ExtraOrdinary Technology - V1N2 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
April/May/June 2003
Volume 1 Number 2

Table of Contents


    ... in Buffalo, NY!
    ... Using Tesla's Ionizer and Ozonator!
    ... Tesla's Final Residence!

From the Publisher's Desk
A brief look at the people behind TeslaTech, Inc and prospects for the future!

The Hotel New Yorker... Tesla’s Residence (1934-1943)
During the latter days of his life, Tesla lived in the most modern hotel in New York!

Tesla Sketches... Nikola Tesla Plaque
On July 10, 2001, a plaque marking Tesla’s place of death (Hotel New Yorker) was commemorated.

Tesla’s Electric Car... Folklore or Historical Fact?
For years, a behind the scenes debate has taken place over whether Tesla really had a cosmic powered 1931 Pierce-Arrow... our investigation yields surprising results!

Converting Cosmic Radiant Energy Into Electrical Energy
A few secrets concerning how past researchers like TH Moray and EV Gray achieved their results in the field of radiant energy

Radiant Energy... Unraveling Tesla’s Greatest Secret
A brief review of the early history of Tesla’s discovery and the organized opposition’s virulent suppression of “cold electricity”

Nikola Tesla’s Most Amazing Pierce-Arrow Car Project of 1931 in Buffalo, NY... A Vision of the Future!
A longtime researcher of space energy shares his views on Tesla’s car and its technology

Basics of Tesla Engineering... Coherers, Tubes and Diodes
A technical review of basic components common to space energy receivers and the history behind them

Tilley Foundation Ready to Roll with Self Charger System
The latest free energy system appears to use Tesla technology! Strict secrecy requirements makes it difficult to determine validity

The Skeptics Corner... We need Hardware... Not Vaporware!
Highlights of the ongoing conflict between theory and hard evidence!

The Law of Electrical Balance
An introduction to the physics of the electrinium battery with roots in ancient Atlantis!

Gravity & Electrodynamics... A Step Towards Anti-Gravity Machines!
A radical, viable, cohesive unified field theory encompassing gravity, electromagnetism and the aether is put forth

Air Purification... Using Tesla’s Ionizer and Ozonator
Air quality is a growing concern... a clear and present danger. Here’s the solution first put forth by Tesla... and enhanced by later research !

Photon Therapy.. An Advancement in Medicine
More than theory, conventional science explains why light therapy works!

Carbon & Animated Ash
Edgar Cayce laid out four modalities to healing. Here's a close look at the least utilized method.

New Molecule (Neotame) Approved by FDA... Threatens Food Supply
It sounds outrageous... the sweetener on your table is dangerous!

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