1995 HAARP Resource Guide,

		book cover
1995 HAARP
Resource Guide

by Steven R. Elswick, BSEE
publisher of Exotic Research Report

Media: GBC
Published: December 1995
Publisher: Exotic Research
Pages: 99
Retail Price: $24.95

Navy HAARP Site
The US Navy's Most Talked about Secret Program

Much concern has been focused upon the military managed project known as HAARP. It has had many terrifying capabilities attributed to it... among weather control is one. The promoters of these theories have referred to as hysterical conspiracy writers... yet, it forced a concerned government to open it doors to a secret project for the first time!

Let's enjoy the flow of information resulting from the "hysteria" of conspiracy writers whose efforts have culminated in the Navy's establishmnet of a HAARP internet site. Given the photos like the one above (it is one the photos shot directly into the net on a daily basis) and the constantly updated webpage... one could say that HAARP is one of the Navy's most open secret programs....

It is with great trepidation that many people have looked at the HAARP program, which has it's foundation based on Tesla's greatest achievement... the Magnifying Transmitter. Inside these covers, Oliver Nichelson outlines how the Magnifying Transmitter could be used as a weapon... and that perhaps its destructive power may cost thousands their lives in a publicity stunt gone awry. His paper, Tesla's Long Range Weapon, the Tunguska Explosion of 1908, and Wireless Power not only reveals this shocking theory, but then goes on to support it with factual evidence. Shocking? yes... impossible?... NO!

As we approach the 21st century, many alternative researchers have created a new field of study... scalar electromagnetics. Tom Beardon, lays out the basic scalar theory and how it differs from traditional electromagnetics. Furthermore, in his paper, Tesla 's Electromagnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization, he outlines his theory with supporting documentation, that the Soviets have been working with scalar electromagnetics for decades and have developed weapons along the line of HAARP that have terrifying capabilities. The "guide" takes a serious look at some of the other "ionospheric studies" the military undertook in the past... including setting off atomic weapons in the atmosphere.

One of the claims about HAARP is related to weather control. Our chronology lays out events related to bizzarre weather, much of it intensified near the infamous GWEN sites. It appears that electromagnetic waves have more of an effect on our weather than anyone realized. This was the first book put together on HAARP. It has material... from historical perspectives to technical theoretical explanation on how this secret device works! Includes many source documents, the Eastland patents, articles, and more!!!

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290004:  1995 HAARP Resource Guide ... $24.95

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