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600201 - Ronald Waling, NMD - Heart Guard... Your First Line of Defense
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
It is a myth that heart disease is a man's disease — studies have shown that it is the number one killer for women, as well as for men. Commonly, people suffer from high blood pressure. Some suffer heart disease as a result of diabetes. Others develop an arrhythmia, murmur, or irregular heartbeat. Women are becoming the greater percentage of heart disease sufferers.

Dr. Waling presents a naturalistic approach to a healthy heart and offer suggestions to help those who have already suffered from a stroke or heart attack. In the fight against heart disease, naturopaths use a variety of herbs and extracts to treat and prevent heart disease. Heart Guard uses a number of well known ingredients to open the flow of blood in arteries of the heart and to lower blood pressure.

600202 - James Bare, DC - Resonance Frequency Therapy... Comes of Age!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Over the past 80 years a variety of electronic therapeutic devices have been developed that utilize the phenomena of resonance in the treatment of diseases. The first of these was the Oscilloclast, developed by Albert Abrams MD, about 1920. Later, the Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) was developed by Georges Lakhovsky. in France and operated on the principle of an object's resonance to very wide bandwidth unmodulated radio wave. The third device developed in the mid-1920s came from Dr. Royal R. Rife. It placed a square wave (similar to a nerve impulse) on the radio wave and coupled the modulated audio wave to a patient's body through a gas plasma.

Since then, Dr. Bare, developed and patented the Rife/Bare (R/B) instrument. He demonstrated the device, and showed videos of the device destroying various microorganisms through the process of resonance. No direct contact is necessary with the device to produce these effects. The field of the device Dr. Bare will demonstrate extends in excess of 100 feet... and anything within the field will be affected. Dr. Bare will discuss current usage of the device, which you can build for yourself. Extensive technical knowledge is not necessary to construct a device. Just some basic hand skills are adequate. All parts of the device are essentially off the shelf and plug together with a minimum of modification.

600203 - Dan Kunkel - Bio-Resonance... Sound Therapy!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
In the growing field of “energy medicine” it is well known that our universe is created through patterns of frequency. Science is now documenting that verything exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms a vibratory basis. All healing interventions must influence the body by somehow altering its frequency or resonance.
Bio-Resonance Therapy is rooted in the principles of energy medicine.

The voice produces a waveform pattern that contains a great deal of information about the physical and emotional health and balance of the speaker. Every person’s voice is unique and when analyzed with the Sound Assistant© software, becomes a map of their physical and/or emotional state. This waveform may be analyzed for frequencies in stress which then may be compared to frequencies for vitamins, minerals, amino acids,bones, muscles and all manner of substances, including drugs and toxic substances. Once the frequencies in stress are identified, Bio-Resonance Therapy utilizes low frequency waveforms generated with a small, “walkman” style tonebox and delivered through headphones. The low frequency waveforms can activate vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other biologic substances, as well as detoxify dangerous, toxic substances which may be present in the body. They can also relieve pain and facilitate regeneration of tissue.

600204 - Elinor Gibbs, MS - Neuro-Kinesthetics... Hope for Paralysis!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
In 1988 Joel McClain (age 20) broke his neck in a diving accident rendering him a C6 quadriplegic. After 9 years of total loss of function of his body at the 6th cervical vertebrae and below, Joel began his therapy on August 25, 1997 at the Clinic for Neuromuscular Disorders. At the end of 1998 he had taken 36 three-hour Neuro-Kinesthetic sessions.

Now, he is enjoying a return of torso movement, with the subsequent redevelopment of muscle tone in his torso, arms and hands. (Muscle tone plays an important role in postural alignment and reciprocal equilibrium.) You will learn how this is possible using the Neuro-Kinesthetic protocols of treatment utilizing electro-therapy, vibration massage, and a medical prescription, as well as therapeutic, functional and kinetic exercises.

In the kinesthetic process for rebuilding a traumatized body, awareness, spatial alignment with its aroused muscle tone, balance and the body image must be developed (established first as a support and coordinating system) in order to create the leverage for initiating purposeful movement patterns. Through the extensive treatment protocols, Joel’s coordinated movement awareness of his torso has been generated to conscious functioning. Joel has regained his kinesthetic sense. He can orchestrate his gravitational feedback/feedforward gain controls, swim like a fish, and project his head from his tailbone... all after being treated for just over a year!

