ExtraOrdinary Technology - V1N3 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
January/February/March 2005
Volume 3 Number 1

Table of Contents

The VIBE Machine… A New Dimension in Healing!
Aerotecture… Redefining WInd Power and Architecture!
Nu Energy Cells… Demonstrated at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference!

From the Publisher's Desk
The 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is announced. Confirmation of climatic change and the ongoing oil shortage were key topics at a recent Energy Leadership Conference!

Bridging the Gap... Between Conventional ... and ExtraOrdinary!
While exotic alternative energy devices are unavailable.. there are steps you can take to transition to them and gain true energy independence on the way!

Aerotecture... Blending Wind Power with Architecture
New technology introduces onsite windpower inside our cities. Appropriately, the first systems made their debut in Chicago, IL... better known as the “Windy City”!

Aluminum Air Battery... Foiled Again!
This simple do-it-yourself project is an ideal science fair project developed at the “Exploratorium”!

Aluminum Can Fuel Cell Project
In the search for portable power, metal-air fuel cells have been discovered. Better yet, you can make these at home from common materials and household trash!

NuEnergy Battery Technology
Perreault unveiled his latest battery technology based on chemalloy reactions at this summer’s conference.

2004 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List
Miss the conference? Here’s the line-up of speakers and their contact information. Get up to speed on their presentation, by watching their tape or DVD before contacting them!!

Wardenclyffe Today!
One of the biggest tragedies of the 20th century was the failure and destruction of Wardenclyffe. The modern world most certainly would have been spectacularly different if Tesla had succeeded!

The Role for the Journal of New Energy
There are a dozen scientific concepts that need to be addressed. The Journal is the proper medium for it.

Perpetual Motion in the 21st Century: Tethered-Solute Osmosis Membranes and Other Concepts Demonstrating Second Law Violations
Most skeptics cling religiously to the Second Law of Thermodynamics to justify their skepticism. This article removes that particular prop!

The VIBE Machine
New electromagnetic device, integrating electromagnetic fields and plasma induced vibrations, shows promise for a wide range of disorders by balancing out the body’s electromagnetic field.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Electromedicine
Electrotherapy has been extensively used over the years to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments-- both mental and physical!!

Energized Water.... Nectar of the Universe
Revitalized water, energetically charged with life giving vibrations can return the body to a natural state of harmony and supports the body's natural abilities to eliminate toxins and disease.

Instead of Soybeans.... Hemp and Kenaf
The most maligned and misused plant today is hemp! Once a major cash crop in the Midwest, financial interests manipulated the public opinion to eradicate this useful plant.

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