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Very nice website you've created. I've been a HUGE fan of Nikola Tesla for many years now and I'm currently working on my own version of bladeless turbine. I hope to be able to go public with it by early 2005.
Carl D. Geer <icusnoopin@yahoo.com>
Rochester, NY USA -
To Whom this may concern: I have some ideas on alternative energy machines, space travel, physics and time travel research on my new homepage below. It is still being build. Leonard Belfroy. Homepage: http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/TSScience.html .
Leonard Belfroy <belfroy@spots.ab.ca>
Calgary, Alberta Canada -
I was an original member of the International Tesla society back in 1983. I was perplexed to find out that this society went bankrupt, but am glad to see TeslaTech has ressurected it in another form. I am an electrical engineer involved in many aspects of alternative energy. I worked with a friend who built a gravity a measurement device, which was demonstrated to members of the Society at a meeting in Colorado Springs in 1991.
Robert <rabecker@mindspring.com>
Des Plaines, Il USA -
I have tried to read everything I can find on Tesla. He was so interesting. I hate that he never got the recognition HE deserved. Keep on keeping on.
Leon Sikes <LLSikes@aol.com>
Spruce Pine , AL USA -
I am interested in all form of non convential energy technology especially after reading a Telsa story that discovery in bookshop some 30 years ago and that is the reason I created the energy21 website. I especially like your website. Best wishes Geoff Egel
Geoff Egel <egel@main.murray.net.au>
Loxton, SA Australia -
I became aware of Nikola Tesla 5 to 6 years ago. Facinating individual. I look foward to viewing this site from time to time.
Vern Lemaster <vernsden@yahoo.com>
Omaha, NE USA -
Hi Steve. I am someone you met at both the 2000 and 2001 Exotic Research Conferences. I love your web site. My email has changed from wizardbm@bigfoot.com (or wizardess_dena@bigfoot.com to: wizardess_dena@wizards-technology.com. I did this because the bigfoot.com email forwarding service is broken, and they have not fixed the problem after 2 weeks of no email. Dena
Dena Meier <wizardess_dena@wizards-technology.com>
League City, TX USA -
I am a medical doctor using a PEMF deveice to improve many health problems.
Jean Charlebois <jeancharlebois@arobas.net>
Lac Beauport, Quebec Canada -
I was at the 2001 Extraordinary Science Conference. I'm the woman who made audio recordings and I sent one of these to you to help you out. I have been wondering how you folks were doing. Your website is still alive! Its a different name, and organization name though. I myself lost my job in December 2001, and I've been too broke to go to anything since then. Anyone who supports the Tesla work is doing a great thing in my opinion. And thank you much for your efforts for this website and for helping the Tesla research. --- Dena Meier
Dena Meier <wizardess_dena@bigfoot.com>
League City, TX USA -
This is the type of site that the fanatical oil cartels and the Federal Reserve fears: It helps to return the raw commodity of power back to THE PEOPLE where it belongs.
Randolph <freeenergy@juno.com>
Information most needed.. Must have plans to free energy... Thanking you in advance...
Tony knight <knight2654@excite.com>
newark, Nj USA -
I am not sure what this is all about yet. Chanced here. What would Bukowski do? That is what we should all be asking. Steve S. from www.saroff.com -- come and visit to read stories and see pictures.
Steve Saroff <ssaroff@hotmail.com>
Missoula, MT -
Good to have you back Steve. Your forum has been sorely missed. I have been occasionally checking the web and was beginning to get worried. I'm sorry for the difficult times, but that is what makes us stronger. Great new Magazine. Duane Brayton
Duane Brayton <tutoads@att.net>
Hazel Green, AL USA -
Greetings from an Exotic Research longtime fan. Glad to see something still going on that relates. Best wishes for a bright Tesla future.
Dale Burdge
ga USA -
Greetings from Huston, TX. My name is Lisa. Let me thank you for such an informative site. I used it to compose cliff notes and free essays for my class. Your site is indeed a wonderful source for all my future term papers and research papers.
free essays
Greetings from Huston, TX. My name is Lisa. Let me thank you for such an informative site. I used it to compose cliff notes and free essays for my class. Your site is indeed a wonderful source for all my future term papers and research papers.
free essays
Thrilled to death to recieve the magazine and cant wait to read it.
Jerry Lones <janlee@wcoil.com>
Ada, OH USA -
I rec'd a post card, and thought I would check this site out. N.K.A.
Norm Anderson <nkanderson@myexcel.com>
Anchorage, Ak USA -
Steve, glad you made it back. We differ in opinion over vast areas, but you have my respect (and I'm really judgemental) because you at least don't try to stop ideas different from your own. I'm glad you haven't sold out. best wishes, Eric Krieg (big time free energy skeptic)
eric krieg <eric@voicenet.com>
philadelphia, pa USA -
Steve, There is no question in my mind that you are a true survivor. God Speed, Bruce A. Perreault
Bruce A. Perreault <nuenergy@cyberportal.net>
Rumney, NH USA -
This my first attempt at installing a Perl script. Seeing as how it went so well I may try the bulletin board out.
Steven Elsick <steve@teslatech.info>
Queen Valley, AZ USA -

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