ExtraOrdinary Technology - V1N3 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
October/November/December 2003
Volume 1 Number 4

Table of Contents

LAKHOVSKY MWO… Zephyr Technology’s “Fountain of Youth”!
ACCURATE INJECTION UNIT… Sonne Ward’s High Mileage Secret!
INTERFERENCE DISC GENERATOR… A Radical Departure in Generator Design!
WARDENCLYFFE… Tesla’s Dream Taking on a New Life!

From the Publisher's Desk
How truthful was our government in 2003?

Free Energy Research ... A Steep Uphill Battle in the 21st Century!
Inventors brave skeptics, corporate exploitation, and poverty on a near daily basis. Here’s some insight into the struggles these modern pioneers face.

Common Sense Approach to Lubrication
There is a very inexpensive way to keep your oil clean and extend your engine’s life.

The Red Rocket Experimental Car: High Mileage Breakthrough
Sonne Ward set the world high mileage record for a Honda Civic with an outstanding 88.54mpg at 75mph! Here’s how he did it!

Alternative Energy Research Survey... Caution Always Urged on Investments
Headline news of alternative energy research from July to September!

Interference Disc Generator
A major improvement in the efficiency of an electric motor is achieved in this motor in which both the armature and stators are stationary! Construction plans and notes are included.

Basics of Tesla Engineering... From Leyden Jars to Capacitors
Critical elements of capacitor design and functions are examined.

Back to James Clerk Maxwell’s and Nikola Tesla’s Vision About Space
The adoption of the ether theory as advocated by Maxwell and Tesla, could resolve a paradox posed by current quantum mechanic physics!

The Neglected Properties of Space
Permeability and permittivity are vital concepts to developing the nature of the fabric of space.

The Incredible Kipper Device
Construction plans for a simple device I helped build in 2000, which produced a 10:1 increase in output over input!

Tesla’s Wireless Energy for the 21st Century
At the turn of the 20th century, Tesla proposed a global system to transmit wireless power. A closer look at its details leads to the conclusion it is a practical system.

A Book Review of Radio Tesla
An avid Tesla researcher gives his views on this booklet packed with information!

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator: Tesla Technology Experimenters Kit
Zephyr Technology reveals the construction details of their version of Lakhovsky’s MWO device which were developed to combat chronic illnesses!

Iodine: The Once A Century Element
Edgar Cayce proclaimed that every diet should contain iodine! Shortly afterward, iodized salt was introduced in our diets. However, this is not quite what Cayce had in mind.

The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food
Soy has saturated our food chain. However, this could be causing severe health problems!

Stress: An Old Friend Turned New Enemy
At one time stress and its reactions were beneficial to our survival... modern stress can cause our demise!

Carbon Monoxide (CO): A Deadly Gas Unleashed In Every Puff of Smoke
In high concentrations this common gas is a silent killer!

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