ExtraOrdinary Technology - V1N1 Cover
ExtraOrdinary Technology
January/February/March 2003
Volume 1 Number 1

Table of Contents

    ... Developed in his later years!
    ... With an explosive formula!
    ... Outrageous... but very real!

From the Publisher's Desk
As ExtraOrdinary Technology makes its debut, the Publisher takes a firm stance on the issue of PEER REVIEW!

He Said What?!!! Suppressing Suppression!
Skepticism is healthy... but gossip is destructive to the alternative energy community!

The Skeptics Corner... Red Flags... and a Skeptical Response
Many of you have heard a lot of reasons by inventors who can’t back up their claims. Eric has compiled an excuse list with his skeptical responses.

New Energy Devices That Will Change the World
A detailed look into high-density charge cluster technology is presented by a prominent scientist that takes new energy technology seriously!

Electronic Electricity Repository... Advanced Energy Storage Concept
Electronic Electricity Repository (EER) is merely a concept at this time involving solid state capacitors as usable energy storage devices for electric vehicles, and other items requiring electrical power!

Tesla Unbound... His Later Years!
Tesla’s later years are often ignored by most historians.. yet it is the period of his life when his mind was freed of all constraints and his most exotic technology was unveiled!

Making Small Change
Here’s the inside information on how you can shrink your own coins using high voltage capacitive discharge!

Successful Efforts to Replicate Townsend Brown Electrogravitics!
Throughout the 1950s and 60s, serious antigravity research using electricity was conducted under the auspices of T Townsend Brown... In the 1990s the basic premise was tested in a garage lab... and it worked!

MIT Vindicates GEET Technology
- GEET is a low temperature plasma device... something orthodox scientists have claimed was “impossible” or years. Now, at this late date, MIT rolls out its own version.

GEET vs Plasmatron
GEET is a self-inducing low temperature plasma device... The self-inducing feature is a critical difference between GEET and MIT's copycat... the Plasmatron!

The Rife Plasma Beam Tube
Rife developed one of the most sophisticated microscopes in the world and a plasma beam tube. With them, he was able to cure cancer and other degenerate diseases.

Electro-Medicine and Other Cutting Edge Wellness Technologies
Electrotherapy was buried by the medical establishment earlier in the century. Now it is being rediscovered by alternative medical practitioners.

Photon Therapy
It sounds outrageous... but research over the past thirty years lends credence to the idea that light therapy does have an effect on debilitating illnesses and is vital to our well-being.

The Radial Device
Edgar Cayce laid out four modalities to healing. Here's a close look at the use of the "radial device" which was the most mentioned device in his readings.

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