ExtraOrdinary Technology -V5N1 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
Jan/Feb/Mar 2007
Volume 5 Number 1

Table of Contents

Implosion… A Neglected Aspect of Physics!
Otis Carr… A Derivative of Shape Power!
Aurora… America's Mythical Hyperspace Craft!
Nathan Stubblefield… Inventor of Underground Radio?

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ReInvesting In America... Building A Future for US, OUR Children, and OUR Grandchildren!
An indepth look at the purpose of government (provide a functional social fabric), the serious problem’s facing us (ranging from healthcare to stratospheric gas prices) and potential solutions!

Lightning Damage is Preventable
Lightning protection has come a long way since Ben Franklin’s kite... a Franklin rod is simply not enough. Tesla’s version looked more like an umbrella and dissipated charge more effectively.

Who Was Nathan Stubblefield... and What Did He Really Invent?
Nathan Stubblefield was a Kentucky farmer who some say invented radio. However, his underground delivery system had unresolved problems.

Harnessing Universal Ambient Energy
By imitating natural photosynthesis, and then enhancing the technique, the Ambient Energy Cell is capable of producing electricity from a wide range of light sources... both day and night!

Aurora and Beyond... Paul Czysz on Hypersonic Aircraft
It’s a name that evokes awe in the aerospace industry – Aurora, a Mach-6 hypersonic aircraft that nobody’s sure exists. We join hypersonic pioneer Paul Czsyz for the inside scoop on Aurora and a next-generation Mach-15 successor that may be capable of even reaching space.

How the US Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry
Otis T Carr had dreams of traveling the moon in his flying saucers which utilized Tesla technology. However, allegations of securities fraud derailed those dreams... or did they?

The State of Free Energy From a 2001 Perspective
Free energy would upset entrenched financial interests and deliver true freedom. Researchers such as Tesla, EV Gray, TH Moray. and Robert Adams have built free energy devices which were suppressed by forces beyond their control!

Aetheric Implosion
Conventional science is based on explosive forces and has neglected studying implosive forces. This has resulted in a misunderstanding about how Nature really operates! Addressing and studying the implosive forces may well lead to harnessing aether for energy!

What Is Orgone Energy?
Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. A vital life force recognized throughout the ages, orgone can influence bio-energetic fields. However, significant research has been done illustrating that orgone can alter weather as well!

Death On the Grocery Shelves
The FDA requires trans fatty acids, or trans fat to be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel of conventional foods and some dietary supplements. This helps consumers lower their intake of trans fat as part of a more natural and heart-healthy diet.

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