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Magnetic beads and photo of water in which beads were immersed.

Vibration, Energy, and Water
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Reprinted from: ExtraOrdinary Technology (Volume 3, Issue 4; Oct/Nov/Dec 2005)

The chemicals that we use in water treatment may be having unhealthy consequences that have not been previously realized. There is a growing concern about this both in the United States and around the world. According to Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl in their book, “Our Angry Earth”, pollution to our water comes from four main sources: “acid rain (and other airborne pollutants); industrial wastes; agricultural runoff (of excess fertilizers, pesticides and so on); and sewage”.

Water’s Memory
If this were not enough, it has been determined that water has a memory. Thus, water has an ability to store and share information, both healthy and unhealthy. According to the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, even when water has been purified, it can still contain electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances.

The theory of Water Memory Transfer was established by the late Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize for Biochemistry. In 1999 scientists at the European Union Physics lab in France were able to prove that water transfers memory via covalent bonding.

Covalent bonding works in this way: atoms join together to form molecules. An atom is comprised of a tiny core called a nucleus, with electrons (which are tiny particles) traveling about the nucleus. When atoms come together, two electrons will sometimes start to travel about the nuclei of both atoms. This binds the two atoms together and is called a covalent bond. It has been found by the University of Georgia that unhealthy water is missing one electron from its outer orbit, whereas healthy water has its outer electrons intact.

Water Crystal Photos from Tap Water in US Cities
Los Angeles Water
Los Angeles

Denver Water

New York Water
New York

Dallas Area Water
Dallas Area
Water Quality in the US
It is clear by now that the quality of water is reflected in the form of the crystal photograph of water. This has been demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the “Messages from Water” books. By taking samples of water and freezing them, then taking a photograph through a microscope of the crystals that form, Dr. Emoto has been able to look at a variety of samples of water, including tap water and natural water. Below are crystal photographs that Dr. Emoto’s lab took of tap water from four US cities.

Dr. Emoto has devised a way to classify the quality of the crystal photographs of water. With the exception of New York water, the tap water from the other US cities was unable to form a crystal and is at the low end of Dr. Emoto’s crystal classification scale.

Accidental Evidence
A few years ago while I was preparing water samples to send to Dr. Emoto’s lab in Japan, I included a sample of water that I had been soaking magnetic beads in (as part of a corrosive test). This sample of water was identified by a number, along with the other samples I sent. Thus, Dr. Emoto’s lab was unaware of what type of water they were testing. When I looked at the 50 photos I received for this particular sample, I was surprised to find a round silver object in the center that looked a lot like the silver magnetic beads I had placed in the water. This demonstrated very clearly to me that water has a memory and is obviously influenced by what is placed inside it.

Water Treatment and Energy
As we can see in the crystal photos of the samples of tap water from around the US, our current water treatment methods are actually damaging the crystalline structure of our water. This results in water that is becoming more and more de-energized. Water that has a low vibration sends out a frequency that it is unhealthy. This attracts insects, algae, and other unhealthy bacteria to the water. This is because the bond angles in the water molecules have changed (to have the memory and frequency of disease). Adding more chemicals, such as chlorine to the water, does not solve the problem. In fact, the bacteria in the water starts to become more and more resistant to the chemicals in the same way that people become more and more resistant to and require stronger and stronger antibiotics.

Raising Water’s Vibration
Pouring more and more chemicals into our water sources in an effort to clean our water is no longer the answer. There is a way to solve the problem of our water becoming polluted and de-energized and it is actually quite easy and costs only a fraction of what our traditional water treatment methods cost. By raising the vibrational frequency of water, unhealthy bacteria are no longer drawn to it. For example, I have observed that mosquitos seem to only lay their eggs and be drawn to water that is stagnant and de-energized vs. water that is fresh and clean.

What is needed is a paradigm shift in how we perceive and care for this precious resource, which is the foundation of all of our lives. It would be ideal if water’s vibration could be raised naturally as it is in nature where life-supporting frequencies can be placed into the water. Perhaps the best we can do is to mimic this natural process. By implementing technologies that have electromagnetic influences on water, it is possible not only to erase information from harmful substances, but also to induce positive frequencies into the water.