Modern Health Hazards and Solutions
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600205 - Jesse Grenier - Reversing the Aging Process!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Growing old is a condition every human on the planet has in common... but it is possible to grow old gracefully, mentally active, and in excellent health. Jesse introduces us to a number of new products, ranging from memory enhancers to nutritional supplements designed to retard the aging process. Some important health tips were included as well.

600206 - Steve Ammerman - TTL... Secret Soviet Performance Enhancer!!!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Nature often provides its greatest medicinal benefits in the most unlikely places. Tribulus Terrestris L (TTL) commonly known as the puncture weed (or caltrops) is no exception. The extract of the spiny burr that is the fruit of the puncture weed contains valuable healing properties. The puncture vine grows in moist sandy soils on every continent. The burr clings to the hooves and fur of animals, as well as clothing, bicycle tires, and automobile tires — thus propagating itself all over the world. Not only is it one of the world’s most travelled plants, it is also one of the most potent healing plants. Long hailed as a folk medicine in Europe to treat all types of body sores and diseases of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract, it was also used to help infertility in women, and impotence in males. It was known as a tonic to increase the sexual libido of men and women. Only recently was it discovered that TTL extract was the potent, secret ingredient that propelled Soviet athletes to international fame.

600207 - Joseph Bender - Water... The Exotic Substance!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
This lecture explores the anomalous properties of water and its subcomponents as they relate to application of specific resonance and information transfer in aqueous solutions. Regardless of the field, the researcher attempting to apply theories from the new, forbidden, or exploratory sciences, will sooner or later realize in the secrets of water are the answers to the mysteries they are seeking. Water contains the answers to the following:
  • Energy of the Future: Liberation of hydrogen as a fuel source has been a topic of ongoing research conducted in basements and garages nationwide. The research has been underground so to speak as the implications of its success would cripple the current powermongers of the energy industry. Disassociation principles and possible applications and the 32 types of water are discussed.
  • Medicine of the Future: We will look at pure water as the ultimate intercellular delivery substance. We will discuss information domains, clustered rings, homeopathic signatures, and Bender's theory of information transfer.
  • Information Carrier of the Future: We will look at water as a means of data storage, its multilayered information domains, ionic binding, and setting up a stable lattice.
This presentation is based upon Bender's application of the theories of Victor Schauberger, Walter Russell, John Kelly, Marko Rodin, and Schappeller.

600208 - Walter Rawls, PhD - Prospects for Our Magnetic Future
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
In 1936, Albert Roy Davis made an initial discovery that would lead to the verification of two additional energy forms in magnetics, separate and distinct in nature, that seem to be the controlling energies of all matter. Later, Walter Rawls teamed up with Davis to introduce the world to the science of applying the magnet’s energies to the animal system. Over the years they found that this approach can be used in emergency conditions where medical conditions is not obtainable.

Dr. Rawls computer-exact and reproducible research findings apply to the treatment of such conditions as arthritus, cancer, glaucoma, sexual problems, aging, etc. Astounding evidence exists that the “laying on of hands” is a significant natural, phenomenon. One can only wonder if magnetic facts important for our survival have been suppressed. Magnetism affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the exercise we take. Academia needs to reconsider magnetism’s significance.

There has been a proliferation of magnetic health devices advertised world-wide and sold to the general public. There are a variety of viewpoints as to if these devices work or if they can harm you. Dr. Rawls addresses the safety issues and effectiveness connected with these devices.

Learn from one the original pioneers in biomagnetism about the scientific significance of the separate and distinct energies of magnetism as well as their effect on life, death... and, perhaps, even after death!

600209 - Brian D. Andersen - Harmonic Elements... and the Quantum Disk
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
The Quantum Disk FVY is a 1-inch diameter piece of plastic with numerous materials that generates a special kind of quantum energy. When this one-of-a-kind, totally safe energy comes into contact with a liquid or solid, the atoms and molecules of the liquid or solid re-align in an organized manner. The energies of the Quantum Disk create positive order where there was once negative chaos at the atomic and molecular levels. The Quantum Disk IS NOT magnetic.

Brian David Andersen discovered the foundations for the Quantum Disk while researching the Table of the Chemical Elements. The traditional science community states there are 92 elements. During the past seven years of research, Brian has discovered there are 96 elements. Archimedes discovered the value of Pi with a 96-sided polygon. Animals have 48 chromosomes that have 96 strands of DNA. The number 96 evenly divides (3.75)into a 360 degree circle and the number 92 does not.

