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Paul Pantone
Embattled Scientist On the Edge of Deletion
by George Gaboury

President, San Francisco Tesla Society
Member, Paul Pantone Defense Project

Reprinted from: ExtraOrdinary Technology (Volume 4, Issue 4; Oct/Nov/Dec 2006)

Try to imagine owning the ultimate home production power plant; it heats your water, generates electricity, takes care of heating and air conditioning, etc. by utilizing the waste heat from refrigeration and applying it to storage or hot water, while the generator is giving you all the electricity you want.

This is all possible using the GEET Fuel Processor. In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. With it, there is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on cars, as the GEET Fuel Processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit! Your mileage will be greatly increased if you are truly consuming ALL of the available energy, from whatever fuel you may be using.
-- Paul Pantone [Exotic Research Magazine V1N2 Apr/May/Jun 1996]

GEET: A Sweeping Vision...
The above words were written by Paul Pantone and published over 10 years ago in Exotic Research magazine. Much of what follows in this article has been compiled from Paul’s writings, court documents, conversations with Paul’s friends and conversations with Paul Pantone.

Since 1996, hundreds of GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) devices are in use in the United States. Thousands of students have attended GEET classes. GEET plans can be easily found on the internet. GEET enthusiast clubs have sprung up around the globe. There have been GEET classes in France. A German energy conference in 2003 featured presentations by Dr. Hans Weber and Andreas Manthey on GEET theory and applications. With any luck within a few years, you will be able to buy a flying car by Paul Pantone’s friend, Paul Moller, that incorporates GEET principles in its clean fuel management system.

FDespite all this, big media has largely ignored GEET. In many states it is still not legal to drive a GEET converted car, because the GEET modification would alter the performance of an officially sanctioned emission control device on your car in those states. Never mind that a properly installed GEET device may double or triple your gas mileage, while it reduces toxic emissions and greenhouse gasses by over 90 %. Never mind that a GEET device can outperform many of the “legal” smog control devices. Never mind that the introduction of GEET technology on a mass scale could dramatically lower our need for expensive foreign oil and foreign oil wars.

Had the GEET revolution gone mainstream ten years ago, would thousands be dying in Iraq today? Would our economy have been in better shape? Would Katrina have been as bad as it was? What is there yet to come that GEET’s widespread use could prevent? Has GEET been perceived as too darn dangerous to the highly profitable petro industrial bottom line, or is the control of GEET something too hot be left to its rowdy outspoken politically incorrect financially precarious developer?

As we go to press, Paul Pantone the developer of GEET, struggles as a prisoner railroaded into a mental ward of the State Hospital at Provo, Utah.

Moller Sky Car The Moller Skycar is a futuristic flying car that could easily incorporate GEET principles in its design, thus providing the world with relatively polllution free, form of personal transportation!
Inside Utah’s Guantanomo...
Since December of 2005, he has been incarcerated on a bogus restraining order violation, a doctored incompetence charge, and framed securities fraud violations. Like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, his civil rights have been violated and no one of his choosing has been able to see him.

“Don’t worry”, a friend says, “it’s much worse than you think”.

Some of Paul’s teeth are broken in half. Some have fallen out. His mouth is swollen. He has bleeding skin sores contracted from other patients. He must drink his water from a communal container which is dirty on the inside bottom. Every day is a new battle with unrelenting pain. His public defender is overburdened with other demanding cases.

Despite the direct order of a judge, Paul is still being denied phone and visitation rights to even his friends who have power of attorney. With few exceptions, only certified mail seems to reach him, temporarily, before it is taken away. Any mail which Paul tries to send to the outside world seems to be intercepted and therefore never leaves the hospital. So far, Paul Pantone has been able to legally stave off attempts by the state attorney general to have Pantone forcibly medicated with a popular Utah Big Pharma cocktail of psychotropic drugs with disturbing long term side effects such as: diabetes, frequent uncontrollable irreversible muscle spasms, another potential stroke to add to his collection, and possible cardiovascular failure.

‘C’mon Paul”, a hospital worker says, just take the (psych) meds and we’ll give you some antibiotics and pain killer”. Paul refuses, preferring to bravely face his daily torture regimen of medical neglect.

“Hi Paul” an attorney says, “I’m Michael, your patient advocate. How can I help you?” After a few minutes of discussion, the patient advocate tells Paul, “What these people are doing to you here in this hospital is very illegal. I need to know who is doing this to you.”

