ExtraOrdinary Technology -V3N3 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
July/August/September 2005
Volume 3 Number 3

Table of Contents

Wardenclyffe… Tesla's Wireless Solution to Provide Global Power
Power Measurements… Learn Proper Technical Procedures From An Expert!
BCX -411… A Rife Device Using Advanced Gas Plasma Technology
SPECIAL REPORT… The 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was GREAT!

From the Publisher's Desk
The 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is highlighted and future plans for TeslaTech revealed.

A National Tragedy Exposes Achilles Heel of Western Civilization
Hurricane Katrina was more than a storm... it was a direct threat to the American way of life with ramifications that extend far from the parishes of New Orleans! It has turned the attention of America to domestic issues and the importance of working with nature.

2006 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Summary Report
Miss the Salt Lake City conference in July? Michael Riversong, the Conference’s Master of Ceremonies, summarizes his observations on some of the presentations and how he rated them.

2006 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List
Contact information for all of the speakers at this years’s conference is listed.

Measuring AC Power Correctly (Avoiding Over-Unity Pitfalls)
Often, inventors are fooled into believing they see over unity results when the reality is merely a phase difference. This is a tutorial covering basic AC measurements, and the some suggested equipment to use to avoid this error!

Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter--A Technical Discussion
Tesla’s greatest dream was to provide the world with wireless power using his magnifying transmitter. This is a serious discussion, both pro and con, as to its viability to actually deliver REAL power around the world without loss!

Physical Phenomena of Rotational Energy
A new comprehensive unified field theory based on rotating units of space is highlighted with descriptions of physical phenomena ranging from their transformation into photons to their realization as mass.

Healing Discoveries of Royal R. Rife Featured in Alternative Therapies
In the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife invented a microscope that could view live objects at a greater magnification than is possible today! He then observed that be exposing germs to specific rf frequencies various illnesses were cured... leading to intense persecution by the AMA. Now the technology returns!

Orgone Accumulator Blanket... based on technology censored by US Government!
Wilhem Reich discovered a new form of energy present throughout the universe. When properly used, it could restore health, clean toxins out of the air, and even be used for weather control, thus attracting the ire of the FDA who refused to rest until he was behind bars!

Boosting Brain Performance with NeuroNutrients
Natural supplements can play a major role in staving off debilitating degenerative diseases of the mind like Alzheimer’s! Even healthy people can improve memory and thinking skills with the proper neuronutrients from your local health food store!

TDr. Korn’s Simplified Overview of Brain Chemistry
This will not make you a brain surgeon, but it will give you a better understanding of how your brain functions and some hints on how to keep it in shape!

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