Many anomalies occur in the standard square rectangle table of the chemical elements and Andersen logically concluded that the chemical elements harmonically manifest in multiples of seven in this dimension via a sphere rather than a square and rectangle (see illustration).

Antigravity Concepts & Reality
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600210 - Tom Valone - Electrogravitics... 21st Century Propulsion!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
This technology captured the imagination of our aerospace industry... and was featured on the National Space Plane that is still sitting on the drawing board!

Electrogravitics, sometimes also called "gravitoelectrics", is the science of using high voltage electricity to provide propulsive force to aircraft or spacecraft of certain geometries. Its discovery is credited to Thomas Townsend Brown, a physicist who learned the secret from his professor, Dr. Paul Biefield. (There are indications that Nipher's experiments from 1918 predated Biefield/Brown

Unknown to many non-conventional propulsion experts, T. Townsend Brown's electrogravitics work after the war involved a classified multinational project. American companies such as Douglas, Glenn Martin, General Electric, Bell, Convair, Lear, and Sperry-Rand participated in the research effort. Britain, France, Sweden, Canada, and Germany also had concurrent projects from 1954 through 1956.

The recently declassified 1956 military document, "Electrogravitics Systems" by the Gravity Research Group of London (Special Weapons Study Unit), contains the research highlights, required dielectrics, the power range (KVA), as well as the theory for electrogravitics, counterbary and baricentric control. This bolsters the argument that T.T. Brown's discovery was such a vital new addition to the aviation industry, that it became an integral part of the B-2 Stealth Bomber today, giving it an unlimited range.

600211 - Dan LaRochelle - Hamel Technology... Poor Man's Searl Device!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*<
In 1975, David Hamel, a Canadian carpenter, claims 'aliens' showed him the basics of antigravity. This is the same principle claimed by John Searl yet achieved in quite a different (and less expensive) manner. Where Searl uses rotating magnetic rings (requiring $10,000 to build just one magnet), Hamel uses compression of magnetic energy (from Radio Shack magnets in his drum prototype and more expensive, higher flux density magnets in the major experiment) in a constrained environment to produce the ionizing effect coincident to energy accumulation and flight.

Hamel found (as did Searl) that a rapidly rotating magnetic disc would continually speed up on its own. Just as Searl claims to have done, Hamel wanted to put a governor on the device, to prevent it from taking off into the stratosphere. Searl claims his rotating disc slowed down when in the presence of a video camera, though worked fine around movie film. He realized it must be one or more frequencies from the camera which he later used to control the rotational velocity.

This is an opportunity to learn about inexpensive anti-gravity technology, that a determined researcher can build. A group that Dan is working with, has already constructed a device based on Hamel’s technology. During the course of building their device, they learned about construction techniques and will share some of them with you. If you are experimenting with antigravity, this is a chance to gain hands-on advice!

600212 - Rick Todish - Working Model of Ion Propulsion Antigravity Craft!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*<
Although ion propulsion technology was invented back in the 1960s, it has never been utilized as a means of providing thrust for aircraft. NASA recently was the first to make use of this amazing technology when it successfully launched its Deep Space 1 probe from Cape Canaveral on October 24, 1998. The primary mission of the NASA probe was to test new experimental technologies like the ion engine. The Deep Space 1 spacecraft will also fly by a near-Earth asteroid as close as 10 kilometers above the surface.

The Ion propulsion antigravity craft flies on pure electricity. The problem now is improving efficiency - getting enough lift from a given grid area and a given amount of energy, Present models cannot yet lift their own power supplies, they get power through a feeder cable, dangling down like an umbilical cord.We hope to fly a model with a self-contained power supply, perhaps by the end of the year.

Ultimately, the ionic drive may prove more efficient than either propellers or jets as a method of aircraft propulsion. It will achieve lift with a lower expenditure of energy and fuel than existing forms of aircraft.

Advanced Energy Concepts
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600213 - Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*<

Actually, electricity does not exist. The term “electricity” is a catch-all word with many different meanings. Unfortunately, these meanings are contradictory, and lead to the unsettling fact that there is no single substance or energy called electricity. When we say "quantity of electricity," we could be talking about quantities of charged particles. But we could also be talking about quantity of energy, quantity of current, or potential, forces, fields, net charge, power, or even about electrical phenomena. All of these are found as separate dictionary definitions of the word "electricity."

