Tesla's Views On the Wireless
		Transmission of Power, book cover
Tesla's Views...
On the Wireless Transmission of Power

    The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

by Steven R. Elswick, BSEE
publisher of Exotic Research Report

Published:December 1995
Publisher:Exotic Research
Retail Price:$19.95

Inside Tesla's Lab
The most exciting place to be in Colorado Springs during 1899 was Tesla's laboratory. The barnlike structure was 100 feet square and braced on three sides. As you can see, the inside was filled with a variety of Tesla innovations, capped by his magnifying transmitter which took up most of the space in the building.
Tesla Vision
Credit:Century Magazine(June 1900)
In the late 1800s, a young Serbo-Croatian defied the orthodox wisdom and discovered a way to transmit power over long distances! The result was the alternating current system (AC) we use in our homes, factories and industries today. His name Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was there FIRST!!! The real Father of Radio, Tesla was vindicated by the US Supreme Court which in 1943, dismissed ALL ofthe Marconi patent applications because Tesla's patents anticipated them 10 years prior! In fact, Tesla publicly demonstrated wireless remote control at Madison Square Gardens in the 1890s. The Navy's response--it's too advanced!

Tesla Technology is the future! Tesla's research was not confined to electricity. Many of Tesla's 100-plus patents have never been used because of the scrap heap complex. Rather than improve current technology, Tesla had a tendency to create NEW technologies which obsoleted the state-of-the-art. Much of this unused or lost technology contains the answers to many of today's problems--pollution, energy shortages, cancer, etc.

Tesla's master blueprint for the world was outlined in the 1900 Century Magazine article, "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" written during his stay in Colorado Springs where Tesla demonstrated the wireless transmission of power in 1899. Over the next fifty years, Tesla failed in his attempts to bring power to the people. These articles and letters to various editors form a clear, coherent, and articulate visualization of Tesla's concept of power, and how he could move immense amounts of currents through the earth with his magnifying transmitter. As you read Tesla's writings, you will realize that his dream of wireless power IS quite practical and the obstacles from the "organized opposition" he encountered in his struggle to realize his dream become self-evident.

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