Paul responds that one lady appears to be behind the problems. Then he shows Michael a letter signed by Michael’s wife. She is legal counsel for the state hospital and would represent the hospital in any court disputes with patients. Michael stares at the letter, looks shocked and says, “Gee, I guess I won’t be able to discuss any of our conversations with my wife.” Paul is not impressed. He is a veteran at exposing impotent defense attorneys operating with a conflict of interest.

Paul Pantone and Prototype GEET
This is an early photo of Paul Pantone displaying the first prototype of his GEET device which allows engines to burn a a variety of fuels. Subsequent versions are much more compact and easier to build.

A History of Suppression
Paul Pantone was born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. He and his family moved to Southern California in 1959. Pantone moved to the Placerville area of Northern California in 1972. In 1975 Paul met an unusual person who eventually entrusted him with the basic plans for GEET. Pantone was commanded to always give a portion of whatever he made from GEET back to mankind.

In 1983, Pantone created his first working GEET engine. In 1984, a local newspaper wrote a story about Paul Pantone and GEET. The next day Paul was warned that someone was about to erase Pantone’s records at the IRS. The goal was to frame Pantone for tax evasion and confiscate everything. Paul was quietly shown by a friend what to do to prevent the fake sting operation, and the techniques worked.

Over many years Pantone made a number of attempts to introduce GEET to nonprofit organizations, only to find out that none of them actually wanted to support solutions like this. Friends of Paul Pantone have also contacted significant environmental and civil rights organizations to ask for legal defense support to help Pantone in his current situation. For the most part, the pleas of Paul’s friends have fallen on deaf ears.

In 1985 Pantone and GEET were featured on the evening news. Paul started receiving threats the next day. According to Pantone, “later that morning a representative from a foreign oil company phoned and told me point blank to leave the automotive industry alone or they would be willing to pay millions to have me and my family killed.” The reporter who covered Paul’s story was also threatened. Paul was told that no TV stations would ever cover him again, even if he could walk on water. Later Paul would find brake lines cut on his car. In another incident, sticks of dynamite were thrown at him while he was driving.

Pantone was warned by California Air Quality officials that he would go to jail if he installed GEET on any cars. Paul was informed that he could receive a California permit for R & D if he would send them the working model and allow them to understand what he was doing. Pantone declined as there had already been a number of attempts to steal GEET technology. He did not have adequate assurances that individuals in state government wouldn’t try to do the same if he gave them the chance.

Paul Pantone’s financial resources were vigorously attacked. Since 1982 Pantone had been accumulating wealth as a building contractor, acquiring and improving distressed properties. He sold some of his upgraded properties for profit and rented others.

By 1990, he had improved over 178 houses and owned 50 rental properties. Then strange things started happening. Vacant houses were vandalized. The insurance companies refused to pay for damages claiming his policies had expired. Money was mysteriously disappearing from his accounts. The banks were in denial. Seven million dollars was gone in one month. Pantone had two strokes within one week. He left to be with his father and recover. He didn’t have the resources to fight vicious lawyers from powerful banks.

The goal was to get Pantone into bankruptcy court and seize control of GEET. Pantone literally lost all his properties but Paul was able to save the GEET technology from oblivion.

FFA GEET Builders, Tulare, CA
This group of FFA (Future Farmers of America) students from Hanson High School (Hanson, CA) took a set of small engine plans and built a working small engine GEET in just under four (4) hours! They brought it to the 1999 GEET Conference held in Tulare, CA where Paul demonstrated some of the finer points of GEET technology!

“Friends” and Family....
Fed up with GEET roadblocks from California bureaucracies and seeing no way he could bring his invention to market in the golden state, Pantone decided to try again somewhere else. Paul chose to move to Utah in 1994 so he could also live closer to one of his sons.

An ex-wife from California pursued Pantone, and led an attempt by friends in Utah to frame Paul Pantone for “touching a minor”. A plea bargain was attempted including conditions for Paul to hand over GEET properties to his ex-wife as part of the deal. Pantone refused. The judge told Paul that he was guilty in this court until proven innocent. Pantone’s lawyer only had four hours to defend Pantone, compared to three days of testimony by state witnesses.

Pantone was found not guilty. The trial cost Paul Pantone $ 40,000 . The state also sent Paul a bill for several thousand dollars for its expenses in the trial. It was a nice try but Pantone never paid.

Paul met Molley Feichko in June 1995. They were married at the Exotic Research Conference on July 26, 1998. Over time their relationship would become highly toxic and dysfunctional. Paul and Molley separated in 2002. A number of unsuccessful attempts were made to reconcile, but traumatic events largely due to serious substance abuse issues on Molley’s part would regularly foil all efforts and eventually help place Paul where he is today.

