employees who have become, “plainly fed-up” and who wish to strike back by supplying information on corrupt practices and policies that have resulted in the loss of entire industries, market advantage, accumulated capital of generations and millions of jobs? You could offer opinions, strategies and tactics on how to survive these policies.

The problems created by this “national security syndrome” are real and will not be resolved of their own accord. The fact that no-one is “allowed” to question the dynamics, structure, methods and tactics of those who control this mechanism, will only exacerbate the level of damage being inflicted on our form of government, political system, economy and culture.

Share your thoughts, experiences and what you know! Demand information and help stir the debate! You can help to shine the light of truth into the dark and corrupt corporate/government corridors of power and privilege. You can help to broadcast a wake- up call and alarm across a wide spectrum of society and reach people just like yourselves who are trapped in the same predicament. You can help raise the consciousness of our fellow citizens and are encouraged to do so. It’s your right as a human being and duty as a citizen. Let us help you get your message to others. There are countless millions of people who realize that they are being screwed big-time by those who would force this new world order upon us. Its time to network, communicate and organize. We are rapidly becoming a critical-mass of unemployed and under- employed, people who have been deceived, lied to and betrayed. The system is not working. The political process has become dysfunctional and the institutionalization of ignorance is destroying the American Dream.

Current global corporate trends are frightening, and disconcerting. Knowledge as to their secret inner workings and policies have become taboo in our government, political system and society. We are purposely being kept in the dark!

Most decent people are repelled by threatening things. We have been programmed to refrain from meaningful questioning of anything categorized as “a matter of national security.” This blind acceptance of a condition of ignorance is reinforced by an institutionalized system of fear and reprisal which paralyzes thought processes. It obstructs any actions by those entrusted with the legitimate duty to challenge and oversee this “hidden control system.”

When faced with officious pronouncements that we “do not have a need to know,” promulgated by those who have seized control of the national security apparatus; our brains have been conditioned to shut down.

This suppression of thought, limiting our access to information, and the self-serving perpetuation of a system of secrecy by an unelected ruling elite are the signs of things to come. These constitute the building blocks of the “New World Order.” This system of absolute rule by corporate kings must not be allowed to destroy our American dream. We must resist if we are to survive as individuals and as a free people. I ask for your courage and assistance in exposing these corporate and government criminals and traitors. __The Anti-Corp.

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