ExtraOrdinary Technology - V1N3 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
July/August/September 2003
Volume 1 Number 3

Table of Contents

RADIANT ENERGY... The search continues!
BRAXTON REACTION CYCLOTRON... Applications are here!
SECRETS OF WATER... Outrageous.... but very real!
TESLA TURBINE... Beyond the prototype!

From the Publisher's Desk
A brief look skeptics, their claims, methods and motivations

Energy Independence... A Realistic Goal for the 21st Century!
A practical guide on how to migrate yourself off the grid!

Tilley’s Free Energy Scam Exposed... Caution Urged on Free Energy Investments
On May 30, the TBI raided Tilley’s home to gather info for fraud case. SEAS, GWE and ET claim to have free energy devices..

The Braxton Reaction Cyclotron... and the Miracle of LP-10
Sonne Ward unveils his electric motorcycle and his ultra-fast battery charger! Another application of his implosion technology, LP-10, is reviewed.

Basics of Tesla Engineering... Essentials of Conventional Battery Technology
Batteries play an important part in many free energy designs. This covers critical elements of battery design, function and maintenance.

Rebirth of the Tesla Turbine... Will the real engine of the 21st century please stand up!
A new experimental working model of the Tesla Turbine is available for the researcher who wants hands-on experience.

The Fourth State of Matter (Plasma) Power Generation
The Perreault ion valve acts as a controller for pre-glow discharges in this radiant energy circuit you can build!

Nikola Tesla’s Radiations and the Cosmic Rays
Tesla’s work with radiant energy took a significant turn from that of his fellow researchers at the turn of the century, leading him in an area where few have followed.

Chronological Selection of Important Statements by Nikola Tesla about Radiations and Cosmic Rays
Some of Tesla’s most significant remarks concerning his work are gathered here and provide clues to the work he performed long after Wardenclyffe fell.

Electrodynamic Field Generator: An alternative space propulsion system
This new device is based on the basic Faraday device. In addition to being a promising over-unity technology, it also has a propulsion mode.

The Skeptic’s Corner... Suppression.... It Works Both Ways!
An invitation for Tom Bearden to place his rebuttals of critics, on Eric’s Skeptics Website!

Astounding Scientific Breakthroughs to Understanding Water, Hydrogen, and Your Health
New research on the properties of water prove that thought and sound have an effect on water. Further research shows that by increasing Hydrogen ions in your system, your health improves!

Light Saunas and Tesla
An Arizona physician has developed plans for a light sauna you can build at home! In the case history highlighted, a strict dietary regiment, and the light sauna stopped the progression of bone cancer!

The Real Deal About Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare
This is a common sense guide for personal safety in the unlikely event of a terrorist attack written by a trained retired military expert.

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