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Science & Technology
Issue 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar 2015
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Tesla's Statue...
    ... Overlooking Niagara Falls!
Impulse Generator… ...
    ... Harnessing Gravitational Fields!
Roberts Rotary Engine…
    ... Validation of the Key Ring Atom!
HHoover Dam...
    ... Taming the West with Tesla Tech!

From the Publisher's Desk
The 2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is highlighted with a Call for Papers!

WATER... The Essential Commodity for the 21st Century
As a young boy, Tesla envisioned harnessing Niagara Falls... one of the world’s natural wonders. Fifty years later after Tesla’s success, a new manmade wonder (Hoover Dam) is constructed in record time under extreme conditions. Now, we a facing a new challenge to quench mankind’s thirst for water!

2013 Conference Report... Moving Forward into the 21st Century
Many of our speakers in 2013 were oriented in the same direction, coming to similar conclusions despite using widely varying language and procedures. The pervasiveness and fundamental nature of electromagnetism, plasma and longitudinal energy is increasingly being recognized!

ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List
Speaker contact information for the 2013 Conference in Albuquerque is listed.

Evgeny Podkletnov on the Impulse Gravity-Generator
Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov published a series of scientific papers detailing the experimental results of the impulse gravity generator. The device reportedly produced hundreds of pounds of gravitational force in a non-diverging beam, capable of “punching holes through concrete and warping metal like hitting it with a sledgehammer”.

The Key Ring Atom...Validated by the Roberts Rotary Engine!
Huge amounts of energy in the atom are released by nuclear explosions. Joseph Papp figured a way to safely harness a fraction of this energy without splitting the atom and never told anyone how to do it. This technology is back and you are about to read about the new physics theory behind it.

Joseph Papp’s First Engine Patent Explained
An analysis of Papp’s revolutionary work is based on the paper, Energetic Particles Observed During Electrolysis. Dr. Richard Oriani’s observations of huge bursts of Alpha radiation in the off-gasses from his “Cold Fusion” electrolysis cells is crucial to understanding where the “energy” comes from in Papp’s engine.

Electrical Energy From Ambient Radiant Energy
Perreault’s Ion Valve is a high surface area radio diode... a solid state cell that provides useful electrical energy when exposed to ambient radio waves. By connecting them in series to make a panel, we obtain the voltage we require, just like solar cells!

Vibrant Health IS the Remedy for ALL Disease
The body flows its energy through meridians, much like electricity flows through the wiring of a house, with circuits guiding the life force to animate and bring health and immunity to all parts of the organism. This is according to the blueprint of nature’s design.

GDV Technology Proves Scalar Energy Reality
The forms of energy that are well characterized include light, heat, sound, and electricity. Several healing technologies utilize these types of energy. Another type of energy that is being used for healing is scalar, which has not been as well characterized.

The Last Page
Spiritually inspired, hard science is now challenging the last frontier (the mind) by looking into our very souls!

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