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TeslaTech is an organization dedicated to the revelation of new and unusual concepts in the fields of research pioneered by Nikola Tesla. For years we have hosted an ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference featuring these emerging technologies, and are now posting DVDs of past TeslaTech Conferences to our new YouTube Channel. Our longtime volunteer Glen Fearn is spearheading this effort. YouTube pays advertising royalties to channels that have 1000 or more subscribers and 4000 watch hours! Revenues obtained from YouTube will help fund the annual conference, our magazine and facilities.

We need your help to get us to that level. We are very close and only need 120 more subscribers to qualify! We ask that you go check out the channel and subscribe! ... Then let your friends know about us as well! SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE!

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At this time hundreds DVDs have been released with more scheduled at a rate of 2 per day. By the end of the year there will be hundreds of pre-2016 DVDs available to watch for free. Be sure to 'Like' our videos (it helps search engines send us viewers)! Check the channel for publication schedules. SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE!

This is a way of supporting our efforts to promote alternative science at no cost to you! Your support is deeply appreciated and NEVER taken for granted!

Go to: TeslaTech Channel

Be sure to 'Like' our videos (it helps the search engines send us viewers) and then SUBSCRIBE!

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Coming to the 2022 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference In Albuquerque New Mexico… August 10-14???

2021 Conference DVDs are available here:

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