But current is not power, particles are not fields, and charge is not energy. "Quantity of Electricity" is a meaningless concept because of the contradictory definitions of the word "electricity." Much of this problem would vanish if we used the word "electricity" only to refer to a field of science or class of phenomena. This is the way we use the words "physics" or "optics." Then, if we needed to get down to details, we would never say "electricity." Instead we would use words like "charges," "energy", "current," etc.

This lecture is an excellent opportunity for all researchers to get on the same page as to what electricity is and how to use the proper terminology. For some, this will be a refresher course; for others, it will lead to an understanding of electricity and the terms used to describe and measure it.

600214 - Bruce Perreault - 'NU' Generation of Radiant Energy Devices
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Many tests and experiments have been conducted over the years with radiant energy in remote areas free of houses, power lines, radio stations, and telephone lines. These tests and experiments confirm that radiant energy devices operate on a self-sustaining method of power generation. It can be designed to deliver from 1 volt to about 320 volts direct current or just about any frequency within the scope of present day electronics. Depending on the amount of available free electrons it has the potential to supply thousands of kilowatts of electrical current!

The Radiant Energy Power Generator is not a perpetual motion device, it siphons electrons (electricity) and converts them into usable power in a truly unique way. However, there is public and private resistance to overcome before this technology can be implemented. One of the major obstacles is that there are many facets to this research that is not understood or well researched. One such facet would be last year's development of the star effect.

In the search for the "Moray valve" Bruce and his assistant Calvin Bahlmann discovered a very startling effect, not only did they rediscover the Moray semiconductor material, but that the material produced a star between two electrodes when excited by certain frequencies. During January 1998, Bruce viewed a Farnsworth fuser videotape from Richard Hull of The Tesla Coil Builder's Association of Richmond VA, demonstrating Farnsworth's fuser to generate a "star-mode" to create the ideal condition for nuclear fusion. Richard Hull stated on this tape that if you can achieve this star mode then you can produce fusion energy!

600215 - Jeffery Hayes -Tesla Turbines... The Next Generation!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Suppose some one should discover a new mechanical principle--something as fundamental as James Watt's discovery of the expansive power of steam--by the use of which it became possible to build a motor that would give ten horse power for every pound of the engine's weight, a motor so implicitly simple in design that the veriest novice in mechanics could construct it and so elemental that it could not possibly get out of repair.

Then suppose that this motor could be run forward or backward at will, that it could be used as either an engine or a pump, that it cost almost nothing to build as compared with any other known form of engine, that it utilized a larger percentage of the available power than any existing machine, and, finally, that it would operate with gas, steam, compressed air or water, any one of them, as its driving power... or pump any fluid without shearing forces.

It does not take a mechanical expert to imagine the limitless possibilities of such an engine. It takes very little effort to conjure up a picture of a new world of industry and transportation made possible by the invention of such a device. "Revolutionary" seems a mild term to apply to it. That, however, is the word the inventor, Nikola Tesla , uses in describing it...

Information presented explores many applications and current state-of-the-art developments of this motive force as a source of energy for the machines of the future. In the past, it was difficult to get good numbers. Now, the capability exists to test these engines, and Tesla’s claims are confirmed by the startling results!

600216 - George Wiseman - Brown’s Gas... Key to a Hydrogen Economy!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Brown's Gas is a mixture of di-atomic and mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen. The simplest way to make Brown's Gas is to use an electrolyzer, which uses electricity to split water into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen. This is an endothermic (energy absorbing) action. At the instant that the water splits, the hydrogen and oxygen are in their mon-atomic state, this is H for hydrogen and O for oxygen.

Normal electrolyzers encourage the hydrogen and oxygen to drop to their diatomic state. Diatomic means the hydrogen formed H2 and the oxygen formed O2. The diatomic state is a lower energy state, and the energy difference shows up as heat in the electrolyzer. This energy is now unavailable to the flame. But, WHAT IF a significant number of these H and O atoms did not reform into di-atomic molecules?

The extra energy provided by the mon-atomic mixture allows unique welding capabilities with materials like glass, copper, aluminum, quartz, and cast iron. It cuts with laser-like precision. Brown's Gas produced by the ER 1150 Water Torch, does a wonderful job of fusing and pre-heating almost any material... all of which will be demonstrated at the conference. Watch out though, it has characteristics that'll surprise you.

