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Overhaul Your Engine...
 When You Change your OIL!

Liquid Ring brings back power and performance to a worn, weak engine. The multi-action formula first builds up compression and stops smoking that occurs due to worn engine parts such as pistons piston rings, and cylinder walls. This compression builder prevents the hot, compressed gases from passing the worn parts thus resulting in increased compression, the reduction of blow-by emissions and increased gasoline mileage.

Unique polyresins (PTFE) adhere to engine parts thereby reducing wear, lowering running temperatures, improving perfomance and mileage. This protective coating becomes bonded and does not drain back into the oil pan when the engine is off. Liquid Ring provides a constant lubrication and therefore eliminates dry start-ups. PTFE is the “slipperiest substance known to man.”

Liquid Ring is very easily applied and can be used as strictly an occasional engine overhaul treatment or for smog reduction. As a smog reducer, one will constantly reap the overhaul treatment benefits.

Of the two modes of application, the latter is the preferred method. As long as Liquid Ring is present in the engine, the catalyst will help reduce smog.

· Engine Overhaul Treatment
One quart of Liquid Ring treats four quarts of motor oil (4 to l ratio of any crankcase capacity). Drain your old oil, change the oil filter, and fill the crankcase with Liquid Ring and new oil--substituting one quart of Liquid Ring for one quart of every 5 quarts of oil. It's that simple.

Let your engine run or drive your car for 30 minutes to allow Liquid Ring to start the compression (anti-pollution) and other processes. After 5,000 miles, repeat the application process, then it only needs to reapplied every 25,000 miles.

· Smog Reduction Application
Change oil and filter and substitute one quart of Liquid Ring for the last quart of oil (substitute two quarts for engines with oil capacities of seven quarts or more. Liquid Ring will work with all petroleum based oils. Used in this mode, oil and filter changes can be at 5,000 miles intervals instead of 3000, with Liquid Ring replenished with each change.

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