The Aqua Jewel is based on emerging technologies embracing these basic principles. It is my belief that AquaJewel technology soon be used in place of our current chemical water treatment methods. Aqua Jewel is my device (patent pending) for treating fluids and a method for same. This water treatment system utilizes vortex action and frequency transmissions to reduce bacteria, algae, and fungus in the fluid without the use of chemicals.

Classification of Crystals
(by number of crystal points and shape)
No crystal
No crystal

No crystal with a central hole
No crystal with a central hole

Crystal with central hole
Crystal with central hole


Indefinite form
Indefinite form

A square of lattice shape
A square of lattice shape

Radial branches and leaves
Radial branches and leaves

Inclined hexagon
Inclined hexagon

A beautiful inclined crystal
A beautiful inclined crystal

A beautiful decorated hexagon crystal
A beautiful decorated hexagon crystal

Characteristics of Water In the Natural Water Cycle
Earth’s water is continually cycled via a natural circulation system. Water moves from pools, streams, lakes, and rivers to the sea, it evaporates and enters the atmosphere, falls from the air back to earth, is absorbed into the ground, collects in underground aquifers, and reemerges from underground through springs.

Water that has not been substantially affected by humans may be referred to as “natural water.” Humans use the circulating “natural” water and then return it to the circulation cycle. Unfortunately, often human use pollutes the water, resulting in “unnatural” or “dead” water. Unnatural water attracts, and is susceptible to, the growth of unhealthy bacteria, algae, and fungus. It has an altered state of pH, and a higher surface tension than natural water.

Water emits an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that can be measured. Natural water has its own EMF signature. However, water is an energy seeking substance that picks up frequencies from minerals, chemicals, and other substances it contacts. When this happens the water’s EMF signature is altered to mimic that of the impurities. Thus, water can be said to have “memory.”

Even though water can be chemically or mechanically “purified” with the intention of ridding the water of as many poisonous substances as possible, it still carries memorized electrical frequencies, in specific frequency bands (wavelengths). After any purification, chemical treatment, filtration, or even after distillation, the pollutants’ harmful information remains in the water. The memorized EMF signature can be tracked precisely to the detrimental substances which were in the water before treatment.

As noted in U.S. Patent 5,711,950, “when sodium chloride is dissolved in water, water molecules surround the sodium and chloride ions to produce ion hydrates. The resulting geometry or the water molecules differs from, that of the prior clusters of hydrogen-bonded water molecules. The water molecules become more highly ordered and regular in structure. Adding sodium chloride to microclustered water effects the same result. Thus, the sodium chloride may be said to function as a template for the change. This template or pattern is what secures the change in the water, locking in the extraordinary structure produced by this invention.”

Water’s Geometry
A molecule’s shape can be as important to function as its composition. Electronic bonding patterns, determined by cluster shape, alter the behavior and properties of all phases of matter. When electrons are shared by the whole cluster in a delocalized pattern, negative charge is evenly distributed and the cluster may take on certain aspects of solid metal, such as conductivity. When the electrons are all tightly bound to atoms, the clusters resemble discrete molecules.

The covalent bonding of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom forms the water molecule (H20). To complete its outer shell, oxygen needs two electrons, and it obtains these by sharing an electron with each or two hydrogen atoms. These bond to the oxygen atom to form a triangular structure. This shape is important because if forms the basis for many of the solutions and compounds that support life.

The Aqua Jewel
The Crown Jewel of Water Conditioning...
The Aqua Jewel’s simple exterior reflects the simplicity of design for user-friendly installation, operation and maintenance. These qualities make it attractive for homeowners and businesses alike.

A water molecule’s covalent bonds are polar in that the bonded atoms share electrons, but the electrons are attracted more strongly to the oxygen nucleus than to the hydrogen nuclei. This creates a small positive charge near the two hydrogen nuclei. Clusters of water molecules form because the positive charges of the hydrogen atoms are attracted to the negative charge of the oxygen atoms from other water molecules. It is well known that such hydrogen bonds play important roles in many biological compounds, and is essential for maintaining the shape or large molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids.

The pattern or clustering of water is evidenced by the ability to photograph a crystal formed by the water. A crystal is a solid substance with orderly-configured atoms and molecules. In addition to being in snow and crystallized quartz, crystals are also seen in natural minerals such as diamonds and table salt. When a water molecule crystallizes, pure or “natural” water becomes pure crystal, but contaminated, chemically treated “dead” water may not crystallize in the natural tetrahedron. Water treated by the present invention crystallizes in the same manner as “natural” water.

