ExtraOrdinary Technology -V4N4 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
Oct/Nov/Dec 2006
Volume 4 Number 4

Table of Contents

The Power Oscillator … Tesla’s Harness for Energy Resonance!
The Joe Cell… A Derivative of Shape Power!
Proton 21 … Adamenko’s New Fusion Process!
GEET… Suppressed… Repressed… and Oppressed!!

From the Publisher's Desk
Update on Paul Pantone, the demise of VHS and a new website... now we are looking forward to the 2007 Conference!

Of, For, and By the People ....Breaking the Chokehold of Multinational Corporations!
An indepth look at multinational corporations and their destructive behavior reveals an undercurrent of dehumanization will soon lead to man vs machine for control of this planet. Big brother monitoring is one aspect of the dehumanization. Finally, an overview of GEET technology.

Embattled Scientist on the Edge of Deletion
For the past two years, Paul Pantone, the inventor of GEET has been tucked away in Utah’s version of Guantanamo. Denied proper medical attention, regular mail, and visits from his friends, the Prosecutors seek to have Paul’s mind destroyed! xz

First Tesla Museum and Science Center Int’l Conference on Nikola Tesla Summary Report
This October’s conference featured scholarly coverage of a Tesla’s wireless transmission of power and Wardenclyffe! A brief history of Tesla’s Long Island Laboratory is included.

Beginner’s Guide to Free Energy Devices
The pioneers of radiant energy and their work are reviewed. The various approaches range from antenna based systems to magnetic motors. Featured inventors include Nikola Tesla, Alfred Hubbard, TH Moray, EV Gray and the late Paul Brown!

Nikola Tesla’s Power Oscillator Concept and Energy Resonance
Tesla had planned to use AC power as a temporary fix. Wardenclyffe and his wireless power system was to be based on OC (Oscillating Current) based on his work with sharp pulses and resonant circuits.

The New Fusion: Dr. Stanislav Adamenko on Proton 21
By subjecting a copper electrode to a gigawatt pulse of energy, Dr. Stanislav Adamenko believes that he’s found a new form of fusion that occurs inside a millimeter sized plasma that forms in the electrode!

Pyromagnetic Vortex Thruster Engine
Tesla discovered a way to use the demagnetization effects of heat to run an engine. This inventor has taken it one step further and combined it with implosion technology for aircraft!

Joe Cell and Other Cylindrical Aetheric Energy Collectors Are Shape Power Devices
Recent Joe Cell research indicates that they may utilize orgone energy. The tube construction is reminiscent of cloud buster technology indicating they have similar operating characteristics!

Lipitor, Neuromuscular Degeneration, and Recovery
New reports indicate that in addition to reducing cholesterol, statin drugs seriously damage other parts of the body creating a new health crisis for the future!

A Bombshell Drops on Cholesterol Medication’s Glass House
Billions of taxpayer dollars are fueling a therapy reducing cholesterol to reduce heart failure. Government study states there is NO evidence to support this !

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