ExtraOrdinary Technology - V3N2 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
April/May/June 2005
Volume 3 Number 2

Table of Contents

The Moray Energy Machine… Witnessed by hundreds… ruthlessly suppressed!
The EarthPulse SoundWave… Introducing a new dimension to human consciousness!
ExtraOrdinary Permanent Magnet Motors… Major Breakthroughs are Imminent!

From the Publisher's Desk
The 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is highlighted and future plans for TeslaTech revealed.

Paradigm Lost? Ancient Technology Research
The “ancients” had to use a lot of interesting technology to create the Seven Wonders of the World. But you don’t need to go thousands of years in the past for exotic technology. Tesla and Moray had some incredible stuff too! Their devices extracted energy from an energy source that is unrecognized by physicists to this day!

The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray
Throughout the 1930s T.H. Moray demonstrated a working “free energy” device which extracted from the air! Although hundreds witnessed it... the device was still ruthlessly suppressed! This was the introduction of pulsed plasma research that appears to be a key element for tapping into Zero Point Energy. EV Gray motor, the Correas PAGD tube, the plasma focus device, and the Swiss ML device appear to use the pulsed plasma approach to tap into a new energy source!

ExtraOrdinary Permanent Magnet Motors
Permanent magnet motors that try to achieve unusual overunity efficiencies with changes in wiring geometry, electronic switching schemes and magnetic configurations often are not successful. Here are some conventional design approaches to magnetic motors as well as some promising ones!

Taking on Einstein
While Tesla and Einstein may have been considered peers, there are a number of concepts that they disagreed on. Tesla firmly believed in the aether and discovered cosmic rays though empirical research. On the other hand Einstein relied on mathematics for his theories. Different techniques, different conclusions. Which do you prefer?

Unified Field Theory of Rotational Energy
A new comprehensive unified field theory based on rotating units of space is unveiled. Various interactions between these units result in a number of phenomena ranging from the their transformation into photons to their realization as mass.

New Research Revealing Secrets of the Physical Vacuum for Promoting Health and Longevity
Zero point technology is not restricted to the energy field. The study of this phenomena is leading to the realization of the interdimensional characteristics of our world that profoundly affects our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Seeking the New Sound
In the 1960, Flanagan invented the neurophone--a device that could have revolutionized hearing had it not had a secrecy order dropped on it. Now, Dr. Begich introduces a new revolutionary hearing device that will change the way sound is viewed (or heard)!

The Problem is Blood... NOT Blood Vessels!
A few well selected blood tests can reveal a lot about your state of health. Discover what critical tests to ask for and how to interpret the results. With this vital information you can take suggested supplements to yourself from a wide-range of debilitating degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s!

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