The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, book cover
The Free Energy Secrets
of Cold Electricity (VHS)

presented by Peter Lindemann, DSc
Media: Videotape (VHS)
Published:Sep 2000
Publisher:Clear Tech, Inc
Time:180 min
Retail Price:$29.95

EV Gray and motor-1977 EV Gray in 1977
An actual demonstration in 1977.
In the 1970's, inventor Edwin Gray developed an electric automobile engine that produced 80 horsepower and recharged its own batteries. It ran on what he called "cold electricity." This amazing technology remained shrouded in mystery until September 2000. This three-part video is the complete technical lecture given by Dr. Lindemann at that time. In it, he explains exactly how Ed Gray's system works, how he produced "cold electricity" and how that relates to Nikola Tesla's earlier discovery of "Radiant Energy". Using 50 slides of articles, patents, photos, and circuit diagrams, Dr. Lindemann documents his research, until the method is fully revealed. Now you can understand one of the most powerful Free Energy methods ever discovered.

This material covers the complete explanation of how inventor Edwin Gray, Sr. produced what he called "Cold Electricity". EV Gray discovered that the discharge of a high voltage capacitor could be shocked into releasing a huge radiant electrostatic burst. This energy spike was produced by his circuitry and captured in a special device Gray called his "conversion element switching tube" shown here. The non-shocking, cold form of energy that came out of this "conversion tube" powered all of his demonstrations, appliances, and motors as well recharged his batteries. Mr. Gray referred tothis process as "splitting the positive."

In the early 1970's, Ed Gray demonstrated an 80-horsepower electric automobile engine that could recharge it's own batteries. He also developed a solid-state power supply that could power your home from batteries that stayed charged forever. Dr. Lindemann also reveals that Nikola Tesla discovered the same effect, back in 1889, and named it "Radiant Energy."

Ed Gray's EMA motor produced 40 times more power than he took from batteries. The secret is in the power supply and this video shows how he did it!

330001:  The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (VHS) ... $29.95

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