Tesla's Complete Patent Collection (CD-ROM), book cover
Tesla's Complete Patent Collection
Includes Tesla's Canadian and British Patents

by Bruce A. Perreault

Published:December 1998
Publisher:Nu Energy Horizons
ISBN:ISBN 1-930216-00-9
Retail Price:$34.95

Nikola Tesla in NYC Lab Photo During the late 1800's Nikola Tesla introduced the fundamentals of robotry and computer and missile science and harnessed the alternating electrical current power system used today. Nikola Tesla was perhaps the greatest inventor the world has ever known -- a trailblazer inventor who created astonishing, world-transforming devices, often without theoretical precedent. Here, Nikola Tesla examines one of his numerous inventions in his New York City laboratory.
This is the most complete set of Tesla's Patents available today! Collected and placed on CD-Rom by internationally noted alternative energy researcher Bruce Perreault, this set is truly unique in that it includes Canadian and British patents as well as all of the US patents. Bruce had obtained the British patents first. While following up a lead on Tesla's British Patent No.8200, Bruce discovered something very surprising, that Tesla not only had British patents but he also had some Canadian patents.

Until now these lists had gone unnoticed. Margaret Cheney's book "Man out of Time" mentions missing patents on page 236, however, they are part of the British Patent Collection. Included in this list is the "High Vacua" Patent that the United States and Russia may have referred to for their "death/disintegrator ray" weapons research programs, in the U.S. this project was known as SDI in the Reagan years.

Some of the listed patents may seem at first glance to be redundant. They are far from being redundant. These patents contain a more detailed account of Tesla's inventions.Bruce believes that this is due to U.S. Patent examiners not allowing Tesla's theoretical interpretations of his inventions. The plain simple truth is that these interpretations are the very heart of Tesla's Technology! Along with the patents that have a counterpart in the U.S. are other patents that have never been heard of and may have forever been buried in time.

These newly discovered patents are a must have for the serious engineer or alternative energy researcher. Bruce's discovery may be as important to Tesla researchers as the Dead Sea Scrolls were to religious leaders! This is a unique opportunity for Tesla researchers to move forward into realms that was not readily accessible... and the patents are on CD-Rom for easy storage and retrieval. Begin your journey today by purchasing a copy of Bruce Perreault's most complete collection of Nikola Tesla's Patents today!

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480001:  Tesla's Patent Collection (CD-ROM) ... $34.95

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