The Inventions, Researches,
		and Writings of Nikola Tesla, book cover
The Inventions,
Researches, and Writings of

Nikola Tesla
by Thomas Cummerford Martin
Media: Hardback
Publisher:Angriff Press
Retail Price:$24.95

Unipolar Generator Drawing Beneficial Eddy Currents
The next illustration (Figure 5) of a unipolar dynamo with relatively small magnets demonstrates a principle that Tesla wishes to exploit. He points out that path "n" will tend to predominate because the current will choose the path "which offers the least opposition." He believes that the currents in such a generator tend to reinforce the magnetic field and may even "continue to flow" when the field magnet is turned off (assuming electromagnets)...
This outstanding compendium of Tesla's lectures, miscellaneous articles, discussions and inventions all appeared in the Electrical Engineer. Ten years of Tesla's work that occurred between 1884 to 1894 (when this book was originally published) are covered. These were the years that Tesla laid out the groundwork for the basic electrical system that we still use today. Tesla's dearest desire... wireless power was still six years away.

Martin did an excellent job of organizing the material. The book is divided into four parts:
  • Polyphase Currents;
  • Tesla Effects with High Frequency and High Potential Currents;
  • Miscellaneous Inventions & Writings;
  • Early Phase Motors and Tesla Oscillators;

    This collection shows not only the scope of Tesla's inventions, but indicates the range of his thought. Today it is still a useful book for the avid alternative energy researcher. Witness the passage in the sidebar from the paper -- The Homopolar Generator: Tesla's Contribution -- presented by Tom Valone at the 1986 International Tesla Symposium . At that time the homopolar or unipolar generator was the hot item in the free energy world... and Tesla's thought on the possibilities of improving it are in this old, but useful volume.

    210004:  The Inventions, Researches,
    and Writings of Nikola Tesla ... $24.95

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