Since 1983, Paul Pantone has had great difficulty shepherding various companies carrying the GEET name. These include GEET, the GEET Trust, GEET, L.L.C., GEET Management, L.L.C., GEET Research, and finally, GEET Corp. Pantone has had to replace management several times when wrongdoing was committed against GEET and its supporters.

It is clear that some innocent investors were hurt. Some patrons of GEET Inc. products were not satisfied with what they received. It is also clear that Paul was up against powerful individuals determined to exploit his weaknesses, empower themselves, rally detractors, hurt anyone in their way, blame it on Paul when they could, seize what they wanted, deliberately mislead Paul into serious financial blunders, extort thousands whenever possible and destroy Pantone if he resisted.

Whatever portion was Paul’s responsibility regarding the mismanagement of GEET Inc which led to his incarceration, Pantone was ill prepared for what he was up against. Paul went to great lengths to right every wrong he could at great personal expense and has more than paid his dues in human suffering.

Sandy UT Courthouse
Paul’s future may well be decided in this Courthouse. For the past six months, many of us have attended hearing after hearing as silent witnesses in the Courtroom Galley.

The first time we showed up in July 2006, the Judge was stunned and delayed his judgement. Since then, consistent attendence by interested parties appear to have kept the needle at bay... and illustrate the weakness of the case against Paul.

Judges don’t like witnesses, especially when making poor, possibly illegal, decisions!

A Powerful Conspiracy
In the year 2000, an incident occurred which would forever alter the course of Paul’s life. Paul Pantone was offered many millions of dollars by a powerful individual to sell off his rights to GEET. Paul was clearly threatened that there would be serious consequences to his future if he did not. “Take the money, Paul,” he was told, “It’s much easier for us to just take you out of the equation.” Paul Pantone refused and a trap was set.

Things would soon turn very ugly for GEET Corp. and Pantone. Eager investors quickly appeared on the scene offering to rescue GEET with an infusion of capital after a former GEET manager had embezzled the company. GEET Corp’s new partners filled the company’s bank account with loan money from their offshore accounts and then proceeded to manage the company and gut the bank accounts as they saw fit. Paul was unaware of what was taking place. He was trying to stay out of daily management of GEET Corp. Control of the company had been given to the partner “experts” so Paul could spend all his time on teaching and research.

Paul became aware that GEET’s reputation was beginning to suffer from mismanagement to customers. The partners handed control of GEET Corp. to Pantone, and Pantone unwittingly accepted it. Pantone was unaware of the civil and criminal liabilities that his partners had planned for him. Since the corporation’s gutted accounts were now in poor shape, Pantone was told he could pay back partner loans by issuing them some new GEET Corp stock certificates that their lawyer partner had created. It seemed like a simple way out of a tight spot. Falling for the trap by trusting the lawyer partner, Pantone complied.

After the stock certificates were issued, the partners, including the lawyer partner, went to see the state attorney general crying fraud by Paul Pantone. They had purposely created bogus stock certificates to entrap Pantone. Since Pantone now controlled GEET Corp, the conspirators wanted to have Paul Pantone held liable for securities fraud. False allegations were also made that Pantone pledged total control of GEET’s patents to multiple individuals simultaneously. It took years for the securities fraud case to work its way through the Utah court system.

Pantone, now destitute and wary from court battles, was strong armed by his attorney into accepting a plea bargain in October 2004 on the securities fraud charges for a four month sentence. Pantone’s attorney said that Paul and his wife would both go to jail for a very long time if he didn’t take the deal. Pantone, knowing he was innocent, told the judge he was accepting this plea bargain under duress from his own attorney. When Pantone questioned over-billing by his attorney in these ongoing cases, the attorney threatened that Pantone would be put away for two years in the mental ward and incarcerated for the rest of his life if he didn’t pay up to the tune of $ 25,000.

A Personal Tragedy
March 2005 was a difficult month for Paul Pantone. He missed a court hearing after he collapsed from excessive stress and carbon monoxide exposure. His therapist submitted a letter to the court stating why Pantone could not come to court at that time. Pantone’s attorney used the hearing behind Paul’s back as an opportunity to file a motion questioning Pantone’s competency.

During a visit with Paul, Molley intoxicated on drugs, went to the police alleging abuse. She filed for a complaint for a protective order against Paul in May 2005. She quickly moved to dismiss the case after Paul’s attorney confronted her, pointing out that her complaint contained 59 counts of perjury.