21st Century Technology
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600217 - Don Isaac, Jr. - Stirling Engine... Revival of "Lost" Technology!
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
Robert Stirling, a minister of the Church of Scotland , invented and patented (1816) the Stirling engine as a safe alternative to steam engines. (Early steam engines were notorious for exploding.. killing and maiming those who were nearby.) An active minister and inventor all his life, his most important invention was the "regenerator" or "economizer" used to save heat and increase efficiency in Stirling engines and many other industrial processes.

Stirling’s engines were known as "hot air engines" until the 1940's when other gasses such as helium and hydrogen were used as the working fluid. (At that time the term "Stirling engine" was adopted industrywide.) Stirling’s engines couldn't explode and were more efficient than the steam engines then in use.

Today, the Stirling has the reputation of being one of the most efficient engines in the world.

Tamin Enterprises is developing a series of Stirling engines of up to 15 kW (20 hp) output for household and light commercial uses. Three related engine projects are in progress: TESE001, TESE002, and TESE004. Stirling cycle engines are ideal for applications such as generator sets, lawn and garden equipment, pumps, outboard motors, chain saws, and hybrid motor vehicles.

During this session, Don will demonstrate a variety of Stirling engines and introduce us to the latest in Stirling technology from his company. This is an excellent opportunity to learn of a viable non-polluting technology in your future!

600218 - GEET Research - Parade of Inventions!
VHS 2001 Conference 2 Tape Set......... $ 29.95*
Paul Pantone’s controversial invention... the GEET device, utilizes the engine’s heat and vacuum to create a self-generating plasma. GEET is fairly simple and straightforward in concept. Given a basic machine shop, these devices can be constructed by a knowledgeable machinist.

Critical to scientific understanding is testing. Dr. Andreas Kurt Richter performed a variety of test procedures on the device. He will reveal the results of his tests, as well as his basic understanding of the phenomenon. Furthermore, Dr. Richter will discuss some tests for the future such as x-rays showing the atomic reaction.

Dr. Grant Wood has also worked with the GEET device and has developed a new paradigm for the carburetion of fuels. Past and current systems use an aerosol system. Monte Leblanc has developed the filet vaporizer to replace the Bubbler Pot in the GEET system.

GEET unveils many new products, and some of the inventors will be on hand to explain the technology. Molley Pantone will present the Purple Plates, the Anti-Aging Manual and other products.

Conference Workshops
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600220 - Bruce Perreault - Radiant Energy Hands-On Construction Wkshp
VHS 2001 Conference 2 Tape Set......... $ 29.95*
The star mode (critical for fusion) within the star chamber is similar to what is created in Farnsworth's electrostatic fusion system. Farnsworth's fusor leaks electrons and has not been able to break even because of grid losses.

Bruce uses a unique on-board circuit, similar to Edwin Gray's undiscovered patent. This circuit design efficiently absorbs the power created by a catalytic reaction within Perreault's specially designed tube. He calls this tube a "star chamber" (formerly "Perreault-valve). This chamber contains two specially coated electrodes designed by Calvin Bahlmann that will create a modus stellaris, this is a Latin rendition of the mode of a star. The Moray coated electrodes address the problem that has taunted fuser tube researchers for years now... that the star mode leaks out energy because of the grids.

Moray electrodes combined with Bruce's high-voltage circuit, stabilizes the star mode and seems to create the proper environment for an efficient nuclear fusion reaction. During this workshop, many more facets of radiant energy and its implications will be presented.

600221 - Paul Pantone - The Incredible World of GEET Technology Wkshp
1999 Exotic Research Conference Tape (VHS) ......... $ 19.95*
The GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. With it, there is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on cars, as the GEET Fuel Processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit!

The small engine is using this technology. If all of the small engines in existence today were converted using GEET technology, it is highly likely that 20-30% of the pollution would be eliminated at the right place... the exhaust pipe... and without expensive anti-pollution gear!!!

During this presentation, Paul will be covering the basic theory behind the GEET Fuel Processor. You will learn what works and what doesn't. He will demonstrate a GEET Fuel Processor in action. Paul will be giving step-by-step hands-on construction details... anyone will be able to build one with the plans from GEET.

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