Characteristics of the Vortex
The vortex is a universal background of nature. Vortices deliver energy and are tools that nature uses to assemble and disassemble its creations. Vortices form matter, shape it and hold it together. They guide processes by centripetally charging and feeding growth and then centrifugally discharging it and throwing it back to death or nonmotion. A vortex is an orderly, consistent, regenerating technology.

United States Patent Application 20040251211
Fluid Treatment Apparatus
US Patent  20040251211 Patent Figure 1: Preferred Embodiment
This is a side view and detailed operational description of a first embodiment of the fluid treatment apparatus.

Vortices exist in water such as in creeks, rivers, or in the air. Within every stream, water constantly circles in small vortices called eddies. The same movement is seen in the waves of the ocean constantly rolling in spiral movements. This motion causes water to gather electrical force. Water stores this potential energy. The centripetal, inward directed movement of water causes it to become rejuvenated.

Implosion causes matter to move inwardly. This inward (centripetal) motion does not follow a straight path to the center, but a spiraling whirling path-a vortex. The outside of the vortex moves slowly and the center moves much more quickly. As water is imploded, suspended particles, which are denser than water are sucked into the center of the flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow increased.

Changes of the chemical properties in the water have been reported, including changes of the oxygen content, surface tension is reduced, and the precipitation and bonding of metal ions has occurred. Thus, there is a need for a method and device for erasing the memory of polluted water, and changing the water’s EMF signature from that of the pollutant to that of natural water.

top view
US Patent Application 20040251211
Fig 4. Left Spin Vortex Chamber (Top View)

side view
US Patent Application 20040251211
Fig 3. Left Spin Vortex Chamber (Sideview)

The vortex chambers form the heart of the Aqua Jewel. As the water enters chamber, it naturally swirls in downward spiral like in a mountain stream, thus restoring its life and vitaltiy.
Magnetic Field Effects on Water
Prior art devices have demonstrated some ability to modify the quality of water to some degree. Most have employed a ring or horseshoe shaped magnet to fit over the outside of the plumbing to affect the polarization of the water molecule. Others have employed DC current wire coils to offset the same outcome. A few have inserted DC electrodes into the water cavity to modify the quality of the water. Others have used a high voltage electric discharge to produce ozone in a closed chamber with resulting gas being injected into the water flow thus sterilizing the water.

That some magnetic treatments of water can have lasting effects on water is known. X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy have been used to examine scale formed by hard water. The scale formed by untreated water and by magnetically treated water is different. There is a difference in the scale from the treated and untreated water, which extends for at least several days.

For example, CEPI-CO, of Belgium has sold hundreds of thousands of its anti-magnetic water treatment to reduce scaling in industrial cooling circuits. These magnetic water treatment units are in continuously recirculating systems and are solely for the purpose of scale suppression. Nevertheless, their useful results prove that magnetic treatment of water can have lasting beneficial effects and can cause changes in the water’s crystallization behavior. These results have only been obtained via dynamic magnetic treatment, i.e. the fluid moving rapidly through an orthogonal magnetic field to produce semipermanent changes in the water.

Further, magnetic fields are also known to reduce the surface tension and viscosity of water. Studies have shown that magnetic treatment of water can alter the effectiveness of certain types of bacterially mediated oxidation of pollutants.

Aqua Jewel likewise non-chemically treats water in a way that imparts a beneficial memory, or semipermanent effect, of the treatment to the water. There are previous apparatus for magnetically treating fluid. The magnetic field is normally applied axially by winding an electromagnetic coil about a tube or vessel through which the fluid is passed. Thus efficiency is poor as the applied voltage is increased near the magnets, and decreased in the center of the tube. The field strength is nonuniform, and as a result is ineffective.

Prior Art Using Magnetic Fields
US Patent No. 3,873,448:
This invention is described as “a magnetic separator having particular utility in separating ferromagnetic materials with sizes on the order of microns from viscous fluids”. The separator utilizes a ferromagnetic filler in the form of a bed of ferromagnetic particles through which the fluid is passed. The magnetic field established in the filter extends transversely to the direction of fluid flow. Electromagnetic coils in a position relative to electromagnets cause the field.

The invention further required flushing when the filter medium is filled with particles. In addition the DC potential on the coil, must then be changed to an AC potential. This caused demagnetization of the particles forming the filter. The filter medium is described as “steel shot or other particles constituting filler,” and as a layer of seven inches thickness of one-sixteenth inch steel shot” in this design.

