ExtraOrdinary Technology -V5N2 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
Apr/May/Jun 2007
Volume 5 Number 2

Table of Contents

Roswell's Secret History… It was America's First Space Center!
The Nazi Bell… The Mystery Continues!
ORME Technology… Another Aspect of Shape Power!
Parasites… An Expanding Health Risk

From the Publisher's Desk
Update on our computer upgrade is highlighted as well as news on electronic backissues and the upcoming 2008 Conference.

Roswell’s Secret History... It Was America’s First Space Center
Before NASA, America’s space program consisted solely of the efforts of Robert Goddard in Roswell,NM. During and after World War II, Roswell was a major center of our defense efforts... complete with Nazi spies, POWs, nuclear weapons, V2 rockets, and even an alien spacecraft!

Secrets of the Nazi-Bell... Uncovering the Mystery with Joseph P. Farrell
The Nazi-Bell is the dead relic of a bygone era –an unfinished icon of a war come and gone…or is it? Once again cast in the spotlight with the release of Joseph Farrell’s “SS Brotherhood of the Bell”, the story this time takes on a more ominous tone as new details emerge -- including rumors that the remote test site has been unexpectedly purchased and scheduled for demolition. We join Farrell on a journey to uncover the war’s most compelling mystery, over 60 years in the making.

Atmospheric Fields, Tesla’s Receivers, and Regenerative Detectors
This paper reviews experimental and analytical research into the sensitive detector circuits employed by Nikola Tesla during his famous lightning observation experiments in Colorado. Using Tesla’s laboratory notes, correspondence, and patent applications, we reconstructed models of his apparatus which reveal an unanticipated level of sophistication. His 1899 coherer circuits not only include distributed high Q helical resonators, but also RF feedback, a primitive form of heterodyne (mixing), and regeneration techniques.

Our Future Energy Source.... The Vacuum
How can the vacuum, as a medium devoid of matter, be said to have such curious properties if it is a mere nothing? Consider what we mean by that word ‘permittivity’. It tells us how much energy we can store by setting up a voltage between two metal plates in a vacuum. That energy sits in the vacuum - not in those metal plates! The vacuum has a way of releasing that energy when that voltage is reduced and that mysterious quantity we call ‘permittivity’ governs that action.

2007 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List
Contact information for all of the speakers at this years’s conference is listed.

Shape Power, the Joe Cell, and the Flame of Eternal Youth
Shape converts the universal aether, the space energy, into other forces such as electrostatic, gravitic, and magnetic. This occurs from the subatomic realm on up the scale of size to the galaxy and beyond. This article goes into the subatomic particles, the electron and proton as shape power forms, their shape effects, and how the forces associated with them get created in aether.

Understanding Parasites
The common belief that people in the US are free of parasites is a great illusion. Some estimate that about 50 million American children are infected with worm parasites; only a small portion of which is detected and reported.

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