Nevertheless, in June, Molley again ordered the police to arrest Paul Pantone, claiming Pantone had violated her non existent protective order. She said that the place she was visiting Paul at was her residence. None of this was true. Amazingly, the police never checked to confirm that there never was a valid protective order, and Paul Pantone was arrested. This matter still has not been resolved through the courts and this case has been lumped in with the securities fraud charges against Paul Pantone. Paul’s attorneys never properly defended him on this issue, so it is probable that mental hospital staff through court disinformation think that Paul Pantone is a stalker, as well as an incompetent dreamer.

Officers of the Court...
A warrant for Pantone’s arrest was issued after he failed to appear at a court status hearing in July of 2005. Pantone says that his attorney didn’t inform him about the hearing until several days after it was scheduled. The attorney claimed he had tried to call Paul several days before the court date, but phone records showed he had not. The judge refused to recall the warrant.

The state conducted psychological evaluations of Paul Pantone in October and November of 2005. On October 31, 2005 one psychologist states she was able to use a single 75 minute evaluation as her sole means of determining that Paul Pantone was incompetent. Professional psychiatrists agree that an evaluation of this nature requires a minimum of three to five days.

At the next hearing Pantone had acquired a new attorney who fell under the influence of the old one. Competency reports with skewed data from the state psychologists were presented to the judge. The psychologists said Pantone was delusional for claiming that he could use his GEET to run an engine on mostly water. The issue wasn’t raised as to how a psychologist could be even remotely qualified to properly evaluate the performance of GEET. They also claimed Paul was incompetent for not being able to get along with his attorney, according to Utah Code 77-15-5. Under this law, when you no longer trust you attorney and you become reluctant to work with him, you can be said to have a delusional or paranoid mental disorder and you can be put away. The court need not consider how much trust your attorney really deserves.

In the State’s Custody...
The unstoppable locomotive of bureaucratic injustice was unleashed. Pantone was heading for jail where rumors would be floated that he was a pedophile. Pantone would get “special treatment” from inmates and guards. He was beaten.

Pantone was double booked. First, they shipped him to the county jail where he served most of his “agreed” upon securities fraud time of four months. Then after three and a half months and expecting a release soon, he was instead transferred to the mental hospital in March 2006 with no time limit set, as the court still contends that he’s not yet competent to receive sentencing. It was discovered latter that this attorney who misrepresented Pantone had a part time job with a paycheck from, you guessed it, the Utah Attorney General’s office. In Utah when your attorney puts you away, where’s your defense?

At the hospital, Paul was told, “Mr. Pantone, you are delusional . . . and we are going to fix you.”

When it comes to the law, Utah is a small state. The judges and the attorneys all know each other. When a judge, fellow attorney, or prosecutor, rules or acts against the law, the good old “legal” boys of Utah rarely act to hold each other accountable for misdeeds in court, even when a client like Pantone is demanding it, in his desperate fight for freedom.

Through a relentless series of frustrating status hearings since March of 2006, the Utah courts have repeatedly denied Paul Pantone his constitutional right to represent himself. The court has also denied Pantone his constitutional right to have a skilled friend of the court represent him, because Pantone’s friend is not a BAR certified attorney in Utah.

GEET Volkswagon
The GEET Volkswagon Conversion made its debut at the 1999 Exotic Research Conference in Mesa, AZ. Although relatively inexpensive, older VWs spewed out massive amounts of pollution. The converted GEET significantly reduced pollutants by 50%!
The Fight for Paul’s Mind
The state’s psychiatrists have recommended three months of forced medication to restore Paul to “competency” even though they admit they have no hospital records to document how long it could take for their proposed treatment to work, if at all. This statement gives the State an out clause to keep Pantone drugged and incarcerated for life if it so chooses.

The court has dismissed two psych evals showing Pantone to be competent while he was in jail. The court has also dismissed a psychological evaluation showing Pantone to be competent from Dr. Wilfred Higashi. Dr. Higashi was Paul’s therapist for 10 years and is well respected as the former head of mental health for the state of Utah. The State claimed that Higashi’s psych eval was biased because Higashi had a financial interest in GEET.

Dr. Higashi says he didn’t know if the certificates Pantone gave him were any good. It didn’t seem to matter to him. They were given as more of a symbolic payment for therapy at a time when Pantone was suffering financially. Higashi says that his 10 year relationship with Paul Pantone was primarily as a marriage counselor. Higashi says he doesn’t see any major problems that justify Pantone being in the State hospital. Higashi also says this is definitely a conspiracy by people he knows to ruin Paul and get control of GEET. Higashi also says that patients at the Utah State Hospital were overmedicated. They came out zombies with tardive dyskinesia. He says that the drugs they have planned for Paul Pantone are likely to have that effect on him.

