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Nikola Tesla | Advanced Concepts & Research | Health Topics | Conspiracy Theory

Nikola Tesla (Research and Biographical)
Nikola Tesla | Advanced Concepts & Research | Health Topics | Conspiracy Theory

Science Hobbyist
This is a great compilation of links by Bill Beaty covering Tesla coils, alternative science, amateur Science and "weird science" with categories of:
energy - gravity - inventions - closeminded.
Tons of useful information that you don't want to miss are buried throughout the site!

Tesla Engine Builders Tesla Engine Builders
A Non-Profit Membership Organization Dedicated to the Tesla Turbine Rotary Steam Engine/Combustion Engine
Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)revolutionized the World with his polyphase AC electric power system and combined cycle gas turbine patents,which continue to be today’s standard. The scandle is we are using only half of Tesla’s patented hardware the remainder of which is proven capable of ending “greenhouse gas”emissions!

Advanced Concepts in Science & Technology
Nikola Tesla | Advanced Concepts & Research | Health Topics | Conspiracy Theory

ZPE logo Zero Point Energy
A unique and inspiring interactive news portal with a pragmatic approach to implementing new energy technology, by endeavoring to connect zero point energy inventors and experimenters with the investors and promoters who could help bring practical over-unity devices into the public domain. The concept for ZPEnergy.com is to provide the tools and structure that allow the site's users to build it and to post articles and comments pertinent to the field... excellent list of relevant links, downloads and reference material is provided
Eagle Research
Eagle-Research is a nonprofit organization that promotes, develops and distributes practical solutions (since 1984)including alternative free energy options, environmental sustainability, energy conservation, patent-free technology, cooperative exchange of information, self-reliance, and overall development of human potential.

Electrical Power can be obtained from the energy our planet generates 24 hours each and every day. It is an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy that is abundant day or night. Check out the Research Guide which is packed with information.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Sympathetic Vibratory Physics by Dale Pond provides an extensive compendium of information in this field. The research is based largely on work by John Keely who developed several devices in the late 1800s. Replicas of some devices have been built, and experimental work is ongoing with these and related machines. Offerings include courses, books, and related materials.

Integrity Research Logo Integrity Research Institute Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping establish integrity in scientific research, primarily regarding the physics of energy, whether it is in the technical, human health, or environmental area.

new enregy Logo New Energy Technologies
This magazine is published by Faraday Labs on such topics as advanced propulsion systems for aerospace technologies, e.g. electrogravitics and other reactionless propulsion systems, new materials, alternative (fuelless) power engineering, and magnet motor-generators. New Energy Technologies magazine is published in both English and Russian.

Alternative Health & Medicine
Nikola Tesla | Advanced Concepts & Research | Health Topics | Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracies & Other Mysteries
Nikola Tesla | Advanced Concepts & Research | Health Topics | Conspiracy Theory

Nexus Magazine
NEXUS believes that humanity is undergoing a massive transformation and is in constant battle with secret governments around the world. With this in mind, NEXUS seeks to provide 'hard-to-get' information so as to assist people through these changes. This information also includes alternative medicine and energy developments. NEXUS is not linked to any religious, philosophical or political ideology or organization.

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Discover the Best Kept Secrets in Science!!!
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The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means.
On the contrary, the means always determine the end.

--- Aldous Huxley (via Duncan Roads,Nexus Magazine) --

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