Colo Sprg Notes book cover
Colorado Springs Notes

by Nikola Tesla

Tesla's working diary on his research at the
Colorado Springs laboratory!

Media: Hardbound
Published: 1978
Publisher: Nolit; Belgrad, Yugoslavia
Pages: 440
Retail Price: $44.00

Outside Photo of Lab Tesla's Colorado Springs Lab - 1899
The first edition of the English original and Serbo-Croat translation of the working diary of Nikola Tesla, the great American scientist of Yugoslav origin, was published on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth.

The diary, written during Tesla's experiments in the laboratory near Colorado Springs in 1899 and 1900, is exceptionally important for the history of radio, and for better and deeper understanding of Tesla's experimental work in this field. The diary notes were handwritten day in, day out from June 1, 1899 to January 7, 1900, amounting to 500 pages and almost 200 drawings. There are also full explanations of 63 photographs illustrating the last stage of the experimental work.

The importance of Tesla's diary lies not only in its value for the history of science, but also in the evidence it offers of the work and activities of the great scientist. Most of Tesla's experiments are still relevant for contemporary science, and this probably accounts for the visits of a great many American scientists to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade where most of their time was given to the diary.

210002:  Colorado Springs Notes (1899-1900) ... $44.00

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