The Utah court has refused to acknowledge its own lack of jurisdiction in this matter as Pantone’s corporation under securities scrutiny was based in Nevada. The court is also choosing to ignore that the fraud supposedly committed actually took place in Idaho.

A federal judge in Utah has refused to upset the status quo and dismissed petitions to rectify these matters. Several Utah certified defense attorneys and public defenders have been fired or quit in the course of this case further stalling resolution. Some were fired for negligence or when conflict of interest ties to the prosecutor were exposed, seriously threatening an effective defense for Pantone. Another public defender quit her law firm, abandoned all her cases, and disappeared, less than two days before a status hearing for Paul.

Paul Pantone
Paul Pantone was highlighted in Phoenix newspapers and on TV news at the 1999 Exotic Research Conference in Mesa, AZ. He demonstrated a number of different GEET devices including the Volkswagon GEET, his Suburban, a GEET Generator, and a small demonstration engine!
Persecuted... but Persevering
It is Saturday, January 27, 2007. Paul’s feet have broken bones that continue to fester. He desperately needs orthopedic surgery. He has been waiting for months. Weak and sore, he can barely walk. A battery rolls in front of him on his way to dinner at the mental hospital. He trips and falls on his face. A cap comes off one of the few intact teeth he has left. Fortunately his mouth is now numb for the moment. Later, he jokes with his brother about it briefly on the telephone. His brother, several states away, being his only direct contact to the outside world.

History is filled with the plunder, sabotage, neglect, persecution and erasure of key inventors and scientists working on crucial technologies for our future. The cost to mankind in lost science and technology is not well known and has been utterly disastrous. Nikola Tesla was prevented from bringing free wireless power to the public in the early 1900’s. The lives of hundreds of millions have been unnecessarily cut short and ruined because of the relentless A.M.A. persecution of Royal Rife and his incredible 1930’s technology to treat cancer. Philo T. Farnsworth’s promising research for electronic fusion was stopped cold by a corporate takeover in the 1960’s. These are just a few significant examples.

What is different in the Pantone case is the formation of a small, dedicated, growing grass roots coalition to free Paul Pantone. Men like Tesla, Rife and Farnsworth never had anything like this.

The Pantone coalition is now known as the Paul Pantone Defense Project. As this coalition of grass roots science activism grows and evolves, it becomes an increasingly effective counterforce to protect, defend and empower key neglected or persecuted scientists and in the process, hopefully change our future for the better. Their mission is simple. Save the inventors. Save the world. Make a real difference.

Through their efforts and the efforts of more to come, a growing segment of the public will begin to truly appreciate this concept, understand what is at stake for all of us, and give of themselves through projects like this in many creative ways to empower this movement. You don’t have to be a great scientist in order to rescue a great scientist.

Our government, major corporations, educational institutions and major NGO’s have clearly demonstrated an overwhelming avoidance to significantly appreciate and support many key suffering inventors and scientists outside the mainstream of orthodox corpo-academic research. Could a maturing grass roots movement of extraordinary science activists eventually bring these institutions around and thwart the parasitic destruction of great science and great scientists?

Paul Pantone Defense Project
Until recently, Paul Pantone was doomed to an excruciating defense of ill equipped overworked public defenders. The Defense Project has provided moral and physical support to Pantone in the mental hospital. The team has also created an independent web site to rally support, chronicle the court battle and showcase data and research validating GEET’s effectiveness. The Project has filed its own habeas corpus motions to cry “foul play” to the courts. The Project sponsored a successful Utah radio campaign to encourage more of the public to get involved and attend Pantone court hearings.

As we go to press, the Paul Pantone Defense Project has secured and funded an ethical, independent, savvy defense attorney unafraid to take on corrupt injustice in Utah. Upcoming court dates are now in flux. More funding is needed for legal defense, so the team is reaching out to the press, to get this story covered, and encouraging the public to participate. The tide is turning to free Paul Pantone.

Paul Pantone’s defense is just the beginning. The team is determined to evolve itself into an effective force to protect other key inventors and scientists in the future. What a difference that might make. We hope to report to you further regarding this process in future issues of Extraordinary Technology.

If you have read this far, you probably appreciate the importance of what this team is trying to do. The team encourages you to write, or even better, send a check to:
Paul Pantone
PO Box 1842
Duncan, OK 73534
The Paul Pantone Defense Project can also be found online at:

A hero’s journey almost always includes a noble descent into a great abyss, a struggle with dark forces and a triumph emerging victorious from it. Whatever happens next, Paul Pantone and his friends will echo the words of poet Dylan Thomas in thought and action....

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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