There is no reference to the significance of the round balls of the steel shot, and the patent appears to only use it as a filter that can be magnetized. While this invention does include round steel shot as a filter, its purpose is as a separator of ferro-magnetic materials.

US Patent No. 4,836,932:
This invention uses a “water treatment cell” producing locally strong “super magnetic fields (60,000 to 250,000 Gauss).” This is accomplished when minute highly intense magnetic fields are produced, with stabilization of micro-magnet geometry. These fine particles are dispersed in nonmagnetic media. This “ super magnet” is then placed in a vessel for treating the water. Minerals such as ionized calcium in the water precipitate out as calcium powder at the bottom of the vessel.

This technology is primarily used to separate waste materials from the water. In addition a turbulent flow is required, but may need to be adjusted. The invention’s intended use is in a recirculating system for descaling. No round balls or magnets are used, and the water is passed into a vessel containing these super magnets.

US Patent No. 3,869,390:
This mechanism is an electromagnetic filter for removing iron oxide from the feed water of boilers in steam power plants. It includes a filter bed of metal balls in a vessel with an excitation coil located about the vessel. The coil has passages for cooling and a jacket allows for openings for the cooling medium. The magnetic field is produced outside the balls. This device is a filter that requires DC and AC current, and is limited to a specific use.

US Patent No. 4,501,661:
This invention claims to provide a method and apparatus for purifying and activating water, to obtain natural-like water being fungi-free clean and rich in taste and minerals. The devise consists of three chambers:

  1. The first is a deceleration zone using an agent in porous granular form with an ability to decompose combined chlorine and absorbs free chlorine, such as calcic ceramic (obtained from shells of shellfish and treating them at ultrahigh temperature).

  2. The second chamber is an activation zone where water is disordered out its equilibrium state and ionized. The water will be neutral or weak alkaline in this zone. This is accomplished by using charged particles of Elvan magnetic multi-elementary mineral and magnet bars installed longitudinally among said particles.

  3. The third chamber, the settlement zone, is to disturb the ionic balance of water and orient it to be softened. This chamber contains a magnet ball of acrylic resin, which contains a magnetic pellet in its free space. The number of balls could be as few as three.

This device is complex, contains many mediums of treatment, and does not use the magnetic balls for flow or direction, but only as a source of a magnetic field. The magnetic field is not claimed to dechlorinate, as a medium is claimed to accomplish that in the first chamber. The use of magnetic balls is not comparable to the present invention.

US Patent No. 4,904,381
This device is an apparatus for magnetization treatment of fluid by having a rotor with a magnetic field generator rotatably in a passage or reservoir of fluid, and a rotating means coupled to the rotor. Treatment is effected by a magnetic field generator, which is rotated integrally to generate a rotating magnetic field in its surroundings.

Again, a filter member is applied to the water in a chamber containing small balls formed of a permanent magnet and gold or silver-plated. Each produces a static magnetic field against the water and narrow gaps serve to remove impurities contained in the water. The inventor states that the filter member need not be limited to round ball magnets, but might be of ceramics containing Ca, Mg and other elements effective for drinking water and agricultural products.

The Aqua Jewel
United States Patent Application 20040251211
Fluid Treatment Apparatus
Patent Figure 9: Alternative Embodiment
This is a prospective view of a second embodiment of the present invention. It incorporates the same features as the first embodiment. The main differences between the various embodiments are in the forms that the vortex creation apparatus and the frequency generation device take. While the first embodiment of the vortex creation apparatus took the form of a series of vortex chambers and the frequency generation device took the form of metallic coils and a frequency antenna, the second embodiment uses different forms for the vortex creation apparatus and frequency generation device.

The magnetic field generator comprises a plurality of permanent magnets. An air suction pipe is provided to increase water flow rate, producing bubbles to increase oxygen content of water. The filter member, round magnet balls, is used remove impurities not to treat the water. Water treatment and changes occur due to the magnetic field generator rotating in the first chamber.

Summary of the Aqua Jewel
The Aqua Jewel includes a structure that introduces rapidly spinning vortices in the fluid. The vortices prepare the fluid to have memorized EMF signatures of harmful materials erased, and a new, desirable signature introduced. The present invention further incorporates a means for adding a desirable frequency to the fluid. This may be accomplished by many different means, including those embodiments disclosed herein.

