ExtraOrdinary Technology -V4N2 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
April/May/June 2006
Volume 4 Number 2

Table of Contents

MYT Engine… Mighty, Yet Tiny Engine packs a wallop!
Energy Independence… It starts with a still at every home!
RAM Implosion Wing… Home grown technology has potential!

From the Publisher's Desk
Earlier this year we overcame some significant hurdles... now we are looking forward to the 2007 Conference!

It’s A Simple Matter of Survival.... Resisting Control by External Forces!!!
Big Oil has everyone under their thumb... now is the time to break the chains by making your own fuel! Cell phones come with a high price to pay. First in physical health, and then by “Big Brother” listening in! Now every aspect of your life may be analyzed by the Pentagon’s stealth Total Information Program (TIP) that Congress thought it killed! Finally, the latest info on the Paul Pantone case!

My Explorations of Quantum ElectroGravitics
A look into the life of a self-educated inventor as he searches the field of antigravity and develops the RAM Implosion Wing which increases mileage! Patterson has some distinct views on why he believes it works and support from researchers who have built one for themselves.

2006 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List
Contact information for all of the speakers at this years’s conference is listed.

Nikola Tesla’s Later Energy Generation Designs
Tesla developed a series of alternative energy devices over his lifetime which culminated in the utilization of cosmic ray energy. Much of Tesla’s plan to extract energy from the ambient environment was covered in his legendary 1900 Century magazine article... The Problem of Increasing Human Energy!

The Massive Yet Tiny Engine
An interview of the Raphial Morgado on a radical energy technology that packs a staggering 850HP (as much power as produced by a ~3000 lb Cummins Diesel) into a small 150 lb engine! Simple, elegant, and extremely powerful, using only 20 parts to build, this is an engine that can revolutionize the transportation industry!

Make Your Own Fuel
In these days ,when $5-$7 a gallon gasoline is a distinct probability, it makes sense to make your own fuel for $1-$2 per gallon in your own back yard. It is legal and easier than you might think. This article gives you quite a bit of in-depth information on all aspects of distillation. Ride when others are walking, by making your own fuel!

Air Wells: Methods for Recovery of Atmospheric Humidity
Pure water is a problem in many areas of the world. Over the past couple of centuries, creative methods of extracting water from the air has been patented. Some which were actually built and operated performed exceedingly well!

Digestive Efficiency Is the Primary Indicator In Health and Disease Prevention
HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat when it comes to nutrition. In the late 1800s, a prominent businessman was overweight, in poor health, and on the brink of death. He dramatically changed the way he ate, which altered his health to the point where at age 70 he could outperform young military recruits. Learn how to eat and how your digestive system really works for a healthier life.

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