The present invention provides a novel apparatus that will treat water, or other fluids, in a manner that returns them to their natural states. Further objectives of the present invention are:

  • To provide for treatment of polluted water and fluids.
  • To reduce or eliminate the need for chemical sanitizers such as chlorine, bromine, stabilizers, algaecides, and clarifiers in swimming pools, spas, cooling towers, municipal and other water systems.
  • To treat water such that it has a greater absorption rate in the body of an animal, and thus, is capable of increasing the delivery of nutrients from food, nutritional supplements, and medicines and pharmaceutical products.
  • To increase penetration and cellular hydration of cosmetics and skin care products.
  • To reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in agricultural processes.
  • To provide treatment of other fluids to provide clusters to make them more efficient and effective.
  • To reduce surface tension which is measurable. The surface tension of water is lowered from 72 dynes to 62 per centimeter. (Dyne is a unit of measurement used to describe the permeability of a liquid.)
  • To retard growth of algae, bacteria, and fungus in water.
  • To increase electrical conductivity.
  • To establish hydrogen bonding. Water is either structured or unstructured, dependant upon whether or not hydrogen bonding connects clusters of water molecules together or not. Water that is structured with hydrogen bonding will have a more balanced pH.

Under normal conditions, natural clustering or water molecules is short lived and the cluster size is unpredictable. The Aqua Jewel changes the cluster pattern of water or other fluids causing the change to be longlasting. Water which has been treated to have a more ordered and stable structuring of water molecules has been produced by other inventions using magnetic treatment of the water have temporarily altered the water structure. None of them have imparted a new pattern or cluster to the water, thereby, they have been unable to “hold” the change in the water. They do not complete the process needed to remove the negative programming and impart new programming, thereby semi-permanently changing the water.

The Aqua Jewel will remove the negative “frequencies or programming,” structure the water to receive a new program, and impart that program to the water. This process will cause the improvements in the water to be longer lasting, without constant recirculation of the water through the devise.

Potential Applications
It is anticipated that the present invention will be useful for industries such as: municipal water treatment, pool and spas, hotels and restaurants, air conditioning, agriculture, cosmetics, food and beverages. Further, biologically active fluids such as raw milk, raw wine, juices, and other fluids can have their shelf life extended by reducing the amount of live bacteria in them. Ultra pasteurization of milk, for example, produces milk with x long shelf life. One aspect of the invention is to similarly use the described structure and process to reduce the amount of such potentially harmful bacteria in the treated fluid.

Additionally, however, fluids treated by the described structure and process subsequently resist degradation and subsequently retard or prevent the growth of new bacteria which is introduced into the treated fluid compared to untreated fluids. For example, ultra pasteurized milk will resist degradation for a long period of time because the ultra pasteurization greatly decreases the amount of bacteria in the milk. Once the ultra-pasteurized milk is opened and is exposed to new bacteria, however, it quickly spoils. Milk treated with the present invention, however, is less hospitable to newly introduced bacteria and, consequently, has a longer shelf life after being exposed to new bacteria than does ultra pasteurized milk.

These two benefits, first the reduction in the amount of bacteria in the treated fluid, and second the long lived conditioning of the fluid to subsequently resist the reintroduction of the bacteria to grade the fluid, are effects that are also useful in biodegradable fluids other than milk.

Treated fluid produced by the process can be used to either improve or to adversely affect living organisms depending on the amount and concentration of treated fluid that is applied. Highly treated water can be used to kill plants, microorganisms, and undesirable life. Treated fluid which is subjected to a lesser amount of treatment can be used to improve the health of plants, microorganisms, and other undesired life. For example, cut flowers placed in treated water last longer.

Potted flowers treated with an appropriate amount of treated water will grow faster, but if the concentration of treated water is too much, then the growth of the plants is retarded. Among other effects, the Aqua Jewel has been measured to reduce the surface tension of tap water from 72 to 62 dynes per centimeter.

Years of research and development went into the Aqua Jewel––a state of the art water conditioning system. Its development is the culmination of an integrative approach which combines the vortex of Schauberger’s research , water’s interactions with magnetism, and the ability to impress an EMF field on water. Now, you can have water from your tap the way nature meant it to be. After all, water is one of the most important resources on this planet.__RS

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